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Pizza Delivery [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

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Sage †
It was a fine morning for Sage, he was wearing his casual sweatpants and white v-neck shirt, it was still early in the morning but he was walking around the streets of Orichidia, he then saw someone a man, a big man with a beard and mustache along with a unique hairstyle. As he laid his eyes upon the man, he could sense the distress he was having, the way he broomed the floor of what seem to be a pavement in front of a pizza shop, not having any plans for the day Sage decided to walk up to the man and see if he could help with anything in particular. "Umm, good morning sir," he'd greeted with a smile, "Sorry but we're not open yet," he'd replied, it seemed like he was a worker of the pizza shop or probably the owner, Sage's smile widened as he heard this, "No I don't want to buy pizza early in the morning, I just came by to see if you're alright, you looked distressed." he'd explain himself briefly then waiting for the man to answer him, "Actually I am, I have a few orders of pizza coming up but one of my worker, the cooker, and the delivery man slot's now empty and he's sick, now I don't know what to do or just wait and see my shop lose its reputation and customer," he said with a sad tone at the end of his sentence, Sage felt sorry for him and because he had no plan he decided to lend a hand. "It's okay, I can help you, I know a thing or two about pizza, my uncle's an expert and I always watch him doing it and I learned a thing or two," explaining further but most importantly lending his help to the man in distress, "thanks the lord and to your uncle for always cooking pizza, now lemme show you the kitchen," he said opening the door to the pizza shop and leaning his broom on the wall somewhere near the door, and he headed to the back of the shop where Sage would've guessed must be the kitchen for sure and of course he was right, if it wasn't a kitchen what else would it be. "Now here's the list of order for today and where you gotta send them is in here too and also the time when it should be delivered," he dropped a notebook in it was the list of things he said, the orders, the venue and the time it should be delivered, "Oh and here's the keys for the motorcycle," he added throwing the keys at Sage, and he of course managed to catch it flawlessly, and before the man leaves he turned around, "Oh and thanks kid, really I do appreciate it," and left to continue his work that Sage didn't know waht it was,

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Sage †
he went straight to work, pre-heating the oven first like how his uncle would always do early in the morning, and he still remembered how he would ask him why is he baking air or something like that, that memory was cute and so it stays in his head for a very long time. Then he would look at the list of orders that he must cook for the day and deliver they are, 1 pizza with pineapples and ham, 2 pizzas with various meats, 5 orders of flavoured chicken, and 1 pizza with chicken and sauce. He grabbed a knife and a cutting board, putting them in one place, then he would go and look for the onions, pineapples, meats, seasonings and others which was all located thankfully, near the place he placed the cutting board and the knife, he started to cut the onions and once he finished that he placed them in a bowl, then he moved on to the olives making sure they are in perfect shape and then he moved on to the black ring thing and made sure that he cut them properly. He then moved to the pineapple, cracking the outer layer was hard but the inner part was so soft and tasty, -yeah he ate one- but one won't change anything right? When he's done cutting the pineapple, he'd gather them in one bowl and then he moved to the chicken part, but then he remembered that he must make the dough first, so he looked for the dough but there weren't prepared, he must make it by himself, he would then take all the ingredients to make dough and mixed them in a bowl, using a machine to mix the dough faster, the thing spinning and some of it was splattered onto his face. When the dough was ready he started to spin it and roll it making it into a perfect pizza shape and putting that pizza shaped dough on a tray, then he would prepare the toppings all the sauces and the meats and the veggies and whatever nonsense you put on top of a pizza, and when all that is done he slid the tray into the oven and closed the oven door, then he waited for it to cook. When the oven goes 'ding' he opened the oven door and pulled out trays of good smelling pizzas, he would then add other toppings on top of them to perfect them and when all that is done he placed each of the pizza into different boxes. He then grabbed a helmet that's lying on the kitchen table and the keys the shop owner gave to him and set for his delivery service. He also brought along the notebook because he can't remember which house he should deliver the pizza to. He started the motorcycle and went off to different houses giving them their respective pizza and demanding the money from them, once that's done he went back to the shop and the owner paid him what he deserved and he left to the sanctuary of his hotel room.


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