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All in a Day's Work [Akira, Baron & Hatsuharu]

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All in a Day's Work [Akira, Baron & Hatsuharu] Empty Wed May 16, 2018 12:32 pm

With most of the Rune Knights positioned at the festival and those who weren’t also sneaking their way in to have fun, it would seem the main town of Orchidia had some severe lack of enforcers. Haru had received word that there was a murder in town and a local detective had picked up the case himself. Now, this was a shame that he wouldn’t allow the Rune Knights to lug around. Enough people laughed at them already.

Besides, the true reason he wanted to go back and investigate this himself was because he was worried about the qualifications and capabilities of this supposed private detective. After all, even the most trained Rune Knights made mistakes. This wasn’t some petty robbery case. It was murder. Haru was not going to allow some unknown detective wannabe to ruin some important evidence, making it impossible to catch the culprit.

The healer knew Aki was in her ‘unofficial’ vacation. But he didn’t want to go do this alone. He was still a newbie at being a sceptic after all. She had had more experience. So, he pestered her to follow him to the main town and investigate this with him. This private detective had put out a notice asking for help, so at least the two could go find him with ease and take any information that he might have already collected regarding the case. Donning his black cloak, with the hilt secure under his belt, the red-headed Rune Knight awaited his partner before making a move.

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#2Akira Shimada 

All in a Day's Work [Akira, Baron & Hatsuharu] Empty Wed May 16, 2018 12:33 pm

Akira Shimada
She really was looking for all sorts of reasons to deny her partner's request. But in all honesty, the festival had ceased to be interesting. The flowers were pretty, yes, the air was fresh... But beyond that, all the place offered was a host of people. Had it not been so crowded, she would've had a better chance of keeping up her pretentious delirium. At the moment, it was getting taxing, to witness a bunch of people doing the same things over and over again and force herself to fall into the same pattern. Akira needed change. Wake up, get dressed and stand in queues for stalls... Pick flowers, swim and go fishing. The experience was getting cyclic and maybe taking a break from it, would mean that she could come back with a renewed perspective? That was a far-fetched idea, but she had to try.

The healer was rather insistent and in all fairness, it also felt a little churlish to refuse. It seemed to be something related to a murder mystery. Akira already knew that the lure of bringing a killer to justice and to hopefully provide some comfort to the kith and kin would serve as a great attraction for Tsuru. If they could succeed, it'd probably help both of them feel a little more useful with respect to their jobs. Now, the scarlet-haired man definitely needed a boost in that area. So... Akira agreed. Off they went, scaling the distance from the event, back to the main town in silence.


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Barry was calm cool and collected as he sneaked through the streets of Orch with a smile on his face. After the old man incident, he needed to lay low for a while and find some more noodles to slurp. He was hiding and rolling about from shady ally to shady ally as he snuck around the place. There was no doubt in his mind that tonight he'd be eating noodles, he was certain of it but first, he needed money. To get the money he would, of course, do his job and stick someone up, probably a young woman so he could have his cake and eat it too.

Creeping into the shadows Barry waited as the sun beamed over him, it was hot today but the sun could not stop him while he was on the prowl, rolling out of the shadows he's sneak up to an unsuspecting young couple and use his finger like a gun poking the girl of the two in the back, "Freeze you two, now red you give me your money and your friend here will be giving up the noodles nice and slow see." he spoke like a mobster, he was desperate at this point for some cash.


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This detective Dex guy was at a coffee shop somewhere near the centre of the city. Haru enjoyed the greenery in Orchidia, but it was quite a nuisance to navigate through the extremely similar looking lanes. Akira seemed to be taking it a little slower than usual; Haru figured that was due to her choice of clothing. He wasn’t going to complain however. The girl looked far too beautiful for him to ask her to pick practical clothing. Besides, she was enjoying her vacation when he dragged her to this investigation, after all.

As the two walked down the almost empty lane following the detective while he asked random questions to strangers, he heard someone step up behind them from one of the smaller alleys. From the looks of it, it seemed this someone was trying to rob them. The healer stopped in his track and turned around swiftly, reaching for the hilt under his belt. However, the moment he turned around, he immediately recognized the man. It was Fenrir. Haru presumed their lycan friend was just joking with them and decided to play along. Faking a rather scared expression, he nodded vigorously and spoke in a fearful tone. “Oh! No. Don’t shoot please. I’ll give you the money,” he said, finally winking at Fenrir when Akira wasn’t looking.

