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From Crocus to Magnolia(Foot Travel)

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From Crocus to Magnolia(Foot Travel) Empty Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:31 pm

Her need to lay low has passed, It seemed even if she wanted to avoid trouble in Crocus it has already happen and passed on before she could even cause any, Not that Priscilla personally had a problem with it but she did not if she wanted to avoid causing any more when it would not be good and she could control herself for her to stay in Crocus, the moment she could not longer control such needs she normally did would easily be caught by some one because of it being a capital place. Priscilla wondered why she was there to start with a lady like her did not belong nor would be there.

She herself had not needed to pack up much for her travels if anything she just had herself and that is it.she had eaten enough that Priscilla would not have to worry about it for a really long time during her foot travel and have enough energy anything she had to. With that she figured or assume she would have people attempt to rob her, mug her and maybe a few other things between she would just deal with it how she would normally .

It would be the early hours of the night when he chose to leave, After all much like the people who commit various crimes like she has they travel at night so did she, Priscilla would head off some one else and see what else she could do.

Before she left, she had found people she found suitable to give away to what she picked up while she here. Quietly giving away the blankets and some food to a small family with out a house and small amount of food to deal, They seemed to be effected by what happen here recently, After that she had left Crocus to somewhere else.


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