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Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Fri May 25, 2018 1:56 pm

Kurdran Briggs
"Would ye like a piece of paper telling ye to go some place better?" Kurdran groaned in annoyance, as he offered a weird pamphlet towards a person. The guy somehow seemed hilarified. "Look, if ye take one, ye will save yer arse from getting one shoved into it..." The guy proceeded to flinch and took the paper without much whining afterwards. "That`s the holiday spirit... Bah!"

Kurdran had gotten a bit tired of just hanging around in the festival grounds. He felt like the stalls were starting to repeat themselves. On more important note, the oaken bar seemed to even be closed for the day. And with that included, his savings were starting to look a bit emptier. Thus, the logical conclusion was to get a job again.

...And as was Kurdrans typical luck, the job turned out to be as action heavy and interesting as many of the other ones he had done. There was nothing here to gain, except payment for standing around like an idiot. On top of that, he had been forced to wear his kimono for the occasion. This had led into this self proclaimed "proud dwarven warrior" to become pretty much what people would refer to as "a mail box". And he was not any happier about it than anybody else.

"Go to the festival, support local cleaning services, cause the bloody bastards who are supposed to do it are too darn lazy..." He did have his own charm though. You could almost see his mohawk drooping.


#2Sorcha Donovan 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sat May 26, 2018 2:38 am

Sorcha Donovan
Right the festival might be a bit too much for her, flower picking, really? Can no one leave nature alone? She rolled her eyes when she thought that and had already told herself ten times to let it be and that Orchidia mostly let nature take its course so it was all good to once in a while pick a flower right? She shook her head for a second time and walked on to find a job that she would like to do, something to understand and see more of Orchidia. It wasn’t that much that she could find at first instance, so she let it be and walked around first, until she met some guy that handed her a flyer, he called himself the welcoming committee for Orchidia and explained to her that he gave short tours and handed out flyers with things that were interesting in town and how it got to be so green and all. She glanced over the flyer in her hand and had a short talk with the man called Dacol Lubex who pointed out he always asked people to help him and pointed out a... a dwarf. Sorcha blinked a few times before she simply offended someone but, no it was a dwarf, how peculiar. She had never met one.

In that case, she could offer some help as well, not that she believed the dwarf was not capable of working but she wanted to see if she could simply talk to him, besides he seemed to be a bit agitated, that would give no one a flyer. She got a stack and walked towards him, ”Hi, I came to join you.” And she showed him in a easy motion that she was holding flyers too.


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Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] WpMV1nH

#3Kurdran Briggs 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sat May 26, 2018 3:15 am

Kurdran Briggs
Like with all the others who had approached him, kurdran proceeded to offer a leaflet to this lanky orange haired newcomer as well. With him radiating this tired attitude, He didn`t exactly understand the situation as he proceeded to just open his mouth again. "Like sniffing flowers, and wanna do something else than whine about yer problems? Go to the festival and shut up..." He looked up a bit, and realized something. Oh dangit, it was an elf. What he knew about elves was that they were either overtly pompous about anything based on nature... or just very loud and kind of childish. Though this one was propably the first type.

However, when she told him, that she was also working, his face clearly got a bit brighter, with some teeth showing with a smile. "Oh, thank the gods!" He groaned out loud, as he flapped the papers in front of himself. "Ye don`t know how shite this job is! These people just don`t give a darn bout anything I say! It`s like they don`t like festivals or something!" Then he realized something again...

"...Yer not one of em hippie kind of elves, are ye?" Admittedly, the idea of someone actually TOO interested in commercializing a flower festival would be even worse...


#4Sorcha Donovan 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sat May 26, 2018 6:01 am

Sorcha Donovan
The way he spoke was very charming, or well it was very different and probably dwarves didn’t have the language abilities that elves possessed but so did many others. They were taught to speak in a very pleasant and friendly way even if the things they said weren’t pleasant at all but this was just rather blunt and.. well she had no other words for it. She actually didn’t care so much, she was still too interested to just see or speak to a dwarf in general. He didn’t seem to be overly fond of this job or perhaps the festival at all as he spoke to a person like this before. At least it came to the point where the tourists accepted the flyer and ran off, perhaps to the festival to be as far away from this dwarf as possible, but she didn’t know. Perhaps it was a very unsatisfying job too or perhaps it was something else, he seemed to be wearing a kimono and that wasn’t what Sorcha thought the normal clothing that dwarves tend to wear for as far as her memories remembered what she had read. But the good thing was that the guy seemed to brighten up a little now that she was here to share his burden of handing out these flyers.

Which gave her the information that she wondered about, so it was a shitty job, before she could ask him a question however, he looked at her too keenly and she wondered if she already did something wrong, ”I only arrived this morning and have made a short stroll around but to be fair it’s not my cup of tea, although I don’t mind it either, it looks very pleasant.” She said, because she didn’t like how they import flowers for the stupid thing as entertainment and she wasn’t sure if he meant that with being a hippie elf, so she decided to just ask, ”And with hippie elves, you mean the one dancing around flowers or something?” Because well they worshiped nature so people could consider it that way instead of really using magic while doing a ritual but well, leave that to the nature mages, so basically that meant: yes she didn’t do that.


