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Miller Time [Quest|Sage]

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#1Sage † 

Miller Time [Quest|Sage] Empty Mon May 07, 2018 6:15 am

Sage †
It was a fine morning in Orichidia, Sage had the day off from his work as a rune knight, he would rather stay back at his hotel room, drinking a cup of tea while reading some good novels and reading materials, but no he decided to step outside into the sun in the midst of spring and just walk around town. A part of him didn't like this idea as it sees this as a waste of time, while some other part of him thought that what he was doing is something very enjoyable and should be done every day.  His hands were resting on his back, like always, his usual walking position when he got nothing to think or focus about. Then out of nowhere, he could see someone walking towards him, how did he know? The direction of the person walking was pointing towards him and he was holding a letter, Sage know that he wasn't quite famous yet but how could someone be possibly walking around Orichidia wanting to give him a letter without them meeting each other before? Then thoughts came rushing into Sage's mind, the idea that someone must have been targeting him since he arrived in Orichidia, wanting something from him, he then wonders what that thing could be. He decided to just go with the flow and greeted the man that was walking towards him, "Hey how can I help you?" he asked the man while wearing a smile that his teeth were shown too to show that he doesn't want things to get awkward and that he was cool with anything he has to give to Sage. "I actually got this letter for you Mr.Elm," he replied, and held the letter out for Sage to take it, he took it and read the name of the person who sent the letter, he read it aloud, 'Dex Miller', a face then came to his mind, he knows exactly who this Dex guy is, "Isn't he the guy who thinks he's a detective but actually he isn't?" the man then made some weird faces and he looked like he was in trouble or something, "Well yeah, he just got me to send this letter to you, I don't know what it says in the letter, soo see ya." then he rocketed off towards another direction, must be very awkward for him to do so, Sage thought, he then focused on the letter that's in his hands, the texture was as if it was just brought from the store, he opened the letter, and took the paper inside and bring it out, unfolding it so he could read the content inside. He read the letter and it was quite disappointing but still interesting, it says that Dex Miller would like to meet him somewhere at the back of a pub, not far from the river, what was disappointing is that he could've just told the boy who sent the letter to say to Sage that he wants to meet him.

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Sage †
Sage headed towards the pub near the river, he actually doesn't want to do this but for someone who isn't mentally right, he must do this just for a favour for someone who should've been in an asylum or something, putting those bad thoughts away, he focused on the things around him, the pub was now near, he then remembered that Dex wanted to meet him at the back of it and Sage made a turn around the pub in a way that no one would notice that he was going to the back of the pub just so that the society won't think that he's on drugs or anything even though his face looks like a drunkard's and drug addicts. Before he reached the back of the pub, he couldn;t see anyone there, but then yeah he remembered, Dex want this spy stuff of his to be taken seriously so he must be hiding somewhere in the shadow, "Come out Dex, it's me, Sage, the guy you sent a letter to?" he whispered, the back of the pub wasn't that large and was quite open with no buildings around it, someone then appeared behind a wallpaper, yep Sage's prediction was true, Dex must be hiding somewhere there, thinking that he's a spy or a ninja or some other things like that. "So what is it that you want with me?", it may sound stern at first but his tone sound more like bored rather than mad. Dex, first of all, thanked him for coming there to help him, Sage flinched a little bit and asked him to help with what matter? and Dex replied that he wants to give Sage a request and offered a set value of rewards, and oh boy the rewards were plenty, Sage agreed to take the request as soon as he heard what the rewards were. Dex then explained to Sage that he wants him to take some animal blood from the butcher house near the pub, "Well that's easy, is that all?" he said to Dex, ending his sentence with a question, Dex hissed a little and said that they made a contract, Sage could only shrugged and just do what he says, "Wait here," he said while setting off towards the butcher house, when he was standing in front of it, he knocked on the metal door and opened it, in there was a redhead man with beard and moustache chopping off pieces of a boar, he asked Sage what is it he wants, and Sage without no hesitation said that he wants to have the blood that would be thrown away, the redheaded man didn't argue on anything which was good, very good, everything was going on well without Sage feeling guilty or anything, he grabbed a large bag of blood from behind a door somewhere, and walked to Sage and handed him the large bag, just from looking at it, he knew it won't hold on for long. 

