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Miller Time [Quest: Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Miller Time [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:27 pm

Leyaria Venerak
She was a bit confused as to what she was doing within Orchidia. The festival was taking place and she was elsewhere in the city, not enjoying those activites, as though there were something more important, which wasn’t the case. The festival was something that would not be something that would alst forever, and more than anyting else, it was a chance for her to e reunited with the woman who she had spent so much tiem trying to reach again, Bianca. The two had met again within Magnolia, in spite of all things that she might have expected to have encountered her in, and having met again with her and now having travelled to Orchidia with her, she was a bit disheartened knowing that she wasn’t there right now with her, instead spending her time looking around the city, just for something that she did not particularly care about herself. It wasn’t as important or interesting as the chance to spend more and more time with Bianca. She wondered if she was making a mistake. That said, there was something else that she wanted to do, and that was to ensure that she had all of her affairs in order, and right now, it was becoming more and more clear that while she was doing the right thing, she had to leave something at the very least for Bianca, as a way of returning the kindness that Bianca had shown her, even though it was Leyaria who did not believe that she deserved this.

Walking hrough the alleyways of Orchidia, it was becoming a little bit more worrisome that it was as quiet as it was. Maybe it was because the festival was so loud that anything else, whether it was a loud sound or something that might have been barely audible, any sort of sound might have completely been erased and drowned out by the festival, even into the later hours of the night as the sun began to set, causing the festivities to begin to get louder and louder as it built up. While she was walking though, she wondered what and when she was going to go back to the festivities, back to Bianca. Before she could really consider that, she found herself eing approached by someone who appeared to have had a letter in their hand. Before Lyeaira was even able to say anything, the person had handed the letter to her and then disappeared again, causing her to wonder just what it was that was going on. The person appeared suddenly out of nowhere, said nothing, and simply handed the letter to Leyaria and departed again, as though this was something that was designed and planned. It was a bit of a worrisome thing, but as she looked at the letter, noticing that there was a man of it of someone who apparently had written the letter, Dex Miller, she wondered if this person might have sought her out for a reason, but why?


#2Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak
Looking at the letter, she noticed something that was very interesting. It appeared to have een written explicitly for her, as though whoever it might have been that wrote this, this Dex Miller character, that they knew excactly who she was, what she was, making direct references to her being a demon, something that she could not have imagined them knowing, but none the less, it was something that had her worried because if this person knew this, what else did that mean? Could there have been other things that she have revealed aout herself, and that made her more interested, if nothing else than out of fear for what might have been exposed about her. Fortunately, the man had written out a location in which she was needing to go to, located not too far away from where she was, which was something that she was a bit surprised by, but not worrying too much about it, she headed that way towards where the man was located at, and it wasn’t long until she eventually found the location, and the man who was there, seemingly waiting for her, even though there had been no idnciation prior to this that she was even going to show up. However, this man was convinced that it was going to be the case. He explained to Leyaria a little bit about how brilliant he was because he knew that she would eventually come, and that it meant that it was going to lead to the next step of his plan.

She wasn’t exactly sure just who this person was, or why it was that they were so interested in Leyaria, but it was very clear and apparent that it was for a very singular reason. The ruse about her eing a demon, it was clear that he only mentioned that as a means to make sure that she was going to help him, much like had been the case when she was in Magnolia, where the guard captain had done the exact same thing. It worked, and she hated the man for it, and because of it, she was just as furious at this man, even before having figured out just what it was that he watned to do. She listened, being angry about being dragged here under false pretenses, and her ears perked listening to the odd request that she had been tasked with, with going on an apparent scavenger hunt throughout the city, looking for various items for some sort of scheme and purpose, for what he would not reveal to her, but the first thing that he did say was that the item in which he was going to have go and get was something that she was not keen on having to go get, much due to it being a very odd reagent and something that seemed to be disgusting and did not spell out this whole thing as a good idea at all. She was getting animal blood.


