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Crocus to Orchidia( On Foot travel)

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#1Judina † 

Crocus to Orchidia( On Foot travel) Empty Tue May 01, 2018 6:13 am

Judina †
Judina figured she would take time to relax and go some where people where enjoying life and having fun, Most of the mages had left for this place as she heard so it would be maybe good for her to relax maybe meet a few people.

While packing up her bag to travel she however had an idea, maybe invite her mother as well. In which she would send a quick letter to her, Stop at the library in the rune knights HQ, picking up a few books and sending a Alice an update letter of what exactly was going on and that she has encountered Regis and where she was heading too next.

Getting her back pack on Judina smiled to herself and be on her way with in a few hours, a lot after to pack up and go some where but the travel was nice and helped Judina a lot, She would wondered who she would encounter in Orchidia if anyone else she knew was there and who else was was there that she would consider a new person, either way it was something more positive for her to get what just happen before she left. For now the path forward awaits.


Word count: 205/200

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