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Let's Get Physical [Quest|Sage]

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Sage †
Sage recently accepted a request from one of his fellow Rune Knight's member who's quite famous among his rank for his bloodline and kind deeds. Sage was washing his bowl at the hotel sink, he had cereal and milk for breakfast. Then he would leave them to dry, he walked to a large mirror near the exit door, looking at himself, he was wearing his grey sweatpants and sleeveless light green top. He gave himself a smile admiring his own handsome face and beautiful hair and eyes. Then would chuckle at his own ridiculous narcissistic thinking.

He left the house with his white sports shoes and locked his hotel room's door, slipping the keys into his left pocket and jogged towards the park where the children would be waiting. As he was jogging past through Crocus, he noticed familiar faces and gave them a smile and a wave of his hand, not stopping by though as he was quite late when he noticed that the sky's turned light blue already. When he arrived at the park, there were five children waiting for him chatting to one another, they all look nice but they are children and they tend to brag and tease one another so Sage must remember that fact or he might slap one of them for teasing each other. 

"Good morning," he said when he was close enough to the children. while stopping his jog and smiled at them with a wave of his hand. "Are you the substitute?" one of them asked with excitement in his eyes, his hair blonde just like Sage's, "Yeah I am, you can call me Bro Sage and I'll be substituting Armin for today as he is sick and can't move, poor him." he ended with a sigh, then smiled back at the children to get the atmosphere of a real training, "So are you guys ready?" he asked them to get their spirit turned on. "Yes we are!" they all cutely answered. "Now let's start by jogging a few rounds through the town, as a rune knight, we must be physically capable of doing this because we must be aware of the things that are going on around the town, so keep your eyes open and don't stop jogging! Now do what I do and follow me.". Sage would start to jog in the same place, waiting for the children to do so. He then started to jog around Crocus. At certain times he would slow down a little to support the children that were falling behind and encouraged them to push the limit.

When they were all puffing and huffing, Sage decided to jog and returned to the park. Now that the weather's hotter, Sage got an interesting idea, "Now I want all of you to do a little exercise, watch me first ok?" Sage laid on the floor and did a few push-ups. "Yeah I want all of you to do that, including you," he then flicked his head towards a boy that's a little bit fatter.

WC: 520/1000

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Sage †
“What are you waiting for? Christmas? C’mon get into position!” Sage commanded the children, it might sound stern but he still wears a smile on his face and his tone was not that harsh or anything but it sounded very caring. Once all the boys were at the position, Sage counted and they have to do one push-up every time Sage counted when they did at least 10 push-ups Sage asked them to get back to their feet. Then he would correct what they did wrong, how their backbones should be straight, the way their feet position supposed to be like and et cetera. After that they moved on to the fun part, the hand to hand combat, how to deal with situations that require the movement of the body and how to deal serious damage. He would first ask for a volunteer, and the blonde kid that had the excitement in his eyes didn’t even think twice to raise up his hand, Sage chuckled a little and smiled at him, “Yeah come here boi.” the blonde child walked towards Sage, first he thought how the hands should protect the face as the face is the most important part of the body, one of the most important though, one of the child asked Sage why’s the face one of the most important, he then explained that it has most of the senses we use to fight, our vision, smell and hearing that’s why they need to protect the face mostly, the second is that how their backbone should be straight and how their leg’s position should be like, supporting the body and keeping the balance in check.

They then had a little brawl with one another, as they were five of the children, the blonde went up against Sage, and of course, he gave the child a chance, plus they had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. After that Sage thought the children how they could get out of a hand-trap and all sorts of other body-locking-technique. How the thumb could get out of hand traps and how they can get themselves free after being grabbed from behind and more stuff like that. When the sky's turning red, and the sun's missing from the horizon, he dismissed the class and the blonde child from before gave him a hug before they part ways, Sage ruffled his hair and said, "I hope to see you soon at the headquarters kid." then left them and head towards Armin's house where he would claim his rewards. When he arrived at the doorstep, he let himself in because he knew that Armin would be too sick to go to the front door, he headed towards Armin's bedroom and asked him how he was doing, he checked on Armin's temperature, "Oh yeah, did the training went well? Did the children behaved properly?" he started throwing questions at Sage, "Wowow, relax Armin," and continued the giggle. "Here's your reward." he gave Sage a sack of jewels and Sage said thanks and he left to his hotel room where he could rest after a whole day of doing outdoor activities.


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