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Crocus to Orichidia [Travel|Foot]

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#1Sage † 

Crocus to Orichidia [Travel|Foot] Empty Mon May 07, 2018 2:43 am

Sage †
It was still twilight when Sage checked out of his hotel room, he had enough with Crocus, too tired to socialise with people anymore, he wants to find deeper connections somewhere, somewhere where many people are. While walking with his sling back on his shoulders, he noticed cherry blossom petals falling to the ground, he looked up, his eyes sparkled, his lips curled forming a smile on his face, it was spring, yes, spring, the time of the year has come, the time where he will bloom like the rest of nature, he danced along the pathway while looking at all the flowers blooming, the scent of it captivates his thought and the tender colours of the petals lead him on his journey. 

He followed the path where there are most flowers, the path he walked down was quite of more like a road, as if many people had walked on that path, when the sky's blue and the sun's shining at him, he could see a city in the distant, not just any city but a city covered in nature, he fell in love with it as soon as he sees it.

He walked into the town, with excitement and joy in his face, and when he looked around, he noticed that many people were there to celebrate a festival, the spring festival, oh how can't he wait to join them!


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