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All In a Day's Work [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

All In a Day's Work [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Tue May 01, 2018 9:56 pm

Leyaria Venerak
When she got the letter, she admittedly did not expect to have read it as she did, nor for it to be from the person who it ultimately turned out to be. It was more out fo surprise than anything else. She had figured that the last time they had encountered, the task in which they had set to carry out, it would have been one that was a one time thing, or at the very least, the outcome of said encounter would have hardly been to the man’s liking. However, Leyaria was hardly in a position to say no, as much as she perhaps wanted to, given the fact that the man had not made it a secret that he knew of the dark secret she carried, namely that it was a demon that was inside Leyaria. To know something like that, especially during a time like this where there were so many people, far more than what she felt comfortable with allowing know that she was a demon, along with the fact that the reaction and opinion twards demons were still low, so much so that even if it were times of festivities, to know that there was a demon that walked amongst the people would likely have caused an uproar of the greatest degrees. However, in spite of all of that, Dex Miller was again reaching out to Leyaria with help on a job, one that she was a bit surprised by, but wasn’t exactly in a position to say no to, even as much as she might have hoped that it would have been the case.

They did not meet in some obscure place that might have been out in the middle of nowhere in the city, as she had come to epect out of this man even in their lone encounter, but rather instead, they were meeting at a coffee shop, a place that was in the open, surrounded by people, and one in which she was a bit shocked at, given that this man could have behaved normally at all. The way he spoke last time, his mannerisms and all things of that nature, it was a minor miracle that he did not go crazy upon Leyaria right then and there, though if he did know that she was a demon, he woul have known better. Either way, to see him there, simly sipping on his coffee as though not a thing was wrong was stunning. It also perhaps helped that the coffee place, much like most of the busineses around Orchidia right now, were full of people who had come in throughout the country of Fiore, so it was very likely that theyd id not now who he was, and therefore he woul not have any issue with them, as they did not know him and therefore would be just another person who was sipping coffee. Leyaria knew better than to think this though, and it didn’t take long before she was reminded.


#2Leyaria Venerak 

All In a Day's Work [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Tue May 01, 2018 9:57 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Much like last time, it was a lot of speculation and conjecture on the part o fthe man who was so convinced that he had done a great service the last time they had met. In fact, more often than a few times he had made a point as to mention how well they worked as a team, even though Leyaria had actually been in charge of making sure that he did not receive any credit at all, though it was also due toe the interference of a rune Knight who likely instead got the credit for it instead. This time around, he was so driven by the success of his last assignment for Leyaria, that this time around, he wanted her to help him investigate a murder, which surprised her a bit. She had been in Orchidia for a bit now, and it was the first she was hearing about any sort of murder, and from what she had gathered from the guards, it was that they would not hestitate to talk about something like that, if for no other reason than to have something to talk about. But thus far, she had heard nothing at all about something like this. While she had her doubts about all of this, she really could not do anything to stop the man from investigating himself, as after all, he held all of the cards in that she knew that he knew that she was a demon, and to her dismay, was forced to go ahead and help him look for whateer supposed murder there was.

He took her to an alleyway in which appeared to have been empty, more than perhaps what would one woul have expected to find in an alleyway. There was little garbage, no signs that anyone had slept in there for a bit, and nothing other than maybe some vomit from people who had parited a bit too hard during the festival. No signs of blood, nothing at all that woud have indicated that there was a murder here, or even so much of a fight. Nothing was wrong or looked like it had been damage in a fight. Instead, pretty much everything remained about the same as what one would have imagined that it would have, and because of that, she had to wonder if it was a waste of time or not to even engage in all of this stuff. Disappointed to say the least, she told him this, but he would not listen. He demanded to go through more of the area, determining that there indeed had been a murdere here, but Leyaria was not going to waste all day with this, instead just allowing the man to believe that there was. He was content with her leaving, as though this was all that he wanted, some validation and someone to believe him enough to accompany him, far less than what she figured this would require. She wondered if she overestimate him and left.


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