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Crocus to Orchidia [Foot]

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Crocus to Orchidia [Foot] Empty Fri May 25, 2018 9:54 am

Wayne Beeztlzbub
The Phantom Knight
Mother, oh mother, why can't you love me?
Mother, or mother, why did you leave me?

Poetry was said to be the perfect escape for him to release his inner being, but instead it stung him deeper than he could have imagined. For now, he would leave his post and travel to the festival.

He had wanted to make a final prayer to the shrine in the middle of the city, to read her name aloud once more, but found the plaque had been taken. He was not angered by it, as only fate would allow it to happen.

He left his belongings behind and went on his own travel to the town of falling petals to find the truth behind the matter. If that wasn't enough, he had heard rumors that a strange woman appeared with cat ears claiming to have no name, all after the temple in Dahlia was burned down. While he had no reason to connect the two reports, he had to assume that it was who he expected.

Lady Chisu was gone, but someone much more powerful stood in her place.

"Wayne will save her." he said to himself. "Wayne will save the Manji." and with his words, he left Crocus to find the truth of a strange Neko woman . . .


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