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Distraction [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Distraction [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Wed May 02, 2018 9:10 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Leyaria was a bit confused as to the whole thing, particularly why it was that she had agreed to this job. Her demonic possession was becoming to the point where she was finding it harder and harder to maintain it, even at times where the effects were becoming to the point that she was suffering, more than what she could control. There was no pain, at least not yet, but it was getting worse. Physically, she was having a tough time controlling her senses. Her sense of touch had been fading in and out for days now, and it was getting to a point where it was becoming routine that throughout any given day, she would lose the sense of touch for as much as twelve of those hours now. Her sense of taste, sight, hearing, and of smell, they were going in and out now. At times, they would be impeded, and other times they would be hyper charged, leading her to suffer from terrible headaches nad incredible pain due to it. She wondered just how long she would be able to maintain an control these feelings and lack of control, especially as it seemed to only get worse and worse since she had gotten to Orchidia. She was now convinced that she would not be leaving Orchidia at this point. To her dismay, this would be where she was going to die.

That worry was what made her wonder more than anything else why it was that she had accepted this job, as if it was going to be a smart idea to go to the castle within Orchidia, to be in the presence of a person of importance, it did not make any sense.  She was kicking herself over the idea, and the fact that that was going to have been one in which was expected to control someone, even though she was herself unable to ctonrol herself, it was one in which she wondered if that would have been a mistake or not. She kicked herself as she continued on and on, waiting for this individual to arrive. They had never met before, and it was very likely that it was not going to be something that she was particularly thrilled about. Thus far, her experiences with meeting people in this city had not been on that was great, as the man who was known as Dex Miller was shown to have been very odd, to say the least. It was hardly a wise idea for her to believe that things were going to be better, especially with what little she had come to find out about the man from those who were nearby or otherwise were a bit more familiar with the man that she was supposed to have met with, and yet, even in spite of these uncertainties that she was still unaware of, there was no reason for her to deny the job, especially given the money that was associated with the job.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

Distraction [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Wed May 02, 2018 9:10 pm

Leyaria Venerak
The man that she anticipated meeting was someone who she did not exactly figure. She figured it was going to be someone who was a bit odd or otherwise a bit strange. What she got though, was something entirely different. It wasn’t a man who was strange, but rather it was just an old man, a man who seemed to have been nothing more than a bit of an older fellow, htat was it. The fact that there was some reason for this man to have been blocked away from the remainder of the time of this task, it was something that she was not sure of. And as well, the fact that there was such a reason for this to have happened, ti was worrying to Leyaria, not so much about the man himself, but rather the fact that there might have been something else associated and warranted for the reasoning behind all of this, but she could not figure out just what it was. Never the less, even in spite of the fact that there were more questions that she had than she was probably more comfortable with, even when considered the fact that she had done two previous assignements for the crazy man known as Dex Miler, it worried her. However, a job was a job, and she had not een known to turn one down, even in spite of what was affecting her now. She had agreed to keep this man distracted, and she was going to ensure that she would do exactly that.

Granted, it was hardly a worthwhile or glamorous job, but it was a neccesary one all the same. The fact of the matter was simply this, the better and faster she accomplished this job, there would be less and less reason to believe that she could not, nor would not be in a position to take care of everything that she needed to. It was worthwhile to go about with these tasks, and they were pretty damn easy for Leyaria. There was nothing special, nothing that was tough per se, but rather instead they were a bunch of menial tasks that largely involved following the man around, and that was fine enough for her as far as Leyaria was concerned. She did not understand the hwole thing, what it was about this man that caused so much revile and grief, but it was apparent that even in spite of all of this, there was clearly a degree of irritation about the whole thing. Leyaria did not understand it, but she di dnot question it, only because fo the fact that the job demanded such. Otherwise, it was far less likely that she was going to have gone ahead with the whole process, but she did, following along as required, making sure that the man was not to interefere with the whole process, whatever it was. She was a bit relief, especially givne that this job was far easier and still paid out.


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