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Distraction [Quest: Leo]

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#1Leo Darwin 

Distraction [Quest: Leo] Empty Sun May 20, 2018 3:16 pm

Leo Darwin
Leo stood straight up, trying to keep himself composed as he waited for this 'Mad Man'. The castle was quiet for now, which mad it even harder for Leo to remain like this. It wasn't long before Leo could see who he was waiting for.

"Ah. Right on time." He began walking toward the old man in a wheel chair. He seemed harmless and innocent. Leo couldn't see how he would be labeled as a mad man. "Sir! Is your name Leis?" The man in the wheel chair glanced at him, slowing to a halt. "Yes, and who's asking?"

Leo smiled brightly, standing in front of the man. "My name is Leo, I'm a wizard from Fairy Tail." Leis nodded, beginning to roll up to the castle again. "Pleasure. Now I must be going." Leo fumbled for a moment, but quickly caught back up. He moved in front of his wheel chair, slowly walking backwards to not get run over. "Actually, I wanted to talk to you sir. I believe you get misunderstood."

The old man slowed to a stop again. "You do?" Leo smiled brightly again, nodding. "Of course! I want to hear more about you, even if it's only for a day." The old man seemed confused for a moment until Leo explained further. "I wanted to chat with you. Maybe we can go around town, get some food or even just chat somewhere."

Leis no longer looked confused, but rather excited. "Of course young lad! Come, we have much to talk about." With that, the two began moving away from the castle. Leo stepped behind Leis, helping to guide him around the streets of Orchidia. "You know, this place seems ever greener today." Leis brought his hand up to his gray mustache. He began messing and fiddling with it. "Yes, it must be Satan's work."

Leo was glad that Leis could see him since he was pushing him along from behind. Besides, his face completely contradicted his earlier statement to get Leis away from the castle. "Really, what signs do you see?" The old man seemed prideful to be asked that question.

"Look around lad, the signs are everywhere!" Leis began pointing in every which direction. Leo glanced around, really not sure what to look for. "He is using nature as his pawn. He wants everything green to reclaim what he thinks is rightfully his!" Leo smiled awkwardly from behind him, laughing nervously. "It's to bad that we can't just exterminate all plants. After all, the flowers much be trying to fend off Satan already."

Leis grunted, glaring at the green plants around them. "That's exactly what Satan wants us to think. If it were up to me their would be no plants left anywhere!" Leo nodded behind him, trying not to give him any hints that he doesn't agree. Although, he silently thought 'Doesn't he know that without plants, no one could ever breath?'

Leo sighed, taking them to a near by coffee shop. "So Lies, you like coffee?" The old man nodded. "Decaf only though. Caffeine was made by the devil." Leo laughed nervously. He wheeled Leis over to an open table, smiling at him. "Alright, I'll be right back with those then."

After only a few minutes Leo returned to the table, two coffees in hand. When he sat down, he found Leis scowling at the vegetation. Leo cleared his throat as he slid the decaf cup over to Leis. The old man glanced at him. "Thank you lad." Leo smiled, taking a sip of his own drink.

Leis had a genuine smile on his face, as if thinking about something the brings him happiness. Leo watched him closely, feeling one glaring question rise inside him. Slowly, he opened his mouth to ask. He hoped he was asking it the right way. "Leis... If I may... what happened to your legs?"

Leis' smiled instantly faded, and a look of pure despair replaced it. "That night. When God was not with us and Satan killed her..." Leo felt guilt rise inside him. Either, he didn't ask right, or it was a sensitive subject. However Leo wanted to continue with the conversation.

"Your wife... I'm sorry..." The old man looked down, hopelessness covering his face. "No one should have to go through that." Leo looked at Leis with sincere concern. Leis took a deep breath, and Leo felt a sad and depressing story coming.

"She was everything I wasn't... Everything I every wanted. She died to soon and too early. I need her with me... It's no wonder they call me crazy." Leo started to slowly tear up despite not knowing Leis or his wife. "There was a fire... It destroyed without remorse. It was like hell rose to earth and killed what mattered most to me."

Leo swallowed hard. He couldn't even imagine what he was feeling. Leo could only think of his mom. He hoped and prayed the same didn't happen to her. "You know Leis..." He managed to choke out. "The ones we love have a way of showing they aren't really gone..."

Leo wiped his eyes, watching the sobbing Leis trying to regain his composure. "Maybe... just maybe the town is even greener and brighter because she wants you to know that she misses you." Leis sobbed and wept increasingly louder. Leo took a deep breath to steady his own sobbing.

"I know that other may call us crazy, but I know one other thing for sure." Leo looked at him as sternly as he could with tears in his eyes. Leis looked up at Leo, curious to what he had to say. "She loved you. Just as much you did her. You were her world too... So keep living to keep her smiling."

Leo couldn't bare it any longer. He leapt from his chair, wrapping his arms around the old man. The two of them sat there for a long time. They both sobbed and hugged to comfort one another.

Once both of them had calmed down Leis asked Leo to escort him back home. Once Leo had done so he tried to collect himself again. He was more passionate then ever. "I will find my mom. I will." Leo took a deep breath and then went back to the castle to collect his reward.

Jelies was waiting at the entrance, smiling at him. "Nice work mage. Your time was well spent I assure you." Leo nodded, smiling. Jelies handed him the bag full of his reward then set Leo back on his way.

Distraction [Quest: Leo] Akise-akise-aru-32920473-1280-720

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