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Shinko is very excited for today, as she finally landed on Orchidia. She didn’t even notice the dirt around and she is skipping while walking through the paths, you can even feel the happy, flowery aura around her. But there really isn’t much to do, and she isn’t planning to look for a job. After skipping for only a few minutes, she felt weary. Until she is starting to slow down, she pulled herself upon a nearby bench to sit down. Here, she realizes that she had grew tired over only a few walk, how can she do more in this state?

She is thinking that maybe she can work on a café. A maid outfit would suit her, and she would look like the heroine character from her favorite shojo manga. White stockings and frilly dresses would seem like a good fit, and the nekomimi accessories would make her look all cutesy. While thinking about these, Shinko had her hands in her face as she fidgets her legs. “Mom, that girl looks weird!” A child points at her, being innocent and cute as he is being pulled away by his mother so that no one would think that he is being rude. But Shinko was being in her fantasy world while the current is happening, she wouldn’t mind any other thing that happens.

Her shoulder was tapped by a large hand; she looked at the person to see a man giving out fliers. “You seem new here, welcome to Orchidia!” The man was quite good-looking, with scruffy dark blue hair and nice light skin. He greeted her with a smile, and Shinko’s thoughts were already running on different places. “You look like Kayu! From… from Log Horizon!” Shinko shouted and her body had moved on its own, causing her to stand up, point on his face in a rude manner, and stumbling a bit. The man was confused as he had never heard of whatever the girl has spoken off. “I’m not whoever that is, my name is Dacol Lubex!” he smiled whatsoever, and provided his hand for Shinko to shake. And she indeed took the hand and shook it with both hands, continuing on gazing at his familiar looks and fantasizing over a manga.

“Where are you from? Are you enjoying your stay here?” the curious man asks, and Shinko seems enticed, losing focus as she continuous to shake his hand. “Yes, Of course!” Shinko replied, followed by a whisper, “… now that you’re here, hehe.” That whisper was better off said in her mind; gladly, Dacol did not hear that awkward (and creepy) message. “I would be happy if you could help me around here… you’re a mage, right?” he asks , handing over the fliers. Shinko nods quickly and accepts the offer with a childish look on her face, never minding if she looks desperate or not. Her mind has already been filled with manga and fantasies.

They sat together in the bench near the entrance and a person walks by, looking tired and weary as that person looks around. Dacol waves and greets him, and Shinko had given them a flier. Without hearing what the two had talked about, Dacol had waved goodbye and started pointing at different directions while speaking to the person who just came by. With sudden realization, Shinko slaps her face with both of her hands. “I spaced out again!” she shouted at herself as she continues to slap her cheeks until they appear in a peachy color. As another person passes by, Shinko stood up quickly, offering a flier. “Welcome!” she awkwardly shouts, and the person stares at her in confusion.

Shinko had spent her day sitting in a bench alone, holding fliers and being in focus. Although she had grown hungry a little bit, there were vendors who would pass by and would offer the pretty lady a taste of their items. As the sun is slowly setting, another person has passed by and Shinko offered a flier, yet that bystander rejected it in a rude manner. And because she was dissed, and hissed, by a stranger; she had already gone tired as well, and she had started feeling negative. One problem about being in focus, she couldn’t rest through fantasies. Dacol had come back and accompanied her; there, she regained energy but was unable to focus. Shinko will get used to this one day.

“Are you doing well?” asks Dacol, and Shinko obviously isn’t having a good first time of her life. She nods and faintly smiles, giving a thumbs up and her eyes are starting to hurt, as she’s about to cry. Dacol clapped his hands once, squinting his eyes with joy, and then leaving Shinko there alone as he decided to give other visitors a tour. “Why didn’t I get a tour instead?!” Shinko complained, “Gah! I really don’t like this at all!” In frustration, she sat down on the same bench and covered his face with her hands. Then she felt a presence of a visitor which made her hyped up, so her body moved on its own again and handed out a flier with her frustrated, excited face. The visitor was left confused, though ended up taking the flier anyways. There wasn’t many visitors in Orchidia today, too.

The sun has already set and the street lights have already turned on. Lanterns are also in place for an upcoming Spring Festival and Shinko is still… waiting for visitors. Unlike Shinko, Dacol came back happy and less tired. It’s as if he only went out for a walk and didn’t really work as a tour guide for Orchidia. He had his teasing look and his hands were on his waists. “Exhausted already?” he joked, and Shinko was feeling a bit devastated. Dacol then said his gratitude and he patted Shinko, and she started feeling happy again. Are here any other better feelings than being patted by someone who looks like a character from your favorite manga?


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