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All In A Day's Work [Quest : Aurelion]

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All In A Day's Work [Quest : Aurelion] Empty Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:37 am

The sun was shining over Orchidia yet another day and Aurelion was getting ready for his request. This time he was going to act as a detective’s assistant for his client who wished to show him the life of a detective. He decided to wear a soft black cloak just in case they had to go undercover and mingle with the underworld. As he sipped the last drops of his tea he headed outside. Once he was past the door all kinds of scents tickled his nose, the bakery -with its fresh bread still steaming hot-, the flower shop –with a tremendous amount of various kinds of flowers that gave off a sweet scent-. He liked life in Orchidia, it was full of green and the citizen’s lived there without disturbing nature. As Aurelion kept strolling through the town and enjoying his time, he managed to arrive to the coffee shop he was supposed to meet his client and walked in.

Aurelion saw a man with black hair dressed in total black, drinking his coffee at the corner of the shop and talking to himself. That’s probably him, he thought and headed towards the man sitting alone. As he approached, the man raised his eyes and looked at Aurelion. A brief introduction took place, followed by lots of dialogue to decide whether he was really the mage who accepted the request and finally the client decided to trust Aurelion and told him to take a sit. The black cloak he wore was what got him into trouble with the detective, but in the end the man agreed with Aurelion that it might prove useful. The man introduced himself as Dex and went on explaining the specifics of what was asked from the mage. The detective was currently investigating a case of murder and he was getting closer each time, but now he was certain the murderer was after him –getting Dex out of the way meant no more problems for the assassin-.

Finishing his coffee, Dex asked the young boy to follow him and help him apprehend the murderer, an extra person that wielded magic would prove useful nonetheless. Aurelion nodded in agreement, stood up and followed closely behind the detective as he exited the shop.

The two of them had been walking for a few minutes when Dex suddenly hid behind a tree. Aurelion was startled by this movement but followed suit, maybe their lives were in danger. Dex pointed towards a woman passing by on the opposite side of the street, telling Aurelion that she is suspicious and they should follow her. The young boy was mildly confused but decided to follow the detective, he was his client after all. The duo kept following the woman for quite some time and just when she was about to pull something out of her purse, Dex let out a scream and jumped at her. Aurelion stood there petrified from the shock as he saw the man trying to grab the woman’s hands and yelling that he finally caught her and the people were safe once more.



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Aurelion couldn’t believe what was happening in front of his eyes, there is no way she is the murderer, he thought. Hearing Dex telling him to search the woman’s purse pulled Aurelion out of his thoughts. He went next to the two and kindly asked Dex to let the woman go as he would conduct a thorough research with his magic a few meters away –obviously it was just a lie to let the woman free-. The detective freed the woman’s hands and Aurelion asked her to follow him, explaining on the way -with his voice lowered- that this was a mistake and apologized deeply to her. The woman was confused but seemed to kind of grasp the situation, nodding affirmatively she continued on her way. The mage went back to Dex who was waiting impatiently, “So what happened, she is the one right? She is trying to murder me why did you let her go?” the man asked with a worried voice. Aurelion reassured him that she wasn’t the one they were looking for, telling him that his magic allowed him to see through her heart and thoughts. Dex thought about it but quickly told the young boy that they should keep searching, this request was such a bad idea, Aurelion thought.

As the two of them were walking down the street, Dex stopped for a good ten seconds and looked at the distance while Aurelion traced his stare. He saw a man dressed in black sprinting past others and constantly looking at his watch, oh no, Aurelion thought. The detective immediately started running towards the man and Aurelion followed closely behind asking him to stop. Dex didn’t pay attention to the young boy and continued running through the crowd having his eyes fixed on the man in black. As the chase continued, Aurelion saw the town’s bar and a woman waiting outside looking at her own watch, she must be that guy’s partner, he thought. Speeding up a bit allowed him to catch up to Dex who was running like a madman and pulled him back telling him it was a mistake. The force he had to use caused both of them to trip and almost fall down, but they managed to stay on their feet. The detective demanded to know what this was all about and that’s when the two partners met as Aurelion pointed at them kissing, “Look! He was late to their date.” he said out of breath. Dex turned to look at the couple and seeing them enter the bar hand in hand decided that the young mage was correct. He was now ready to investigate once more.

It was already nighttime and Aurelion was getting tired, having followed around five perfectly normal people that seemed like the shadiest of characters to Dex. The boy didn't complain though, he only agreed with him and constantly apologized to them. The detective told him that even though they weren’t able to successfully locate his assassin, they did a great job of examining some dark figures, dark for you at least, Aurelion thought. Dex even offered him a job as a junior detective but Aurelion kindly declined, they only thing he wanted to be offered was a hot shower and a bed. After shaking hands with the man, the young boy received his reward and headed back to his apartment.


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