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Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] WpMV1nH

#5Kurdran Briggs 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sat May 26, 2018 1:17 pm

Kurdran Briggs
Kurdran tilted his head a bit, as he observed his elven helper in duty. He had to respect the fact, that she had a quite glorious looking mane herself. Heck, the fact that her ears stuck out like they typically did with elves (almost annoyingly so), almost split her hair into these two separate strands from the mane itself. Other than that though, she was propably the most generic elf a dwarf would imagine, with her green clothes and long face. "I assume ye will catch peoples attention better anyway. These people don`t respect dwarves with proper hairdo." A stereotypical "beautiful elf" lady with a similar hairdo though? propably.

Kurdran proceeded to shrug, as she proceeded to tell her experience with the festival. "Eh, I do agree with ye. Though it`s real pretty with all the flowers compared to me home regions." He scrubbed his face a bit. He did still prefer oak compared to this though. It just seemed like it had way more going for it instead of just greenery. Criminals and friends everywhere among other things. Just way more excitement and things to talk about.

...Though Kurdran had to admit, it was hard to hold his laughter as the elf seemed clearly a tiny bit offended about being called a "hippie". "Well ye know, the whole praising the trees business, converting people to be vegetarians and all that other business yer kind might do." That`s what he had heard anyway. He had met SOME elves before, but they didn`t exactly seem like tree huggers, more like childrens in adults clothing. "But yeah, if yer not one of the dancing fellas, I think we`ll be just fine for a while, hehe."

A person seemed to get interested seeing a dwarf and an elf together, as she glared at the duo awkwardly. "Like what ye see? Go to the festival and see some pink elephants or dancing elves." He pushed the paper in her direction.


#6Sorcha Donovan 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sun May 27, 2018 1:50 am

Sorcha Donovan
Sorcha handed someone a flyer and turned around, she wasn't sure if it had to be considered a compliment so she didn't but she nodded, "Still people tend to freak out. Pointy ears and the like make them, I don't know believing I'm very different from a human being." and of course she was after all she was a complete different species but she could still talk and eat normal like they did, no need to freak out. She gave a small smile to the dwarf, "I like your hair." she said obviously honest as that was what she was taught, she turned and handed someone else a flyer only with the smile of an elf. She didn't have to say anything because indeed people seemed to be mesmerized by her.

She didn't react to his statement on the festival, yes there werem ore flowers here than in most regions, the Elven kingdom probably still had more but she didn't feel the need to discuss it or point uot that she in fact did hate that they had to bring in flowers. "I do praise trees for they give me knowlegde but I'm not a vegetarian, live goes the way it is." But she would only eat meat if it was hunted for and not raised to get new bunnies for example and than be slaughtered simply and alone because they got new bunnies to follow the same principle. So mostly she ate no meat while she was eating in an inn, she would go hunting herself in that case. But indeed she didn't dance under the moonlight to gather magic and so on, so she turned a look at the dwarf, realizing that perhaps if they would get along, she should say her name, "People call me Sorcha." she said as her own introduction.

Before handing out some more fliers.


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Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] WpMV1nH

#7Kurdran Briggs 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sun May 27, 2018 5:46 am

Kurdran Briggs
"Freak out? Man, some people get scared about the silliest things." Even elves got that kind of behaviour thrown their way? Dwarves were kind of obvious in that regard, because they rarely mingled with humans if they weren`t forced to. However, Kurdran had always thought that elves were kind of famous for their good looks, and were respected for similar reasons... Though admittedly, he himself didn`t have very high picture of them either... Kurdran felt this tiny bit of guilt, as he scratched his ear.

...And proceeded to blush just enough to make him look red, as the elf praised his hairdo. "Oh shut up you. yer just saying that, cause yer hairs as fancy as mine..." He looked away from her, as he caressed his mohawk. Dang Elf was clearly trying to charm him like the succubus from before. Though luckily, this time there was no magic involved, so he could ignore it easily.

In the end, the elf was way more decent company than he had expected her to be. Besides, she didnt seem preachy at all. He turned back towards her, as she introduced herself. "Briggs. Kurdran Briggs. Remember it, hehe." Maybe eventually he would be more known, but for now, he was just a guy forcing people to grab pieces of paper.


#8Sorcha Donovan 

Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] Empty Sun May 27, 2018 8:19 am

Sorcha Donovan
It wasn't that difficult to work like this, actually to be fair, Sorcha found it rather amusing and perhaps even a bit fun. It was a very different approach in the ways of the world between an elf and a dwarf but there seemed to be perspectives that both were familiar with and she liked to see how the compliment got taken, it was an honest one. She was an elf after all and her mother taught her never to lie. "Perhaps it's the strange beauty that they don't understand." She only puckered a little when she said that as she didn't believe that she was now extremely beautiful but it was the human beings that worshipped elves like her mostly like that. It was refreshing to have a normal converstation without people staring, at her face, flustered or checking her ears all the time.

She shrugged as he said her hair looked fine, the colour surely did resemble each other closely, she believed hers was a little darker but she loved the colour of her hair. "If only that was what I thought." she said but with an hint of amusement in her voice, they always carried their hair in braids and other fashions within her family, it was again a sort of refreshing to see it differently and perhaps that's what she needed, another view in the world that she used to see so gloomy, of course her quest to finding her family ought to have that happen but, well for one; she was looking forward to meeting him again.

"I certainly won't forget." she answered politely as they finished their formal introduction and she finished handing out flyers, it was time to do something else and she bid goodbye to the dwarf, took the bit of jewels that Dacol Lubex offered her and went to find something else to do.


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Welcoming committee [Quest][Kurdran,Sorcha] WpMV1nH

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