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Train With Me | Quest | Solo

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Train With Me | Quest | Solo Empty Wed May 09, 2018 8:36 am

Today hasn’t been a good day and Shinko woke up sweating and hardly breathing. The heat was terrible and she didn't even want to move at all. She rolled herself out of bed and started crawling into the bathroom to take a quick shower, she didn’t even want to bother using her legs to carry her. It's so hot that even a cold shower in the morning isn't so cold at all. After Shinko had finished washing up, she rubbed her hair with a dry towel as she continues to feel weary and tired. The air outside the bathroom had quickly filled her with heat, and that heat has caused her hair to dry up quickly as well and she started sweating again, giving her an even more uncomfortable day.

A letter caught Shinko's attention and without further ado, she ran towards it and opened the envelope, expecting it was a love letter like from the romance comics she often fangirled to. And to her disappointment, it was an invitation for a training as the writer knew that Shinko is a mage. But Shinko has her hopes up, that maybe the sender of this letter is a strong warrior with good looks and strong powers and they end up falling in love. So with happiness, Shinko started getting ready. She put on a slight blush and a few pinches of perfume. She fixed her hair and got out to the forest, where Shinko and the sender would meet.

Shinko didn't see a knight in extra shining armor, although she did find a person sitting under the tree. They both looked at each other and Shinko is getting excited. Although the more she draws closer, the more she realizes that it was a girl who sent the letter. "My name is Seheda, thank you for reading my letter." she bowed down and spoke in a faint tone, and Shinko was still smiling even though she was confused. "You're welcome." Shinko told her in a forced, jolly tone of voice.

Sehada points at the East, where there are numerous obstacles made out of wood. "Train me, please." she said in an upset tone of voice. "I will not accept another rejection from the combat academy, and I want to be better. So please, mage, train me."

Shinko stares at her with a weird-looking, happy yet confused expression. Though the mood was 'supposed' to be serious, she just couldn't help but think about the disappointments today has given her. It was stupid of her to think that some handsome guy in a knight and shining armor would come for her and fall in love, but no. It was a girl... who got rejected thrice from a combat school. But oh well, maybe this girl will lead her to someone attractive enough for Shinko. Sehada looks strong enough, maybe once she graduates, she will introduce Shinko to some Knights, knights with extra-extra shining armor.

They had counted from five to one, and they started running. The first obstacles were easy enough for Shinko, though as quick as she is, she's also quick to get tired. But on the other side, Sehada kept tripping and falling over. And Shinko was also disappointed, thinking that she was 'strong' enough to lead her to her wanted romance and... why is Shinko even wasting time on this?

She held her breath to herself and pulled Sehada up. "You really do need more training..." she was upset, and she looked at her in her eyes. Sehada's failures in such easy tasks reminded Shinko of herself being a disappointment to everyone. Shinko was emotional enough to feel like she needs to cry. "You remind me of myself... when I was young, I was always a disappointment." she spoke to her, holding Sehada's shoulders. "And now I'm disappointed because I thought I'd meet my knight in shining armor! Oh, now I know what my parents feel!" Shinko had started crying, and Sehada was left confused. She didn't know if she should feel empathetic for Shinko or if she should tell her that this training is more important than her cries.

Shinko sniffed and ran away, passing over obstacles while shouting "I cannot accept this!". Sehada had followed her and is slowly catching up. "You... you know... being a mercenary is... isn't an easy job, you know?" Sehada started telling her story while catching her breath, continuing on running over obstacles. "It's been two years since... since I have been... doing this... line of... work!" she had started losing more air, although she kept on running. But Shinko is still being quite stupid and she continued on shouting "Happy endings don't exist!", though she is still aware of what Sehada is telling her.

"I have a dream of succeeding in a great path! You... you should, too!" Sehada shouted and Shinko stopped running. The sudden pause caused her to trip and fall down, and her eyes suddenly looked happy. "You're right! There are still more ways for success!" So Shinko stood up and ran again along with Sehada and as Shinko is taking the lead, Sehada slowly catches up until in the end, she outran Shinko.

They were near the last part of the obstacle course and both of them are inspired to finish it. Shinko was getting the excitement she needed and she wasn't focusing on the disappointments; and neither of them were too inspired to finish that they weren't focused on winning anymore. And as both of them knew that Sehada is going to take the lead, she tripped. And slowly, Shinko thought that she looked familiar. "Sword Art... Offline?" she muttered to herself, and she approached Sehada and helped her stand up. Sehada was feeling embarrassed and didn't want Shinko to look at her, so she ended up giving her the reward while muttering "Thank you." so quietly that Shinko didn't hear her at all. So she just placed her hand on Sehada's head. "I really can't accept this at all."


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