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Train With Me [Quest: Ri Brighte]

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#1Ri Brighte 

Train With Me [Quest: Ri Brighte] Empty Fri May 04, 2018 3:42 am

Ri Brighte
That day, the mage had woken up with a mild headache. Still in his yukata, he didn't even know when he arrived home. It was morning now, and thankfully, no alarm clock woke him up this time. The young mage ran a hand through his hair, and his groggy state, unconsciously electrifying it, thus, making it rise and become a broom. If someone were to lift him by his feet, he'd do a pretty good job of sweeping the floor.

That having been said, Ri groaned, and stood, his hand reaching for the nightstand next to him. His hand gripped the sheet of paper he took yesterday, and he brought it to his face, trying to read what it said. Nope. He couldn't see anything. And so, as genius as he was, he let the paper stay further away from him, so that he could make out the writing. It didn't matter that his glasses were right next to it, he could read it just like this.

The mage clicked his tongue, and muttered a swear, before dropping the sheet of paper, and starting to rush through the room. Apparently, he was actually supposed to meet the girl in ten minutes, and boy, will he not be ready in ten minutes. If someone looked at him, they'd assume that his magic had something related to speed, given the way he was running around the room, trying to find his clothes, and boots, and trying to comb his hair so that it wouldn't look something one used to get rid of spiders.

With one last look at the room, and a hand ran through his hair, Ri headed outside, locking his door behind him, and pocketing the keys. "This will be a long day..." He muttered, gently rubbing his forehead, which still throbbed. He didn't even know what he did last night. He just remembered heading for the festival, and from there, it was all a blur. Although, from the headache he has, it was easy to say that he might have gotten drunk. Might being the key word here.

Well, if that happened, he pitied the owners of whatever shop, or bar he found himself in. After all, a drunken mage is a walking disaster.

With another hand ran through his hair, Ri's eyes set on the city's gate. Two signs, one leading to the Orchidian festival, and the other showing the way to the forest. While his mind told him to go the festival, and eat something, he knew he had a mission to finish, and so, despite his wishes, he went to help the girl first. Food can wait. After all, how much can it really take to run a few laps through the forest? With that said, the young man began to run himself, both to reach the girl faster, and to see if he could get rid of the headache faster. It didn't seem to work. But, he could bare it. Not like it will be the first time he had to endure a bit of pain.

Seeing the girl's silhouette, Ri slowed down, before his run turned into a tired run. He huffed and puffed, to get some air into his lungs. He hadn't ran that much in a long time. The girl greeted him with a smile, and he returned it, before standing straight, and pocketing his hands.

"So. A run, huh?" He asked, still somewhat out of breath.

The girl nodded, and began telling him of why exactly he has been brought here. As she spoke, she kept that smile, and Ri couldn't help but mimic her, even if he found himself pitying her. Having insecurities is never a good thing, but thankfully, the electricity-based mage was here to help her get back in the groove of things. That being said, as soon as the start for the "race"- which was basically what Ri understood it to be- he was off. He might have cheated a teeny-tiny bit by enhancing his speed with his electricity but that was all in the name of training. After all, if she can't outrun him, what is the point?

The young man's joyous laughs were heard through the dense forest as he started slowing down and looking behind him, "You alright over there?" He asked, through huffed breaths. Clearly, he was beginning to run out of fuel.

The girl, who was close on his trail, responded back, the same happy tone in her voice as well. "Yeah, don't worry!"

"So-" He began, as his run began again, this time as a mere jog. The girl followed his footsteps, now running alongside him, "-Why do you want to join that academy so much?"

Seheda's answer was given by a shrug, at first, before she told the mage the true answer, "It means that I can continue to help people. If I don't get it soon, more and more people-" She paused, to suck in a quick breath, "-more people will get hurt. I don't want that to happen."

Ri smiled, before letting it turn into a wide grin, "Then you need to be faster than this!" He yelled, and began sprinting ahead. Thankfully, they were in a forest, and the powerful sun was blocked by the trees, so he won't get a heatstroke. The boy continued to run, taunting the girl to catch up with him. Of course, he didn't mean to cause any harm by doing so, but he had to motivate the girl somehow. Pettiness was usually a good reason.

When a sudden yelp caught his attention, Ri stopped immediately and backtracked, now with both adrenaline and magic aiding his footsteps. What if the girl had fallen into a deep hole? What if a monster had caught her and planned to eat her? What if-

His feet slid on the ground as he tried to not trip over the girl's fallen body himself. At first, he didn't know what to do, but then, when he saw she was alright, and just a bit shaken up, he brought a hand to his face, and laughed into it, even turning around so he won't be seen.

"Alright, alright. I'm good. You're alright, right? Don't need a medic, or something? I can-"

His words were interrupted by the combatant shaking her head, and holding a hand up to stop him, "I am. Well, I suppose it is getting quite late. Even if it's almost one in the afternoon. Thank you, mister Brighte." She spoke, as she began to make her way off, slightly limping from the fall.

The mage felt a bit bad for laughing now, and despite what the girl had said, he accompanied her out of the forest, not wanting to see her any more hurt than she already was.

Word Count: 1140/1000

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