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Welcoming Committee [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Welcoming Committee [Quest|Sage] Empty Fri May 11, 2018 8:57 am

Sage †
It was a normal day, there was no case to be solved or whatnot, Sage was standing there in front of the quest board examining every quest there was, he;d look past through quests, some he was too lazy to even read and some he's too lazy to do, he'd like to take on a quest that's more of a chillaz kind of quest. he'd then found the perfect quest, just like how he wanted, a quest to just hand out flyers, how hard could that be right? he grabbed the quest flyer and ran off to the venue on the quest flyer, the entrance of the city, when he reached there he could see a fine handsome young man with wavy blue hair standing in fron to fthe gate and in his hand was some flyers, "Hey are you the one who posted this flyer?" he'd ask the man, "Yes indeed I did, would u like to help me?" he'd asking looking at Sage, "Yes I would love to," sage replied, he then gave some flyers to sage, and sage reached out and grab the flyers,  they'd waited and waited, thanks lord the sun wasn't out that hot yet, and the clouds were enough to provide them some shade but otherwise they didnt need it as it was a cool morning, what's bugging sage's mind wasnt that but becase the man who posted the requests was still standing there, he had processed this in his mind, a man who gave sage some flyers to hand out to people was still standing there, and so the only thing that sage could think of is that the man wanted to show sage how to do it, and he was right as the first person who walked into the entrance was greeted by the blue haired man and was given the flyer, the person who entered the entrance took it with full gratitude, it was a warm sight, "and that's how you do it," he turned to sage smliling at him he then pat him on the shoulder and said, "goodluck kid, dont mess around," then left to guide the man from before on a tour around orichidia, "i wont let you down sir," his voice rather calm but filled with excitement. So there he stood, in front of the entrance waiting for people to go through them, while waiting he looked at the city of orichidia, to him it was beatiful as it was covered with moss vines and some blooming flowers too because it was spring. He'd then saw the flower festival commencing, the vibrant colour of the cherry blossom trees was bright enough to be seen from there, he'd been thinking of going there lately, but for fun of course, lately he haven't been having at all there, despite him daydreaming,he could hear footsteps walking towards him and there he could see a couple carrying their backpack towards him.

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Sage †
He would take a deep breath, trying to calm himself down and to get prepared to face with the incoming couples, they were wearing backpacks, so sage thought that they were travelling there from somewhere far away, it was actually cute too to see them walking together, as they approched sage wold give them a warm smile and greeted them, "Good morning sir, madam," when he got their attention he would hand them each a leaflet and said, "a leaflet for you, in this leaflet it will tell you everything about this city, the places where you should go and shouldn't go, the attractions we're having in this festive season," the word festive sparked something on his mind so he became more friendlier with the couple, "Oh and there's a flower festival going on! do you see that place?" he'd then pointed his index finger out at where they could see the cherry blossoms looking at that place too then turning back his head towards the couple, smiles were carving on their face which made safe feel satisfied and told himself that he was good at his job, the couple looked at sage, and the lady said to him, "thank you for helping us out dear," then holds his partner's hand and walked away joking and laughing with each other as they read the flyer and made some jokes about something that sage couldn't relate, maybe it's the kind of joke only a few certain of people could know due to past  events, sage then would focus on the incoming person, a teenager with dark hair and pale skin, he looked grumpy and so sage wouldn't want to greet him, but he must do his job, as the grumpy emo teenage boy walked through the entrance he'd say to him, "excuse me sir, would you like to have one our-" and before he could even finish the teenager smirked and said, "i dont need that stupid flyer, do i look like an idiot to you?" with that sage didnt reply but to just stay put and watch him leave and he did leave as soon as that which was a complete relief to sage. Sage would sigh and told himself that some people would hate some stuff and judge them so dont he feel bad or worry about it, then he waited for more people to come and more did came this time, a hunky dude came and because sage was gay he was attracted by the muscles but tries to control his red cheek, he must focus on his work, "excuse me s-sir, but would you like to have one of th-this flyers?" he'd say, the hunky man then winked at sage and said that he'd loved one, sage wold blush now but it was just that the man was playing around and left as soon as that, then the blue haired man came back to check on sage as he finished the tour, then the same thing happened, people coming to the entrance and the blue haired man gave them a tour while sage hands out flyers until the day's over where the blue haired man paid him and he cold return to his hotel room and rest.


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