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All In A Day's Work [Quest:Roxanne]

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All In A Day's Work [Quest:Roxanne] Empty Wed May 09, 2018 6:36 pm

She was broke as fuck and right now she needed money before she could go about enjoying the festival. Rich scents enticed her, beautiful girls nearly lured her, the brews of booze called out to her. Roxanne was weak to it all, but she had to be strong today and for the next few god damn days she had to resist all the temptations before her, because jewels were the main goal now. To get rich and get rich quick, Roxanne no longer gave a fuck about the fame or building up any notoriety, she wanted jewels and lots of it. She had hit her lowest in Magnolia and for what? For fucking what? A goal and a dream, one that came crashing down from the sky literally. She had to be thankful though, since all her crimes had been basically washed away in the eyes of these new laws thanks to her guild master taking over Fiore. Who would have thought it huh? Grimoire Heart being the real good guys on the low. The shit was almost laughable now and a lot has changed since then. For one there were a whole mess more people walking around, a lot from other countries. She had heard there was no more slavery and this was probably the product of that happening. Roxanne couldn't even fathom that happening to her, being a slave? They would have to kill her first. The red head would shake the thoughts from her mind and continue to make her way to the request board. At this point any work that gave her jewels was work that she was willing to do.

Looking over the request she found it was quite full. It wasn't a big surprise to her though. There was a festival going on, people would need help no matter what a this point. She wouldn't dwell on picking a particular job she didn't care if it was easy or hard she just cared that it paid. So after about a moment or so Roxanne just plucked a request off the board at random. Thinking on it now she could have easily just had been a guildless mage like she is now and probably achieved her goal much faster, or rather her previous undoable goal. Looking over the request it seemed a man needed help and that he would go over the details of the request at the specified location on the paper, which was a coffee shop. The coffee shop listed on the request's paper informed Roxanne that it wasn't too far away, which was a blessing because she wanted to grab a bite to eat and she knew there were plenty of food carts on the way to the shop in question. Stuffing the piece of paper in her pocket Roxanne wasted no more time in making her way to her destination. Stopping by a food stand that served cheese burgers and hotdogs. She bought herself one of each, making her way to the shop while scarfing her food down.



All In A Day's Work [Quest:Roxanne] Empty Thu May 10, 2018 3:56 pm

Walking into the coffee shop, Roxanne took a moment to look around while finishing off the last bite of her cheeseburger. She needed to spot someone who looked like they would be waiting for another individual because she damn sure didn't know what the person looked like that she was suppose to be meeting. With an annoyed sigh escaping her lips she pulled out the request paper and waved it around above her head. " Hey! Is there a Dex in here? I ain't got all day buddy.. " Her words were clear enough that everyone shot their eyes in her direction but only one person got up and approached her. A man who had been sipping something and looked to be spaced out began to place his drink down and walk over to her. His eyes roaming her body and he walked around her in a full circle.. Twice. Roxanne could feel her eye twitch violently and she was about to grab the man until he stood in front of her clapping his hands together. " Yes, yes you are the one who took up my request right? Of course it has to be you, who else would know my name.. Well a lot of people but only you would know to meet me here. " Roxanne could feel herself get a little upset with how this man spoke and she rolled her eyes at his response. " I need your help in helping with a murder investigation I have going on. No one will believe me but I know there is one. I just have to get my evidence in order."

Roxanne didn't know how it happened but she ended up following this man around as he harassed people for answers they didn't have, dragged her all around town for clues that didn't exist, and was being an all around crazy person from her view on it. She knew she shouldn't have taken this request it was a waste of time but a waste of time that paid jewels and that's all she cared about. She wouldn't say anything during the whole ordeal if she didn't have too because she knew anything that came out of her mouth would be pure venom and she really needed to get paid and not lose this job because she hurt some man's feelings. As the day went on and the craziness seem to spiral to nowhere Roxanne already knew that there was no murder or anything like that as soon as Dex started looking for clues. If a murder did happen the rune knights would be all over it but it was clear as day that ain't shit was happening. " Listen Dex, there is no murder. Look at al the facts and evidence. You are doing to much for nothing. Besides if a murder did happen the rune knights would have taken care of it, now give it up. " In the middle of Dex picking up some broken glass he looked over his shoulder at Roxanne with a frown on his face. " I know there is a murder.. I know it. Here just take your pay. It's getting late and I'm not gonna find any clues in the dark... " Roxanne would shrug and accept her pay before turning her back on the crazy man and leaving.



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