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Sage †
He told the red-headed man to wait for awhile while Sage go and grab for something, he went outside of the butchery house and onto the ground, the dirt where plants could grow, he waved his hand at the floor, and strong thick ivy would start growing, he plucked some of them up and luckily they were long enough to be conjured into a net or something, he peeked from the outside of the butcher house to see how things were doing for the red head man, he continued on his work, his face rather dull, not showing any emotions which was good, he didn't suspect anything suspicious from Sage. He said to the man that he would take the bag and thanks for giving it to him, he replied politely with your welcome, and said that he would've thrown the blood away anyway so it would be good if the wasted blood could do any good use. Hearing that made Sage felt guilty a little, what was Dex planning? using animal blood for something and why's the reward's so high. But then like always, he put all the bad thought aside and concluded that Dex's not sane enough to come up with bad plans and he won't possibly want to take over the whole world and land chaos onto the land. He grabbed the bag of blood and dragged it carefully to the outside of the butchery house, while dragging it with full awareness he then wondered why the red-headed man would ever keep blood in a bag rather than a bin or a big bottle or something which could've been a lot more easier, Sage then casted a spell where leaves would gather and cover the bag, it's moisture and tenderness would support the bag and won't let it to get ripped or popped or something like that, he then carried the bag filled with animal blood back to the back of the pub near the river. Once he arrived there, he would drop the bag carefully on the ground making sure nothing pointy was on the ground first, then released quite a heavy sigh, he then ask Dex what he was going to do with the blood, then Dex would laugh like a mad scientist who found a solution to the secret of the universe. He then said that Sage must go on and do the second task, which was to steal some weapons from a nearby forge, Sage face then was filled with disgust, he asked why would he steal something from a forge that has nothing to do with anything. Sage sighed again and breathe in, he said he will do it and set off to a nearby forge, he knows that stealing would be wrong but he won't he would just borrow the weapons by asking permissions or probably paying the forge person so that he could borrow the weapons for a while. 

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Sage †
He then sets off to the forge, but before he does, Dex told him that if the weapons are wear and torn, it would've been better to take them, and Sage had a clever idea, he would ask the forge person for some worn and torn weapons that he could just take and they will give it to Sage right because what else would they do with it unless someone wants to buy them, which no one would. When he arrived at the forge, things got even better that it didn't make Sage feel guilty at all or what he was doing was wrong, a sign showing towards a pile of worn and torn weapons were free to be taken, he thanked the deities that are out there for easing the task he needed to do for someone who's not that sane. The number of weapons he took from the pile of worn and torn weapons was quite a lot to make Sage feel hard to walk, he sets off to where he met Dex before, at the back of the pub near the river, on the way towards the place, he was stopped by someone, and oh boy it was a rune knight, he exchanged worried looks to the rune knight, the knight's face being serious the whole time and in his eyes, Sage could see the intent of murder was very concentrated, he gulped, and asked him if he could help him with anything. The knight gave him another serious look, and asked him with a tone that mother always uses when her children did something terribly wrong, he asked Sage what was he doing with all the weapons, Sage gained his bravery and answered that Dex Miller was the one who requested for him to do so and he yet not to know what his true intention was, he then explained to the knight that he thinks it would be okay as everyone knows that Dex won't do something horrid with it. Sage then suggest to the knight why don't they go ask Dex what his plan was all about. So they walked together, it would've been nice if the knight would help him carry all those weapons when they reached the end of the pub, Dex was quite shocked by the presence of the knight, the knight then asked Dex what was he going to do with all the stuff that he asked Sage to get, he then started to explain how he would love it if the whole town believes he's a real detective, and he even said to the knight and Sage that he is. But just to be nice and helpful, Sage said to Dex, of course we will help you out, then the knights pulled Sage into a corner asking him if he was sure what he was doing, Sage reassured the knight with a kind smile and said that it is ok to help someone who isn't that sane.

