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All in a days work [Pyre/solo]

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All in a days work [Pyre/solo] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:43 pm

Pyre leaned in, scanning the requests on the board. He didn't want to take anything to challenging, even though he was far from a weak mage. There was a multitude of quests, stuff that was impossible like, find a unicorn with two horns, like hello, that would be called a bicorn. And along with that he wasn't even sure that unicorns, were even real. Either way he scanned farther and farther down the board, and sure enough, way down on the far right end, he found the D-rank quests. Some would call him lazy, and he certainly was but he didn't feel like wasting all this time on trivial things, and so he'd spend his time being actually helpful for those who weren't in need of serious mage help. After a long while Pyre finally grabbed a advertisement of the wall. He read it closely. A man wanted help for his detective job and he wanted a mage to do it, Pyre thought it odd for it to be ranked so low, but he decided to take it any way. Pyre popped his head up when he heard a snicker, he turned around to see another mage. She was tall with blonde hair, dressed in what looked like partially tribal clothing. A lavender lamia scale tattoo adorned her collarbone, "I hope you realize you won't be doing actual real detective work?" She asked. "I won't? Why?" Pyre asked. The girl gave a smile, she was certainly friendly, "The quest is from Dex Miller," she pointed at the name, "The poor guy got in a terrible accident and now thinks he's a real detective. Since the local rune knights refuse to hire him, he'll go about getting other mages to help him." She said. Pyre nodded, "How odd, thanks though." He said. The girl nodded, "no problem, my name is Valeria Becker, if you ever need my help you can leave a note for me up at the guild house." She said with a smile. Afterwards, she pulled a random quest off the board, a C-rank one, and paraded away to go and do it. Pyre crumpled up the paper and slid it into his pocket. The long walk to the bar was a little tiring, but he wasn't that upset. His strides were long and his speed was certainly superior to others that he had met before. He clenched his hands yawning. It was odd for him to be so tired so early in the morning. He stopped before he reached the buying place and bought some tea to help wake him up. The tea had a nice lavender, mint feel to it, clearing up your nose and waking you up at the same time.

Pyre stopped right outside the coffee shop, peering in he could see Dex Miller sipping coffee by a window, whispering to himself. "Here I go." Pyre whispered to himself. He opened the door and wound his way around tables before stopping at Dex Miller's table.



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Dex was talking to himself about the events that had unfolded last night involving him. Dex had been walking across the street when he noticed a man in dark clothing sitting by a corner sipping some alcohol. The heavily intoxicated man was talking about how he believed his wife was cheating on him and that he should kill her. Pyre doubted that part was true, but Dex did not have a chance to finish his story because he managed to finally notice Pyre in the background. Pyre gave a small wave and showed him the flier, "I'm here to help you with your case today." He said. Dex nodded and motioned for him to sit down. Before we begin I need to ask you a few questions, to determine if you're the real mage to take this quest. Pyre raised an eyebrow 'I happen to be the one who has your quest form' he said in his mind. The guy was certainly off his rocker, but indulging him may be in his better interest. "Okay first question," Dex Miller began, "What's your past?" he asked.
"Classified, I'd rather keep it a secret. I-It was painful." Pyre said, overplaying the emotion a bit, he wanted to give Dex a good background to work with. "Interesting, very interestin'." He said, writing some notes on a napkin. "Question number two, what is your level experience?"
"Ex-rune knight, strong mage." Pyre said. Dex Miller nodded his head, not saying anything this time, at least not audibly. Pyre thought he said something like "good good" but Pyre couldn't tell. "any drinking or past relation problems that could interfere with you doing the job." Dex asked, raising his head as if he thought he caught something. Pyre kind of felt that this was getting out of hand, but he wanted the money so, "No, I do not have any drinking or relationship problems that would ever interfere with this job, EVER." He added on at the end with a bit of a bite. Dex nodded, "you seem to be very fit for the job." He said reaffirmingly. Pyre nodded, he was getting more and more annoyed with this job, it was very unlikely he'd ever help Dex miller ever again, this was an unpleasant experience."Last question." Dex said. "Do you think I'm crazy, I've earned a lot of rumors for taking this job." Pyre was stunned, he was abrupt, "No."

The pair went out and did some investigating and followed some people around. It was tedious, but live-able, and he was getting paid so was it really that bad? There were some weird times that Pyre was able to convince Dex that he was wrong in stalking some people. For example there was this mom shepherding multiple kids at once, Dex thought that she was a evil mage. Pyre had simple responded with "A mom with 8 children, where is the time for that?" He had asked. Dex agreed, and gave him the money for completing his task



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