If his partner was fooled, the healer would then break into a laugh, patting Fenrir on his shoulders.

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Akira Shimada
Perhaps visiting that stall was a bad idea... Now she was all decked up in this fancy traditional stuff and they'd used some special magic infused oils to have her hair grow out, it was all rather overwhelming. But she had to be fair, she'd never seen herself in this light. There was forced grace in her movements, she had to be gentle and careful, while it felt a little stifing for a once in a while indulgence... It wasn't too bad.

The job they had just undertaken, was absolutely crap though. This detective didn't seem to want their help at all, he simply treated them like some apprentices who he had to deal with, while they shadowed him and took notes. Did no one tell him Aki and Tsuru's caliber was deemed to be past such tasks? She inched on, keeping a wary distance from the boring detective Dex until all of a sudden she felt something against the middle of her back. She froze at the threat that followed.

Very slowly her fingers reached towards her own gun, but her heart was racing. She didn't dare make any sudden movements, a shot to her back was far quicker and if it didn't kill her, it would at least leave her in a very bad state. 'Hurry up, Tsuru!' she hissed, her panic making her irritable as she racked her brain for a way out. Maybe if they gave up the jewels, they could buy sometime to get away and plan a counter...


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Barry was certain these two would provide him with a nice pay day, as they wore their fancy clothes and had fancy lookin hair. Yeah, this was going to be an easy pay day! Just as he poked the girl's back again out of the corner of his eye he saw Haru staring at him. Well crap, he had gotten them by mistake. Though while he knew it was him, it seemed likely that the girl before him was Aki. Fair enough~ It was about time he played a joke on her, maybe he could drag this on for a while.

"Now, now, see, your little boyfriend needs to take his time drawing out the cash, meanwhile you and I should have a little talksie." he tried to masks his voice, "Ya think i'm foolin, keep yer hands where I can see 'em." he poked again. This was pretty easy, "Now Tsuru you get the money real slow like, give me what's in her pockets too."

He smirked, "Or else I'll have to tell Asura that Aki got mugged by some guy and his fingers." he stopped throwing his voice, "Ha ha, sorry Aki but you made it too easy." he laughed.


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Haru played along like he planned and acted all scared. “Yeah, Aki. Don’t do something foolish,” he said, making his voice quiver unnaturally to mimic fear. It didn’t last long though, however, as Barry dropped the act. The healer knew his partner would have figured out this was a prank the moment the lycan called him by his name. After all, how would he know his name if he really was a thief. Haru laughed, holding his stomach, occasionally keeping a look out for the detective they were following.

It was pretty apparent from the beginning that this Dex guy was hit in the head and there was no murder at all. He went around asking completely irrelevant questions to random strangers. Haru decided to follow him and assure all the commoners he was investigating that there was no reason to worry since there was no murder. Of course, he didn’t do it right in front of Dex; the healer had some pity for the delusional guy.

Turning back towards Fenrir, Haru spoke after he finally stopped laughing. “So Fenrir! What are you up to? How come you are here and not at the festival?” he asked. Last time they met, they were training near the river. The healer promised himself he would keep up the routine and request another training session like that. Good thing they ran into each other again.

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#8Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Aki was really quite jumpy. When the voice asked her to show her hands, she immediately followed suit, what else was one supposed to do with a gun to their back? Sure, it really did feel very cowardly, but it was also practical. After all she did very recently see a man being disemboweled, not to mention she had organs chucked at her. Her ability to deal with threats was not too polished at this very instance. She didn't notice the weird pitch of Tsuru's words, just registered that he seemed scared and he too thought it was a bad idea to do anything. When he mentioned that Tsuru should go get the money from her pockets too, she widened her eyes and tried to shake her head just a little bit, to try and tell him to at least save that money from the thief.

Just then, everything fell apart. Both the boys laughed at her. Shameless nut jobs! she turned on her heel swiftly and smacked the lycan on his brawny arm, them proceeded to use her other arm to offer Tsuru the same treatment. 'What the hell is wrong with you two?!' she exclaimed through grit teeth. 'I could have panicked and shot you or something! Wouldn't even be the first time!' she spilled, her voice increasing a little in pitch, but still akin to a soft growl. 'You know what! I'd rather go hang out with that damn detective.' she huffed as she stormed away to look for the stupid detective. Aiding him in this seemingly futile quest was better than hanging out with the two guys who made fun at her expense. She'd take a while to get over this and warm up to them again, for their sake it was best if the steered clear of her until then, unless they had some radical way to make up for it.

