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Basic Duties [Keryth & Zyra]

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#1Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Zyra slept like a baby elf. She woke up engulfed in the soft sheets of the hotel room. Hargeon was a tourist town, it had several luxurious hotels and since there were so many, competition among them was rather high, each served to offer better services at a slightly cheaper price than the other to attract customers. Even the mediocre hotel that the runaway elves had to settle for, was easily comparable to a much better one in other less visited locations. The elf hopped into the shower and proceeded to get dressed in the fine silk dresses she'd packed for herself when she snuck out of her home.

Despite her best attempts, Zyra stuck out amid the humans a much as she did, if not more, amidst the elves. She considered using her magic to alter the appearance of her knife like ears, but since the attention she received had not been negative, she reconsidered and decided not to waste her time and resources on such a venture. She'd been getting to spend a lot of time with Keryth and after their special lunch in Marigold, the elf really wanted to make sure she always looked presentable for her... friend. He did have good taste after all...

Once dressed she proceeded to skip to Keryth's room and knock at his door to ask him what the plan was for the day. She shuffled in front of the wooden door as she waited for him to answer.


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#2Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
It was rather easy to forget the crazy things that happened in Marigold once they reached Hargeon. Now, they were at a new town, with plenty of new opportunities to scam new people. Hopefully, this time around, they won’t get caught up in any mess. Keryth didn’t mind doing whatever was necessary to get the gold. But if it meant he will end up getting a target behind his back, bigger than what he already has amongst the elves, then it really wasn’t worth it. He had to keep up appearances; especially if he wished to stay amidst the humans and climb their nobility ranks.

Of course, one can’t expect to gain anything unless they were motivated enough to get up in the morning and do it. Even if it was thieving, it required a sense of discipline. So, there he was, already up and ready to go out into the city and snatch someone else’s hard-earned profits. The dark-haired elf had just finished tying his shoe laces and was in the process of tucking his sheathed daggers under his belt when he heard the knock on the door. He knew it was Zyra; his partner in crime.

With a wide-grin on his face, he opened the door and greeted her. “Good morning! Looking great as always, my princess,” he said, admiring how well-groomed she was. He walked out and locked the door behind him, and motioned for her to take the lead; he enjoyed playing the gentleman.


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#3Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Zyra giggled softly before dramatically curstying to signify her gratitude. She held the finely embroidered delicate fabric between her thumb and forefinger, crossed her right leg behind the left and bowed gently, bending her knees just a little bit as she looked up at the one who had called her a princess... No not just a princess, his princess. A gentle pink crept up on her cheeks, apparently this was becoming of a lady, to show a little shyness while accepting a compliment, she wasn't sure if Keryth would appreciate it or not. Nonetheless, she skipped alongside him as he led them out into the town. They hadn't even gotten too far, when Zyra accidentally kicked a can of spray paint. She wasn't sure what it was, having never seen one before, so she chased after it and picked it up, scanning through the words that were written on it, which gave up its ingredients and such.

She didn't even have to linger much to find so many things that were harmed while creating whatever this can had. Hesitantly, she pointed it away from herself and pressed the nozzle on top. The misty spray of yellow paint fell onto the ground beneath her. 'Oh its some sort of a color thing...' she said, holding it up towards Keryth. She followed the trail of the littered cans, till she noticed three boys, vandalising the walls of one of the smaller hotels. 'Oh my! That's terrible! We should stop them right?' she said, turning towards her partner, a little wide eyed. If nothing else the idea of wiping those smiles off their faces gave Zyra some satisfaction. She picked up another can and shook it, it still seemed to have some paint left in it. If it came down to it, at least she had ammo now.


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#4Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
Keryth wondered what they could do that morning to get some easy money. He hoped they would get lucky and meet the quota for the day just in the morning so that they could chill and spend whatever extra they managed to snatch in the afternoon. The duo walked along the less busy streets of Hargeon. He would have preferred the more crowded ones had he been alone. It would be easy to disappear into the crowd after pickpocketing someone. However, now that he was with Zyra, he considered that plan too risky. When it was more than one person, the chances of being caught in the crowd was much higher. So, it would be best to stick to those isolated targets who would have no clue what hit them.

Unfortunately, however, all his plans of carefully selecting a target was foiled thanks to a bunch of kids and their spray painting hobby. Zyra stumbled upon a can of yellow paint and seemed rather intrigued by it. Keryth realized this was probably the first time she had ever seen one. Frankly, he would have spray painted the walls with the can she was holding to explain how they functioned. But there was no need for it. The kids were very much in the vicinity and their terrible art even more so. Usually, Keryth couldn’t have cared less about what these snobby little shits did. But he saw a wonderful opportunity here. They were vandalizing the walls of a nice hotel.

