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Midnite walk

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Midnite walk Empty Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:02 am

Theo Kaguya
TK looked out his window looking at the shining stars that filled the sky nearly every night Someday I'll have a star that shines even brighter than all the others, he thought placing his left hand over his heart as a tear landed on his other hand. The night was nice and cold air as the young knight pulled picked up his sword and left his room to take a walk around the Capital "I feel like I'll need to leave for a long quest soon." he thought quietly closing the door behind him.

The capital seemed to have a certain charm to it when night falls could it have something to do with the lack of people traffic or just the wounders of that follows the night. The young knight couldn't help but write down the scene as each night brings something different just like the new day sun. The flowers around the garden seemed a lot brighter without the sun and the song of the birds was much clearer than ever before. Isabella would have loved this! I wonder what she's doing right now? a brother missing the company of his sister was something that felt nearly every day as they seemed to be joined at the hip for the most part.

In one of the many books that he read in the library, he found that walks under the moon and stars help clear the mind and relax the body and so far it seemed to be true to some extent.

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