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Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe] Empty Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:42 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
As she had considered, after her conversation with Judina, what it meant to be a sibling and well.. she had always had Mary but there was a new one and she wasn't sure at first what to think of Silver. Persephone playing out the Game of Life that they could use a pawn that might do everything for them. She didn't want to think that of her family, even though she considered the utmost betrayal that her mother had picked him over her. She wasn't vain normally or selfish, actually she saw beauty in everything but this was disasterous and nothing could make it better, not even a half-brother.

But albeit she had put those thoughts aside, as she was leaving to her home town again soon, she believed it might be good to bring Silver along and introduce him to Mary and her father, basically so he wouldn't do it on his own and they would blame her for knowing it already. She held the note of his address and stood in front of the inn where Silver must stay, she didn't know if she should really go and do this, perhaps she had made a wrong decision, but here she was and now she had to find him.

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#2Silver of Sin 

Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe] Empty Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:01 pm

Silver of Sin
Thud- thwack- bang- thud- thwack!

Sounds rang out in the courtyard behind the inn where the patrons, often traveling mercenaries, could practice their weaponry skills if they so wished to. This is where Silver was, slicing at a training dummy, expression out of character with its seriousness and sweat beading down his forehead. Usually, he wouldn’t do something that would needlessly dull his blades edge like this, preferring to stick to forms and patterns to practice, but other than that nice sparring match he had recently the swordsman hadn’t seen much action and didn’t want to get too comfortable with the same routine. It made it easier for a warrior to be caught off guard if they didn’t round themselves out a bit.

Violet hair twirling around him as he moved from one form to another as the katana sliced the poor training dummy, Silver was deaf to all around him unless his instincts said they posed a danger. It helped take his mind off of things, particularly the future and family matters. He was having no luck finding Mei, though it wasn’t too surprising. She had very common features, it had been a few years and this was a large country. If only he could find her as easily as he found… He hadn’t heard from Phoebe at all and he was thinking about moving on since work was becoming scarce here. But until he made a decision he would continue to train as he always did.

#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe] Empty Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:03 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She entered the inn, being rather picky on how it looked, she tried not to show her distaste. It was definitely different from the inn where she was staying and she wondered if there were any females here that would be able to stand it... Calm down, Phoebe. Perhaps it was the hate for herself about the way she had acted or what she was going to do now that made her so ridiculously grumpy. Phoebe wanted to ask the guy behind the bar in there when she heard a sound that first caught her attention. As the man behind the desk wasn't available anyway, she took a few steps towards the door that made way to the courtyard where she spotted someone that she had seen before.

She leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms while her lilac eyes watched her younger sibling. She wasn't sure if she should say anything to him, for a few minutes she watched as it became rather interesting. She wished she would dare to hold a weapon, she never looked at one or held on to one and well, perhaps to get better it might get better to do something like that. Phoebe shook her head slowly and decided to see if her younger brother, it felt weird to call him that even in her mind, wanted to talk to her still. "Hey Silver." Here goes nothing.

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#4Silver of Sin 

Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe] Empty Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:42 pm

Silver of Sin
At the sound of the soft call Silver, in his complete focus on his training, swung his sword around at the danger. Thankfully the person who called his name was a few meters away so they weren’t threatened at all by his mistake. Finally taking in who had called him his steely grey eyes softened in shock, face also showing mild embarrassment for some reason. “Phoebe.” He breathes out, sword still pointed at her, blinking in shock. The swordsman was starting to believe he wouldn’t hear from her again and was caught completely off guard. “Oh, uh one second?” He saws, quickly lowering the sword and turning around after a moment of tense silence. He quickly picks up his katana’s scabbard and throws the blade into the air, then thrusts the scabbard out to the side of it to safely slide into it before putting the practice dummy away, his mind racing but not really going anywhere.

Stilling for one moment in preparation after storing the equipment away Silver turns back to the older woman and marches up to her before stopping, looking her in the eye. “Hi.” He says simply, before looking away, at loss for words. “… what do you need?” The freelancer hopped he didn’t smell of sweat too badly, he hated being dirty and often went to shower right after practice. Silver didn’t want his sister to think he was some sort of slob, mostly since she herself looked so well put together.

#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:39 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She would have taken a step back had her back not already been against the door post. It was her own fault of course because of the interruptions given towards his training but how long would he had gone on if she had not said anything. "Sure." she said as Silver asked for a second and she simply watched him, perhaps she could use some of his dedication to weapon fighting because at this point she felt a bit silly for not even being able to be able to use anything.

She wondered if he disliked her now as much as he was disliked by her, well she basically wasn't over the point of blaming him yet for the issue, even if it wasn't his fault but she was picked second and Phoebe couldn't stand that. "I came to find you to tell you I'm leaving town. I'm going home and I wondered if you wanted to come along to meet my sister and my father." Phoebe tried to say as politely as she could, there was a smile on her lips and she was trying very hard, with Persephone simply pointing out that it wouldn't be so bad later, she just needed time. She was okay when she didn't see Silver but it all came right back at her when she did.

She would cross her arms in front of her chest and just wait for an answer.

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#6Silver of Sin 

Once upon a Sibling [Silver & Phoebe] Empty Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:06 pm

Silver of Sin
Silver resisted an urge to raise an eyebrow, not wanting to appear too sassy and piss her off. Go with her to her hometown? Well technically that was his original plan after finishing things up here, but… well, selfishly he’d been hoping that Phoebe would be the one to tell the other Rainsworth’s the unfortunate news. It really was entirely selfish of him but if their reaction was anything like hers, though her reaction really wasn’t that bad at all just a bit awkward, or worse than he wouldn’t know what to do. He really did want to meet Mary, she was his sister too after all, but their father… that would be more than awkward.

But he couldn’t turn her down. For one this could be a chance for them to mend fences and get to know each other. Phoebe was willing to reach out to him so Silver had to put his own work in, even if it meant some tense silences in the future. Plus he had been planning on moving on soon anyway, this was perfect timing. Silver thought this out to himself, nodding a bit before looking back toward Phoebe. “Ya, sure, thanks for coming to tell me.” Pregnant pause. “I’d be happy to go to Orchidia. Isn’t there a festival happening soon there? That would be fun to go to, I haven’t gone to a spring festival since… Well anyways it’s probably a good idea for me to tell Mary and your dad what h-happened…” He trails off, looking away in thought. Gods, usually he was stupidly peppy when talking to people so why did he suddenly become a babbling, stuttering idiot when talking to Phoebe?! He was a trained warrior dammit, not some awkward teenager!

“Give me a bit to gather my stuff and sort some things out? You can wait in the lobby is you want.” He says, then looks around with a grimace. “Actually how about I meet you at a nearby café or something, then we can go? I won’t take long.” This was a rough but cheap Inn for traveling mercenaries and freelancers like himself and he didn’t want some sleaze hitting on his sister while she waited. After any confirmation Silver goes up to his room, takes a quick shower and gathers what little things e has before meeting up with the woman and heading to Orchidia.


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