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Crocus to Orchidia (Foot Travel)

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Crocus to Orchidia (Foot Travel)  Empty Tue May 01, 2018 3:10 pm

Caius' work was now done so he would be able to go and have some fun over in Orchidia Town. He had heard that there was a festival that was going on that was all the rage. A lot of people he had met or spoke to were going so he decided he would meet them over there. he had never been to Orchidia Town as he was always stuck on the airship when he was in Grimoire Heart. Now he would be able to go and experience the culture himself. Being a kingsguard did have it's perks. He pretty much could do whatever he wanted now. Caius had a big bag of supplies and would tie it up before tossing it over both his arms. he then would leave the castle and start to walk towards the exit of Crocus. Luckily, Orchidia was a very short walk away north so he would be there in a few hours. Caius. The weather was kind as it was clear skies and the sun shone down all over the city. It was going to be a very peaceful walk and he could get his tan on and become a bronze god for the ladies. After a few hours, Caius finally arrived at Orchidia


Hi I'm Caius

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