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Riverside Spirit [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Riverside Spirit [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Fri May 04, 2018 1:44 pm

Leyaria Venerak
For so long, Leyaria had spent her time within Orchidia being forced to do a bunch of menial tasks, none of which required extensive amounts of effort or work, instead being more just those in which she had to get through for the sake of simply accomplishing whatever goal it might have been. This one was different, even form just how it had been introduced to her, she could tell that this was not the same as what hse had come to expect out of the work within Orchidia, and this was another such example of her hoping that things would be proven to support that potential. It wasn’t an inaccurate one to think either, as there had been no shortage of things that had proven her wrong throughout her time thus far within Fiore, and this was another such case, one that she hoped and figured to believe being sufficiently engrossing enough to make her believe that there wasn’t a concern within the world for her to believe or otherwise have to be preoccupied with. What made her so intrigued by the whole thing was the very nature of the job that she was being hired to do, that it involved the usage and handling of apparently some spiritual creature or something to that effect. The details were largely still hazy, but it was enough of a difference between what she had begun to get used to as far as jobs were concerned to make her interested in handling it. And after all, it was not as though things were going to be particularly awful or difficult for her to have managed or anything to that effect, at least, she had no reason to believe it.

She had met with the man who had issued out the contract and truthfully, there were very few details in which she was adequately able to find out about the whole thing. A lot of speculation and conjecture more than anything else, and while it was not a bad thing neccesarily, it was far from what she had hoped to figure out and come to know, especially given the fact that now, more than anything else, the amount of time that she could have afforded to sit around was winding down as well. The demonic affliction was starting to get to the point of just being too much, to where she was genuinely worried about everything, that her time was down to the final bits of time. Therefore, when she was given the choice of waiting around or taking care of this task now, she immediately jumped ont eh cance to have taken care of it now than wait for things to perhaps clear out. There was a greater risk associated with going at night, but it was something that she could not afford to not proceed on. It was the best course of action that she could have taken, and as much as she wished to have not, she had no choice.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Riverside Spirit [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Fri May 04, 2018 1:44 pm

Leyaria Venerak
She heard it as soon as they had made it towards the area that they were destined towards, an area that was largely isolated and closed off from the rest of Orchdia, to the point where she had to even suspect that they were going the wrong way. Much to her own shock, the festival appeared to have been completely away from where they were, the sound that could have easily been heard through the entire area, but instead being entirely isolated here. It was a change that she was a bit uneasy towards, more for the fact that it was different than anything else, but none the less, she moved forward with the man, determined to see to that this job was carried out as she had been told and promised that it would have. A short time after the two had begun their travel together, they were met by something that neither of them had come to suspect or were ready to witness, being that there stood before them a small entity that appeared like that of a child. It was not a child exactly, but rather instead it just had the appearance of one, looking like a young kid but also having the attributes which more papeared like that of a ghost than anything else. It was an interesting thing, certainly, but it was not something by which she had to believe was one that she had to be worried about, given the fact that there were no shortages of chances for it to attack them, but never did it.

Leyaria spent more of her time more just listening about and watching as the man conversed with the spirit, the spirit seeming to speak as though it were in a different language, yet at the same time one in which the man seemed to have understand. It was hard to explain why that was, as Leyaria suspected that her demonic essence would have at least to some degree would have enabled her to understand them, or at least so she thought. That it was proving to not be the case, she didn’t know what to exactly make of it. It was a bit less reassuring than what she had hoped to have come across by, but as she listened to the whole thing, she suddenly began to feel a bit weak, as though something had suddenly made her sick. The man did not seem to have been affected at all, leading Leyaria to believe that this man had known what it was that ffected Leyaria but did not say for whatever reason. Instead he jotted down some notes on a piece of paper that he had brought with him and then began to depart, instructing Leyaria to follow along, never giving her much focus or attention after that, but Leyaria was fine with that. She had come along as was requested, stayed around as requested, and now had a headache because of it, and some jewels too.


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