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Pizza Delivery [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Pizza Delivery [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu May 03, 2018 7:43 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Sleep was hardly a thing that she was unfamiliar with, and within Orchidia while the festival raged on witout any indication that it was going to stop, it made it all the more challenging and less likely to believe that things would have calmed down or were going to any time soon. It was frustrating, more because she was having fun, but wanted a chance to relax a little ebit, for as much as that might have sounded odd, especially during festive times. The one thing that most people had sought to come away from this festival was the chance to just lose themselves in the excitement and joy of what was going on, and what Leyaria was doing, it was something that was completely contrary to that idea and position. However, it did not change the fact that Leyaria was in fact doing exactly that, or at least in some respect, something that was as similar to what she had done in the past, namely with regards to taking jobs, wehter they were odd, small, stuid, or foolish, so long as they made sure as to pay out in jewels. That was the one thing that at this point that was driving her, finishing out these jobs that were made publically available for the people of Orchidia, although that was becoming a progressively smaller and smaller number. Only a handful of jobs remained for her to have accomplished, and even then, that number was getting smaller and smaller as the days went.

Today was a day where the job seemed simple, but there was something about it that did not seem quite right, more because it was something that was outside her area of familiarity than anything else. She had at this point come to belive that there were only a few jobs in which she knew, if put in that situation, she would be unable to handle whatever it would be that that was thrown at her. She had no reason to believe that this was such a scenario, that this was going to have been something by which would have made her wonder if she could have done this or not. After all, it was simply just that they were having to make some pizzas, at least according to the man who had met with her to describe the contracts. She had to admit, she had not expected that she would be engaged in something like this, being expected to work like this or in this kind of place before, as she had long been someone, who while enjoying this sort of food, never figured or cared much for just what went into it or how much time and effort a person would have had to give to making sure that this was what they wanted to do or were aiming to achieve. She thought it was a largely simpe process that did not require much effort, but listening to the man, she began to think differently.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Pizza Delivery [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Thu May 03, 2018 7:44 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Once she arrived at the place following when the man had been explaining the job to her, she was a bit surprised, not just at how complicated the apparent process had to be and the amount of effort that went into the whole thing, but also the amount of space required and the ingredients that were used in the making of it. Numerous items and instrumetns were left out, having not been cleaned in some cases, in others being pristine as though they had never been touched before or used. The man explained that this was purposefully done as to make sure that they could realize and understand just how important it was that some things were taken care of and the priority of it all. Leyaria figured that there might have been a point in which she would have understood this and perhaps cared more, but really, if she was going to just have been there for a single day, it was likely that they would not care as much, and so it would have been easier for her just to have cleaned everything at once and then allow whatever needed to be dirty or not to eventually get dirty again over time, rather than stress about all of this right now, which would have only caused her to worry more about this stuff than perhaps what she actually cared to know about.

Before long, she was starting to get the hang of making pizzas, though it was not something that she thought that she was particularly thrilled by or something that she figured would have amounted to a career, if of course, that was even an option. She knew her limitations, and was getting more familiar with her body’s limits, the extent to what she would still be able to do, and yet even there, it was hard to say just what it was that she still had, what she didn’t, it all confused her. The pizzas though, it was a simple enough process that she did not have to really think or do much other than just follow a simple recipe long enough for things to be suddenly done with everything. There was the issue of having to deliver the pizzas, but she was not interested in that right now, preferring instead to just accept that yes, she had done the work and there would have been someone to deliver them all for her, which only took a few secons to find someone as she offered a few jewels for the service, likely going to amount to omore than what they were going to have made throughout the entire day working. Jewels, they were a unique thing to Leyaria, she wanted them but at the same time was not afraid to part with them if it meant that she could have saved other things that were a bit more precious to her, like time. Once she had the pizzas delivered, she got her pay and then left.


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