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Intercept the Package [Quest: Ianthe]

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Intercept the Package [Quest: Ianthe]    Empty Thu May 03, 2018 6:29 pm


Why was today so gosh darn beautiful? The weather was just right and the atmosphere of the people brought life to the market. With the festival going on it seemed everywhere was a party no matter where one turned, even Ianthe was enjoying the festivities. The young woman had noticed many wearing the same type of clothing and she was told that it was for the festival and what it represented. Ianthe didn't want to feel left out so she searched the Market for some of the traditional clothing in order to blend in better with everyone. Many shops were selling what she was looking for but she just couldn't find one that spoke to her. Honestly it didn't matter because she was only gonna wear this thing for a few days before giving it to charity or something like that. With everyone so cheerful and active Ianthe felt eager to talk to people and make a few friends hopefully. Her wish would soon come true as a woman approached her while she was taking a look at what was called a Kimono. " Oh darling that would look great on you. You have such pretty skin it would bring out the colors even more. My name is Kimberly-Ann but you can call me Kimmy. You here for the festival? " The voice was high pitchy and sort of nasally as well. The woman was shorter than Ianthe but then again so were most woman. Her hot pink hair was cut into a sharp and stylish bob and her steely gray eyes looked to be far more expressive than what Ianthe could produce.

Ianthe smiled at the woman and would only nod her head before hearing a commotion not to far from the two. The woman near her could hear it too but before Ianthe could say anything the woman had scurried off. It looked to be like two men were arguing about something with one of the men walking away signaling for Inathe to meet him down the road Looking around she had to make sure he was talking about her and lo and behold he was. It was weird but there were enough people around that if something fishy was going on she could call for help. Following the man to his location Ianthe could have sworn she seen him around before. She didn't have to think about it too much before the man spoke. " Hey cute stuff. Yea, yea of course. You know that man he just won't accept my money.. He has a package coming in and I need you to get it for me. I would get it myself but like I said he won't accept my cash. Can you imagine? me? a hard workin man like any other..  Anyway I'll pay ya good. Just follow my instructions and we can get this little problem all smoothed out. Whaddya say? " Now to say that Ianthe wasn't interested would be telling a lie because she was. No parts of her felt like this was wrong so she agreed to start this little request.


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Once she agreed to doing what the man asked he began to explain in detail what had to be done. " Now listen here buttercup there will be a caravan coming into town and it has that item that I need, the item is for the merchant but I really need it and I'm gonna pay him back once I get it. Anyway the merchant's name is chan so just whip up a lie for them guys and get that package for me. The caravan should be arriving during the night around eight pm so you should be there before it even gets to the gates. Alright I'll leave it to you doll. " With that the man left into the crowd of festival goers. Ianthe realized that she forgot to ask him where he would be or where she should deliver the package but she figured that he would find her someway. Now that she had the information she thought about her next steps. Inathe had many hours before the Caravan would even make it to the rode leading to Orchidia. Her brain ticked slow but she realized that she could play the merchant's daughter or even niece in order to get the package. Looking down at her clothing and frowning she thought it would be best to blend in with the crowd. Quickly Ianthe made her way back to that little boutique that sold the kimono's for the festival. Purchasing one and having her hair placed up in a neat bun with decorative pieces she felt more ready than anything.

The night creeped in slowly and the day felt longer than anything. During that time she enjoyed the festival and events going on around her. By the time the moon did show it's bright face Ianthe was full off of popcorn and soda pop, making her way to the gates of orchidia she was just on time for the Caravan. Wiping her face she quickly waved it down. " Hello dear how can we help ya darlin? Anything ya need? anything we can do for someone just as beautiful as you? " The man running the caravan spoke with a creepy voice but Ianthe kept her composure. Smiling sweetly she began to speak softly. " Hello my name is Addy Chen, I'm Chen's granddaughter. He is very sick and asked me to come pick up his package for him. " Ianthe shuffled in her place a bit as the caravan owner lowered his eyes in suspicion. " Chen never mentioned a granddaughter...Or family for of any kind for that matter. " Ianthe smiled more widely and chuckled. " Oh my grandpa is such a stubborn man, he thinks he can do it all on his own and hardly speaks of us or to us. But he is too sick to do anything now and well has no choice but to accept our help. " Ianthe didn't falter in her lie, which was weird because she hardly lied. The caravan owner gave one last look before laughing to himself before handing over the package. " Alright girly make sure ya take care of that old bull Chen. " Nodding her head she departed only to run into the request giver himself. " Aye I knew ya could do it sweetheart. here is ya pay. See ya around. " Before she knew it he was gone and she was paid.


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