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Crocus to Magnolia [Foot Travel | Victor & Michelle]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter
Ever since she set out on her own to Oak, the purple-haired assassin had had the worst luck when it came to accomplishing her missions. First, she failed to completely incite the fight between the two warring gangs in Oak. Then, she failed to recruit the light dragon slayer into their little organization. Following that, she let that super-darkness-magic-Rune-Knight girl slip right under her nose. Now, she had taken the momentous task of training this blonde man to control the demon inside him.

If one didn’t know better, they would think this woman enjoyed failure.

She didn’t though. The frustration was latent, but was very much there. Hence her urgency to leave Crocus in search of all her targets and try to succeed again. Last she heard, there was a small squad sent to Magnolia from the headquarters and she had a hunch this girl was part of that squad. Michelle didn’t reveal much to Victor, except for the fact that she had some urgent business there. Since the two had decided to stick it together, at least until he had some modicum of control over his magic, she invited him along. “It’s not like we got much to do here in Crocus anymore,” she said.

Bidding adieu to her favourite bartender, Batra, the assassin packed her bags and awaited Victor before hitting the road. The journey was going to be long and tiring, but that was always the case; Michelle was used to it by now. After almost three days of walking with minimal stops, the duo would reach the shore town of Magnolia. This was the first time Michelle was visiting the home town of the famous Fairy Tail guild. Perhaps Victor had some prior experience here and could assist her on the hunt that she was on.


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#2Victor Garrett 

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Victor Garrett
He ran his fingers through his silken blonde hair as he stretched and readied himself for the journey ahead. It wasn't going to take them too long to scale the distance between Crocus and Magnolia. Perhaps a couple of days, if they spurred each other on. He'd seen a fair few cities in Fiore now, the capital had drawn him for reasons that he had managed to past himself now. He'd recruited a very special ally and was working on making this relationship he'd commenced as symbiotic as possible, while hiding the demon's presence from the people around him, well at the moment, the person around him...

So the tug of war began again, Lucifer wanted to go towards Dahlia and Vic wanted to go to Magnolia, if nothing than to keep up appearances. Surprisingly, the man won over the demon, but this could be one of those, win the battle but lose the war kind of thing. Lucifer's silence on the matter was icy... And that was scary considering his stature as a fire demon. Michelle was rather keen on this travel and the blonde decided to oblige, however usually travelling with someone who was in a hurry, sucked the fun out of the journey.

They were all packed and ready, it was time for them the journey to commence. They began their walk at dawn. While stopping for the night was essential, the two did not get much sleep, considering the purple-haired girl loved to rise early and taunt Victor into a training round before moving on. Much like he had anticipated, with the pleasantries, the two often through in jests and taunts to cover the distance sooner. Every leg was a competition, every time they stopped, it became about who'd find the will to start first... In the end, it was safe to say Michelle's urgency, led her to being the true victor. The blonde sought solace in the fact that he still preferred to enjoy the journey rather than just arrive at the destination...


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