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All In A Day's Work [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

All In A Day's Work [Quest|Sage] Empty Sun May 13, 2018 3:41 am

Sage †
Sage was walking down the streets of Orichidia once again, yesterday he took on a requests of being a successor of some random person called Dex Miller. He was already a detective, so it won't ruin his day or anything looking at someone doing the same thing you do everything and it won't give you any sort of headaches, he was told to meet this Dex person at a cafe shop where he will be waiting, Sage was wearing his normal green white black clothes combination, he looks best in them, not to mention the matching earring he was wearing, the coffee shop was not that far from where Sage was living currently, which was Aurelion's apartment, they were like couple, living together and such, even though Sage doesn't sleep on the bed instead he meditates on the floor, keeping aware of his surroundings as he was in charge of protecting Aurelion from being assassinated. When Sage arrived at the cafe that Dex told him to, he could see the Dex Miller person sitting on one of the table set outside the cafe shop, and he was sipping a cup of coffee, but of what type Sage couldn't tell. His eyes were somewhere in the distance, probably thinking about life. Sage approaches the Dex Miller with a little bit of anxiety, but he wears a smile and walked ahead, towards Dex, he then noticed Sage and narrowed his eyes, as if investigating Sage and reading his mind, which was quite a creepy thing to do but to Sage it was quite amusing and funny and cute to see, so he played along with Dex, when he was near enough to Dex he'd raise his left hand and said, "good morning," while wearing a smile on his face of course, he'd wait for Dex to reply to him before he sit down or anything to just make sure that the person he was looking at then was the right person he should meet with. The man kept giving him a narrowed look, as if he was trying to read his mind, "Hmm, an elf greeting me good morning, probably a mage too, aha! I know who you are, you're the mage who took on my request!" he said to Sage with excitement in his tone, ending his sentence with a smirk. Sage was really amused by this, he laughed a little and said, "Yep that's me, may I sit?" he asked Dex and he would gesture his hand to Sage to take a seat. Sage than sat on the small chair, it's seat cushion but the other parts of are made of fine french metal, Dex then took his cup of coffee and drank it all straight to the throat, and he sets the cup bang on the table, with a short 'ahh' escaped his mouth showing that he was satisfied with the coffee he had, "Follow me," he said while standing up from his chair, "I want to show you how it is like being a detective.".

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All In A Day's Work [Quest|Sage] Empty Sun May 13, 2018 6:40 am

Sage †
Sage wanted to say that he was too a detective, but thinking back, saying things like that will ruin the happy joyous and amusing atmosphere, and he doesn't want to do that. "Yeah sure, let's go," Sage replied, although it seems unnecessary, because he already took on the quest and now he must follow whatever Dex told him to, and so he also stood from his chair, feeling a little bit awkward because he just sat down on the chair, and now he must stand back again once more to follow Dex to wherever he was going to lead him to, but sage didn't mind this, he took on the quest, and now he must do it, whether he like it or not. He then looked at Dex, waiting for him to go to the place where they should be heading and Dex then would say, "Oh and did I told you that I'm investigating a murder scene?" he said with a boastful tone in his voice, this sparked something inside Sage, as a rune knight he must've known anything about a murder case, because murder is something quite big and the case should be open to all because who would want murdery to happen everyday right? Sage then asked him about this murder thing, "Oh well I never heard about it before," then Dex would turn his head looking right and left, "Shh, it's secret," while putting his index finger on his lips, Sage narrowed his eyes and made a weird look, then another thing sparked in his mind, he remembered some of the townspeople in the pub talking about a name name Dex Miller who got into an accident and has been seeing things that others couldn't, that's why he had this urge feeling that he heard that name once and having read about biology books and psychology books, he knew just exactly what was happening inside Dex's mind, he's probably suffer from hallucination or worse, he knew that he couldn't be of any help but to support Dex Miller the way he is and give him a good time of his life, "so shall we go and see how's a life of a detective's like?" he asked suddenly to Dex, then Dex would make a shocked face, "Oh! yeah, yeah, let's look into how a detective's life would be like, if you would one day, become a detective, i hope you will," he said oblivious to the fact that Sage was already a detective, they then went to places of old crime scenes and Dex also told Sage how to investigate things how he should think out of the box and also how to look for clues efficiently, Sage would calmly and peacefully listen to this even though some part of him knew that he knew it better, it was all for the sake of being nice, at the end of it, when Dex stopped he thanked Sage for spending his time and gave him his rewards.


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