#3Leyaria Venerak 

Miller Time [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:28 pm

Leyaria Venerak
In particular, she was being tasked with getting animal blood, though from within the form of a bagged container, which made her believe that it was going to be something that was thick, thick enough such that it would not tear through the bag. She thought to herself just what it was that would produce blood like that that would be thick enough such that it would remain in a bag. Perhaps that of a large reture like a boar would work, though it was hard to believe that there was going to be any sort of boar that would be held within a bag. That it was a bag that was interesting in itself, as there were only a few instances that she had ever heard of someone having to carry blood within a bag. However, she decided to go ahead and carry out this job nonetheless, looking for the nearby butcher, though it was hard to tell just where the butcher was. It took quite a while longer to find where everything was, but after a bit of time, she did exactly that, finding the butcher and shockingly enough, a bag of blood that was located right nearby. It took a it of work to make sure that she was not caught, but after a short tiem, she was on her way out of the butcher with the bag of blood in her possession, but she found herself movin slow nonetheless, worried that there was no shortage of blood that could have spilled onto the ground.

The second item that she was being tasked with getting, was something that she was not sure just how it was that she was going to be able to do. She had to go and acquire a bunch of armor and weapns, as Dex Miller described them as being, the older the better. It would be a case of if there was not as many marks and signs of wear an dtear on them as there might have bene, it would not work as well with the plan that the man had palnned, even though he did not know just who or what it was that they were going to be able to do with them. There was blood and weapons, and right now that left no shortage of ptoetnial things in which might have been the reasoning. Leyaria did not bother to ask, worried that the more she knew, the worse it could have been if something were to happen, as this was hardly a job that appeared to have been heavily developed or considered, more appearing like a makeshift job than anything else. However, she went ahead and did exactl as she was being hired to do, grabbing what weapons she could, doing what she could to find ones that appeared to have bene damaged in battle, and while it was a limited amount, there were some that fight the criteria that the man was hoping for. She then left.


#4Leyaria Venerak 

Miller Time [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:29 pm

Leyaria Venerak
She wasn’t sure just how it was that she was able to carry all of these things, the weapons and items in her hands, and yet, she was doing exactly that, moving through the streets, as slow as she was, holding several spears, some pieces of a suit of armor, and a small bag of blood that was now being trailed along behind her, the trail that was being left being something that was utterly impossible to hide, nor did she really make much of an oeffort to hide the things, given just how much more of a challenge that moving all of that would be, almost to the point of being completely and utterly impossible. It did not matter though in the end, as shortly after she had taken the armors and weapons from the forge, she found herself standing right before a guard of Orchidia who appeared to have followed the blood trail that she was leaving. She wwished that she had been more careful, that she had done something that perhaps could have been done differently, as though it would have mattered. The fact was, whether or not it was the blood trial or the fact that she was barely a short disantac eaway from the forge in which the weapons had been taken, it was going to have bene very likely that she owoudl have been caught either way. She sighed, knowing that for what she had done, it was not likely that she was going to get away without suffering some level of consequence.

She sort of expected the guard to just arrest her outright, as after all, there she was, carrying a bunch of stolen weapons and a bag of blood, with some of the blood at this point now having spilt onto her clothes and the ground that was just beneath her. There was no way to dispute the fact that either Leyaria had been in a fight and stolen the weapons from corpses, or she was stealing the weapons nad the lood would end up being another question, though she was willing to allow the man to speculate as to what it might hve been. She figured the best option that she would have would e to just explain what happened and why she was out there and she did, explaining everything about Dex Miller’s plan, the reasoning for it that he did not give, and the things that he needed, being as important and crucial as they appeared to have been. The guard simply looked on to her as though she was crazy, but she explained just who the man was, and as she began to explain what she knew of the features of Dex Miller, it was as thought he guard knew exactly who it was that she was talking about, as if there had een run ins with him in the past. And given the way Dex Miller appeared to her, she would not have been surprised at all.