“Yeah… We should stop them. This isn’t right,” was what he said, but in reality, he just wanted to stop them and gain the favour of the hotel manager so that they could get a decent deal. First, however, he must gain the attention of the manager and bring him out to witness the scene. So, he ran up towards the kids and yelled at the top of his voice. “You lot! What do you think you are doing?”


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#5Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Of course her knight in shining armor agreed with her. She nodded in a determined manner as he took the lead in streaking towards them and yelling to create quite an alarm. As she ran after him, a little slower than he was, she passed by a large bag that had a tonne of cans in it. What she didn't know was that it also had the belongings of the three boys in there. Stopping beside it, she firmly gripped the bag and hauled it along with her as she caught up with her partner. She had a lot of ammunition now. The boys laughed at Keryth, but the manager of the building they were destroying swiftly ran out to assess the reason for the commotion. Zyra stood with her hands still on the bag as the manager decided they were all together and were all to blame.

'You kids! Not this again, I see you've recruited two new members?!' he asked, his eyes darting from Zyra to Keryth, then to Zyra again since she appeared the most guilty with the bag of cans in her hands. Her eyebrows furrowed as her mouth hung agape. She looked at Keryth for a brief second, before taking a long deep breath and defending herself. 'What do you mean?' She first counter questioned, displaying her annoyance at being accused. 'We are not a part of their stupid gang, don't you see? We're trying to stop them!' she exclaimed. Now snapping her head back at Keryth urging him to join her in explaining themselves. The boys stood their stifling their laughter, clearly seeing Zyra pegged for their mistake was humorous somehow...


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#6Keryth Torvan 

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Keryth Torvan
Things didn’t go as planned for Keryth. When he was within the earshot of the kids, he saw the manager run out through the hotel’s doors and accuse all of them of vandalizing. At first, the dark-haired elf was extremely confused why the hotel manager was bunching the two elves along with the kids. But after seeing what Zyra was holding in her hand, it was pretty obvious why. He would have been a little less curt with the manager, considering he had plans of striking a deal with him. In any case, what was done was done and all Keryth could do was nod vigorously and assert the fact that they were indeed innocent… at least when it came to this particular crime.

“Yeah! We were just trying to stop the kids,” he said, turning towards the manager. One of the kid decided it would be funny to prank the two elves. “Why boss? Don’t ditch us like this. We thought you were going to teach us the way,” he said, his voice all sad and croaky. The kid was surely a great actor. “Boss?! What?” Keryth began. But before he could explain, the manager picked up a large cane and began chasing the kids and the elves. Seeing his chances of convincing this man to give them a discount at the hotel was now completely ruined, Keryth held onto Zyra’s hand and began running the other way.

Once they turned a corner, the dark-haired elf almost bumped into someone. It would seem this person was a detective; a Rune Knight maybe. Keryth hated Rune Knights. So, obviously, he didn’t even apologize for almost knocking the guy down. “Hey! Watch it,” he said, rudely. “I’m sorry! I heard those kids were around here spraying graffiti on the hotel walls. Was in a hurry to catch them,” the detective replied. Keryth paused for a moment and smiled, turning to look at Zyra first and then the bag she was holding.


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#7Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth
Nothing worked out. Zyra was fuming, she hated being accused of something she had no part to play in. The stupid kids thought it was a good time to act like they were all a team after all. They really were having fun at her expense. If she was going to get scolded, she at least wanted the satisfaction of doing something naughty. With the way he chased them down, she almost wished she had been destroying his walls after all. She'd hatch a plan to have her revenge on the man who refused to listen to the two knife-eared beings. She just about stopped herself from stomping her feet and throwing a tantrum. The reason being that there was no time, it seemed there was no other way than to break into a run.

Keryth took hold of her hand and she grasped him as firmly as she could, although she was worried that if they weren't able to keep pace with each other, one of them might cause the other to fall... Luckily that didn't happen, it seemed the two were quite a team and could coordinate their stride as they got away. Their run was however broken, by some man in a dark cloak. Keryth betrayed is the annoyance, using a sharp tone, but it turned out the detective was looking for the kids. Zyra confidently held out the bag, with the three not being here to throw shade, she had a rather simple idea. 'We stopped them already, detective. We were just wondering where to hand this stuff in for confiscation.' she said, her voice clear and loud.

The detective looked at the two elves appreciatively, he probably knew that they weren't from around here, so in his head, they weren't suspects. He fished into the bag to pluck out the belongings of the three boys. 'I take that these are yours?' he asked and handed them over to the elves. Zyra hid her smirk as a genuine smile, took the items and thanked the man, before turning and leaving with her partner.


Basic Duties [Keryth & Zyra] Original

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