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Intercept The Package [Quest: Notte]

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#1Notte Giornata 

Intercept The Package [Quest: Notte] Empty Wed May 09, 2018 5:53 am

Notte Giornata
Notte had had enough of the festival for a while he want to chill out and get some stuff done, if he wanted to join a guild he probably needed to make a name for himself or at least that's what he assumed or was it that he didn't wanna make a name for himself, in the end, the only reason why he wanted to join a bad guild was to get stronger and possibly find information about his father, this was probably going to be a challenge as he was a secretive man the possibity that he would even find him were pretty slim but a boy can dream, he decided he wanted to walk to the market and find something to eat or buy something to remember this place by. Heading towards the normal market and stayed there for a while but nothing seemed to intrigued him so he decided to ask around for the black market; there was probably something cool there, eventually, surprisingly an old lady told him perfect directions to the black market, by the time it was evening so the real fun was going to start in the dark market, while walking marveling at all the things he was seeing Notte noticed a man speaking quite angrily to a merchant in the middle of the road of all places at first Notte didn't take much of it he didn't really care, it didn't concern him. After a while the man had his tantrum and walked away Notte was staring at him he noticed and seemed to gesture for him to meet him at the end of the road which was kinda suspicious, but this could be chance to get a job of some kind. Who knows what he wants.
At first glance, the man seemed pretty ominous but once he calmed down he had a smile on this face and a calm vibe. He then politely introduced himself as Ferdinand, "Sorry about that scene before I have a very very short temper haha anyways lemme get to what I called you here for; you up for a job kid?" Notte needed to word this correctly he couldn't seem too enthusiastic but keep his head cool "Hmpf Depends on what kinda job?" Ferdinand laughed "Don't act tough kid, but I like your attitude. You see the merchant I was talking to before he has something that I want, or should I say he's gonna have something that I want, this item is quite precious to me and extremely valuable, you see it's for my friend and he's given quite a few favours so I owe him big time. The only reason why I haven't gotten it by now is that I've had problems with that man so he refuses to sell it to me. So what I want you to do is simple Intercept the package."


#2Notte Giornata 

Intercept The Package [Quest: Notte] Empty Wed May 09, 2018 6:58 am

Notte Giornata
"Ok yeah sure I'll do that but I have a question if this item is so valuable is would you ask a random guy on the street to get it? I mean I could just steal it, right?" Fer's face stayed smiling during the whole conversation and he simply replied in the most surprisingly calm voice "Because if you did that haha... I would kill you" That sentence sent a chill down Notte's spine it wasn't the actual sentence it was the way he said it he knew that when he said he would kill him he meant it, "Uh... Ok sure then let's go after I get the package where do you want to meet" The man scruffed up Notte's hair "That's my boy haha meet me back over here, so the package is gonna be delivered to that caravan over there all you need to do is lie and get the package and come back to me I might even give you something for your trouble but only if you're quick... " Notte's eyes perked up when he heard the word reward, "Yeah! I'll be back asap I'll be sure to get that package!" The man gestured him to leave and Notte took his leave. After running for a bit Notte arrived at the caravan, he quickly formulated a plan, he took his comb out and slicked back his hair and pull out his beanie and placed it on, someone with pink hair is sure to be caught out and recognisable so that had to go eventually the real merchant came out probably to get his package, Shit this is bad if I don't get rid of this guy I won't be able to take the package... Quickly formulating a plan he took a rock and just next to the merchant for split second his head turned to see what the disturbance and shouted "OMBRA" Quickly Notte's webs shot out of his wrist trapping the man in them, quickly he knocked him out and placed him in his shop. Notte had a rush going he hadn't done anything this bad in a while; his original plan didn't even involve knocking the man out it just happened maybe this was his natural lust for violence coming out? Notte tried to shake the feeling off and continue what he was supposed to do, eventually, the delivery man came and it was time to sign for the package then the man asked for his name? Notte panicked he didn't even know the guy's name "Are you stupid? Look at the shop it says it right there" He said taking a huge risk he looked at the sign and it said {Bruno's Tattle} The man gave Notte a dirty look a bit and gave him the package. High on adrenaline, he ran back to Fer and gave him the package "Good work my boy now go enjoy your money!" He said as he threw a huge bag of jewels towards Notte.


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