#5Leyaria Venerak 

Miller Time [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:29 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Leyaria began to understand more of what was going on as she listened to the Rune Knight speak, explaining everything that had happened an just what it was and why it was that it was happening. Apparently Dex Miller was a wannabe investigator who had caused more problems than he had assited with, and the Magic Council had begun to get to the point where the investement of his efforstw were not worth it, as he had done nothing to illustrate that he knew what he was doing or that he could reasonably help in any true manner. As the guard explained, what he was likely doing was trying to stage some sort fo incident and make it seem as though he had the insider knowledge of why and what it might have been, though for what it would have been, or why she suddenly elieved that this would ut him in good graces was something that left the guard a bit confused on. However, he explained that he wanted her to conitneu along with this plan, to ensure his plan got carried out, as if he did not, it might have warranted that he do something like this again, and that the stakes for him trying it, be it trying to recruit someone or actually going ahead and carrying things out, it was very likely that the stakes would get higher. It meant that someone might have gotten hurt if it was allowed to get out of control, and therefore, fi she carried things out, it would ensure that it didn’t, but they would also be ready to clamp down on it, ordering that the Magic Council would oversee things from that point.

The guard decided to follow Leyaria, to make sure just what it was that she was going to do was was what needed to have been done. They were indeed going to set the stage and make it appear as though there was a fake crime scene there, and to make sure that it looked like ti was a real thing, she had the guard help her prepare everything. Spreading the armor around, even going as far as to break things and pieces off of the armor as to give it the appearance that there had been a great deal of damage that had been caused, though with each clink of the armor, there had to be enough lood to adequately similate and paint the picture as well. Being very careful as to spread the blood but make sure that none of it got onto herself in the process, she worked throughout the evening under the cover of the moonlight, thereby making sure that if anyone may have seen something, it would only appear like that of some body who came from the festival feeling drunk or maybe stumbling into an alley way. Nobody would be able to tell that she was actually faking a crime scene, or that a guard was actually helping do it.


#6Leyaria Venerak 

Miller Time [Quest: Leyaria] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:29 pm

Leyaria Venerak
Once verything was set up properly, the guard gave it a final look around, and then also looked through the alleyway that connected to the one that they were in, making sure as to not have anyone see. If that had been the case, things could have been ruined, to the point where this entire plan might have failed and thereby meaning that Dex Miller might have pursued this plan again at some later point, though going even further and possibly resulting in the death of someone, assuming a worst case scneairo, but with Dex, it was always a possibility. Fortunately, there was nobody int eh alleyway, and they sought to take full advantage of that, causing a great deal of comttion as the guard took out his own blade and began to bang it against the pieces of armor and weaposn that were laid about, as well as yelling as loudly as he coul, acting as though there was a robbery or an attack that had just taken place and he was trying to stop it. Granted, there was a bit of self glory for him for what he was going to do, and certainly when he would exlain to his superiors what happened, he was likelyt o end up getting another reward of his own, though it wouldn’t be clear, at least ot Lyeaira, what it might end up being. She figured it was better not to think about it, and instead just allow for things to lay out as they seemed to be. The main thing that she was worried about was actually that there was a chance that she could have been arrested, so if she could avoid that, things would be perfect.

It did not take long for people to come into the alleyway and see what was going on, though there was no shortage of them who were just drunk and coming from the festival that was taking place a short distance away. Even though it was loud, it was quiet enough so that the guard’s yells could have been heard, which added to the believiablily of something like this happening. After all, the festival was the type of place that something like this could have happened, that someone would have been dumb enough to cause damage or attack someone while they were in a drunken state or otherwise hoing to take advantage of someone who had been drunk. Either way, it wasn’t as crazy or foolish to think that it was something like ad ragon appearing out of nowhere and breathing snow onto everything in the middle of summer. There was a real reason tot hink that this coul have happened, and the guard was making sure as to sell it like it. Dex arrived shortly there after and began to ask what was going on, giving Leyaria a small reward for her trouble before he began to push through the crowd, likely hoping to get in on the action and the credit.


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