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All in a Day's Work [Quest]

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#1Zhu-Lin Feng 

All in a Day's Work [Quest]  Empty Sun May 06, 2018 8:05 pm

Zhu-Lin Feng

Name: "Haruna" Zhu-Lin Feng
Rank: C
Word Count: 500/1000
Tagged: @Quest
Muse: 8/10
Notes: Eat noodles!
Zhu-Lin had been doing something just a bit out of the ordinary today. She had been planning to do a request, and it was something that she didn't do on a daily basis. This was new to her, but since she wasn't living with her family anymore, she would have to be doing things on her own. She didn't have much money, so she needed to get some pretty soon otherwise she would end up sad and hungry on the streets, and really she couldn't have that. She had met someone the day before while she was out exploring who said that she would get paid to do a job for him. Now of course, he didn't specify what the job would be, but he did say where they would be meeting. Actually, he wasn't too specific describing their meeting place, only saying that they would be meeting at a coffee shop. The girl sighed and Venus trotted along the streets, looking for the coffee shop that she was supposed to meet this guy at. Was this how all requests went? Was it really just a game that she was supposed to play until she had made it to the end? If it was, this was going to get quite annoying.

Venus had followed the smell of coffee coming from about 15 meters away and had immediately followed the smell to a nearby coffee shop. Through the window she could see the man she had talked to before, just sipping a cup of coffee and having a look on his face which makes him seem like he was pondering thoughts of some sort. She pulled the door open and the stench of coffee hit her face, making her cough and swing her hand side to side in front of her face, trying to clear the stench away from her face. It had such a pungent smell that it had made her a bit dizzy, and as she turned to see the man sipping his coffee, she plugged her nose and started to breathe through her mouth, trying not to taste the disgusting flavors of the substance. He had turned towards her, just looking for a moment. She was a bit confused until he had finally said, "Alright you're the same person that I met the other day. Welcome to the coffee shop, also my secret hideout."

Was this guy okay? She was starting to wonder if there had been something wrong with his head or something, but just as he took one last sip of his coffee he said, "Alright, today I'll be investigating a murder that had gone on not too long ago, and I need someone around to help me out." It seemed easy enough, and even though she wasn't all that good with detective work, she would be getting paid for this, so she would try the best she could to be a good assistant, noting down evidence and many other things that fell into that category.

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