In her annoyance, she confronted the detective. 'You do know that all your work is crap right? There is nothing here that even indicates a murder.' she hissed at him. Dex looked at her and clicked his tongue. He responded by mentioning how the lazy ones always said so, then offered her a bag of jewel as a some sort of weird encouragement. A push in the right direction, he called it. She rolled her eyes and pointed at Tsuru and Fenrir, deciding this was a good way to take revenge. 'Well what can I say, I'm not as eager as those two, they've been discussing your strategies all day.' she said accepting the money and snickering as she walked away with a shrug.


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Barry was snickering madly at this point, Aki was falling for it like a sucker and he was loving every minute he could tell he was getting under her skin and she was actually going to give up all of her money. For some reason, he wanted to take this up and use this to get a little more money from her. She was such a nice girl, but it seemed she was thinking about using her gun as well, how silly would that have been, to get shot again in the leg or worst. He always wanted to test his speed by catching a bullet in the mouth.

For a moment everything was tense, putting things in the mindset of him wanting to legitimately rob her. He couldn't tell at all, he couldn't tell if he was going to mug her or let her go or mug her. It seemed she and Hatsu were on the job today and he wanted to join in, but there was a later time for that and this. Eventually, she'd probably turn around and shoot him, but he was prepared, when she shot he'd do a backflip and yell 'ha ha' and run away.

Instead, she turned around and slapped his arm scolding him and Haru for playing such a trick on him. She was partly furious and seemed to be going along with this. She couldn't be mad though it was just him playing a joke on her. She didn't seem to be too angry later on. She was a fine young woman as Hatsu was a fine young man, he loved the two! Why they weren't dating confused him immensely but alas he wouldn't speak up too much about it just yet given his own romantic issues.

These people were, these kids were beautiful in their own little ways. Oh, wait, the job! Following Akira and dragging along Hatsu, he would follow her to the detective. She took a bag of jewels and Barry narrowed his eyes, did she just? Get paid? He watched her and shook his head, he didn't even know this guy! He had to make this work out a little better, he had to get out of this, he had to... "Hatsu it!" he snickered to himself and let the boy go. Oh boy, this was going to be amazing.

Thinking for a moment he looked over the Detective and looked down at Hatsu again before exchanging another glance at the official. Okay, this was a rough spot to be in mostly because he didn't want to work today and wanted to get back to work at the produce stand. He smiled to himself and looked at Hatsu, he seemed just like him, he was like a son to him he saw a lot of himself in Hatsu he was like the younger smarter him that he always wanted to be but could never be because he never knew himself to be younger or smarter

With a smile, he patted Hatsu on the shoulder and looked at the Detective, "This young man will be helping you, while we were going over your strategies and I must say that they are quite fascinating Hatsu here thinks that many of your strategies have quite a few faulty means of acquiring communication, he even thinks that uh cross dressing is better means to obtain data since you can course, coharse? Get info from the bad guys. I'll leave you two to it." he chuckled and snatched his own bag of jewels leaving the two alone.


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Akira was clearly not amused at the practical joke played on her. The redheaded Knight stood there scratching his head and grinning stupidly, wondering if they had taken it just a bit too far. He wasn’t left feeling sorry for long, however. When the raven-haired girl said this wouldn’t have been the first time she shot Fenrir if she had done so, the healer was left standing there with his mouth agape. When did she shoot him? He looked at the two of them, one after another, hoping someone would explain when and why that happened. But, the girl had already stomped off to the detective, on whom he was sure the lunar mage was going to take out her anger.

He wasn’t entirely sure what she did, but he could take a guess from the detective’s reaction and the way he handed her some jewels. Haru sighed softly as he saw her point towards them. He now knew exactly what she was doing. The young man had no intention of having a conversation with the detective, but he was not given an option as Fenrir dragged him along right after Akira. What followed next was even more embarrassing. The lycan pulled another prank, this time on Haru, before doing the vanishing act. Now, the redhead was left alone with the detective who was under the impression that he actually believed in his work. “I’m glad there is at least one person who sees my value. You will be a great cop, kid,” he said, tossing his share of the jewels. Haru just smiled and nodded, not even bothering to correct the misunderstanding. He just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

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