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Crocus to Orichidia(Foot Travel)

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Crocus to Orichidia(Foot Travel) Empty Thu May 10, 2018 5:36 am

It has hid himself away for a while some where in Crocus but there was a need, a desire and an answer Regis still wanted form his sister. So he would have to guess to where she went. So Regis would head off by word of mouth where to go. So he would slowly make his way that way, He would slowly walk or maybe dragging himself towards a different town after all he needed to most likely get away from that.

He heard of a gathering for a festival of flowers so he would go that way slowly but surely, no matter how long it would take, how rain or heat in some way he would go to that town eventually see what was around if his sister was their and what exactly he wanted to ask her he would find out."I...I will find you again." He spoke to himself with in that hollow voice he still had. Full of a personal intent of wanting to know, seeking answers wanting more.

He could barely speak, he managed and started too, his wondered was if this could last and how long it would. Would his voice go quiet again? would his pain would return? where did this lady he was with go? what did his wife look like? what did his child look like? So many questions, so little answers he wanted to know, No he would know and figure out not matter how he did he would find out.


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