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Sage †
The knight looks like he wanted to argue about it further, but no he can't, not many could resist Sage's smile and kind words. He said fine and agreed but only one condition, that he will be letting this be done only if the 'investigation' would be handed to the magic council rather than to Dex alone, Sage said yeah fine, and added that he was just doing this to make Dex feel better and to help him out because why not. Hidden somewhere from the society, in the woods, not far from the pub where Sage and Dex met, the knight and Sage scattered weapons and covered them using the animal blood from before, Sage must confess it was quite a messy thing to do, since the blood was gooey and they don't act like normal liquid, Sage placed the weapons crisscrossing each other, and throwing others randomly on the floor, then spilled blood all over the ground, and near the weapons too, he hated that part as some of the blood would spatter to his sweatpants and shoes, he gave it a disgusted look, after preparing all that he asked Dex what they should do, he said create a commotion or something, like an explosion, an idea came to Sage's mind, he knew what to do instantly, but first he would tell both Dex and the knight to get away from the scene before people wold suspect them, once Dex and the knight was far away, Sage would clasp both of his hands, forming pollen bombs in his palms, then he owuld throw it to the ground swaying his arms upwards then downwards releasing his palms, shooting the pollen bombs to the ground, because there were too many pollens in the air, people would start seeing them as they were purple in color and purple stands out of the green colours of the woods. He then would make the run for it, heading towards the place where Dex and the knight ran to, because of Sage's race, elven race, the pollens didn't affect him that much like how it would to normal human beings. Sage then noticed that it wasn't enough to gain attention, whilst running, he clasped his right hand and a light orb appeared inside his palms, he then threw it to the area where he placed the torn and worn weapons covered in animal blood, the intensity of the light orb's was so bright it would've stolen the attention of quite most of the town, and Sage made a run from it, thank goodness he was in the woods, that would also make him move faster due to his elven race perks. When he was quite far from the range of the woods, he halted to stop, catching his breath, puffing and huffing, his chest expanding and deflating and when he finally caught his breath normally, he looked around, and people were starting to gather there, and noticing his bloody sweatpants;

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Sage †
he knew he couldn't afford it to stand there for long or not he might get to jail or something and be asked questions, and thinking about it made him feel very uneasy, he wants to get out of that place, out as in not near it at all, he started to rub the back of his neck, showing his nervousness clearly to the knight and to Dex, the knight then started to twitch his bodies, showing that he was also uncomfortable about this, Dex then stepped up and said to the knight and Sage, "Now this is the time where I act and show them what a true detective I am!" he ended ith enthusiasm, and it seemed like he was shooting for the crowds, wanting to prove to the society that he's a detective so badly. He fidgeted, as if he didn't know which to do first, to go to the crowd and prove him a detective or to stay there and watch the scene unfold first, Sage noticed this and he couldn't stand watching him not suring what to do. But then he remembered what the knight that was with them said, that he couldn't let Dex take over the whole case or not he might have the tendecies to build more fake crime scenes for his own fame and glory. There were so many things on his mind, so he took a deep breath, the moist air of the woods cooled himself down just like that, his mind was clear again, "Ok Dex, what I need you to do now is to give me my rewards, and then you can go to the crowd and do the things that you planned to do." he said looking at Dex in the eyes, wanting to give him the rewards as soon as possible, unexpectedly, Dex smiled, he smiled a wide smile and reached for his right pocket with his left hand, rummaging it a little bit and took ot a sack of jewels, "Here you go," he said while handing the sack of jewels to Sage. He kindly take it from Dex's hands, and Dex continued whilst saying, "Thanks for helping me out, even though your name won't be heard I'll always remember you in my days off being a detective, now I gotta go and prove myself!" he shoted towards the crowd, and because that was it, he looked to the knight and said, "If there's nothing more, I'll just leave." the knight face was then filled with amusement, "Oh yeah sure I won't mind, see you kid." and they both walked into different directions, Sage heading towards his hotel room first, and for the sake of not getting into trouble, he walked there with no pants, revealing his legs. His pants was in his hands, he dirtied with mud so that people couldn't see the blood stain on it, as he walked to his room, people were eyeing him, some got cringy and some got aroused, because of this he ran towards his room as fast as possible.


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