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Remove the Drunk [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Remove the Drunk [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu May 03, 2018 8:59 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Leyaria sat at the bar, looking, waiting for a chance to get a nice drink, even though it was something that seemed to be the last thing in which the bartender was focused on right now. Rather than actually worry about serving anyone, the bartender clearely was a bit worried, and there was no dobut as to why. This meeting which was supposed to happen had not yet, and because of it, his bar was closed and he would be forced to wait even longer and longer for the chance to open. With the festival in full swing, it wasn’t likely that someone was going to be willing to allow so much business during this period. Leyaria had heard that some people were rationalizing the festival as though if it meant they had to kill a store owner to ensure that they were open, it was something that was going to be wholly accepted, if not even revered for doing so. She wondered how true it was, and while she watned to at least believe that this was just talk, but at the same time, she coud not have imagined ho wmuch moneyt he peple right now were making, how much something like this, to be closed as long as they were, how it must have affected a business’s bottom line, especially a bar that that was this big. It must have been terrible, and that it was due to the operation of the other bar across the street, it was as close to a case of throwing insult ot injury as one could have imagined. And to make things even worse, the man had not yet shown and appeared to have been late, and was going to only further get late.

It took a bit of time for the person to have finally arrived, but after a bit, it seemed that it was finally going to take place, albeit far later than what the man wanted to initially have it. Leyaria did not care as much because she was not as impacted by it, she was going to get paid reagardless of what happened, but the fact that it took as long as it ultimately did meant that she was going to have spent more time here than what she might have wanted. For as much as she was tired of the festival, she had to admit that enough of the time that she was there, it at least had something going on as opposed to something like this, when there was nothing more than for the woman affected by the demon to sit back, drink a bit, and then be forced to wait longer and longer, until at some point when she would eventually have been able to have things to leave. Listening to the man speak, it was very clear that this was not going to have been a good conversation, as the man was drunk, apparent enough by his slurred speech and his poor, aloof movements.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Remove the Drunk [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu May 03, 2018 8:59 pm

Leyaria Venerak
The man’s behavior and speech were indicative of the fact that he had been drinking, sounding by it and judging by how strong the scent around him was, likely for much of the day before this. This might have been the reason for the meeting having been late, due in part to him drinkin,g but it was also very clear that this was going to impede the chance for a good meeting to take place. More than anything else, it was very clear that this man was not interested in listening to any actual conversation, instead preferring to have it such that the main thing was going to have been just to complain for the sake of complaining. She listened a bit to the man arguing and yelling some more, as though there was going to be something that could have been gained from it, but Leyaria knew that that wasn’t going to have worked at all. She sought out trying to get the man to leave, figuring that it would have bene likely that the man would have just left, but it was very clear that he was not interested in that. The fact of the matter was this, he was drunk, arguigng for the sake of arguing, and Leyaria was there, much to her own dismay, being forced to bear with it and deal with it, even though she did not want to given the fact that she was being paid.

Leyaria did not want to resort to becoming a demon, using her demonic essence to force the man to leave, but the fact of the matter was that there was going to bea more likely not even a fight if she were to go that route. Even if he were not drinking, it wasn’t as though he were a particularly strong person or looked very intimidating. It wasn’t as though he would have been able to stop her, as even what she found was the stronger person. Even without having any real Magics, she was storng, an this man, even in the best of states, would not be able to defeat her. However, fortunately it did not come to this, as rather instead, eventually the discusision, if it could have been called that, ceased. The man, drunk as he was, chose to walk back to his bar uncontested and Leyaria did not see a reason to pursue, knowing that it wasn’t worth it. Whatever the hell this sort of fight might have been about, whatever the reason that might have motivated this man to have come to result to this, Leyaria remained unsure of it. But truthfully, she did not really care about the whole thing. The main thing was very simple that the two of htem had some petty reason enough to have fought an it was very clear that it was about business, and that was the primary thing. Leyaria did not quite get it, nor she think much more about it, except her pay.


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