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Crocus to Magnolia (Foot Travel)

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Crocus to Magnolia (Foot Travel) Empty Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:44 am

Yasuki exited the gardens and made her way to Magnolia. Though she will always remember the relaxing feel that she felt in the gardens among the flowers. There was question if she would return to this city, because she knew that she would when given the chance just for the relaxation in the garden alone. Not really a big fan of the church scenes, but she was able to make due because it didn't really bother her either. Kind of stuck in that middle ground regarding churches. She knew people had their beliefs and at the same time knew that people are pretty open to believe what they wish around these times. As she exited Crocus, she did notice that the church scenery for a more nature one. This was what she was used to being among the nature, which was probably why as she was relaxing in the flowers it felt so good to get a chance to just sit and breathe. Not being distracted by too much noise other than the chirping of the birds. Still she wondered of the man's name that was with her, but she's sure that they would meet again. That must be the more optimistic side of Yasuki, a side of her that always saw the positive which more often came out when she was around nature. Guess it could be like a nature fix of sort, when around nature everything is positive and can always be seeing the good in things.

She felt like the traveling has been going on for awhile, though she didn't mind. Yasuki took in a deep breath where she would begin breathing in through her mouth and out through her nose. Pure relaxation, able to be done anywhere not just while sitting. In the near distance she could see a sign reading 'Magnolia'. "Finally, I'm here... Guess it's time to get to work." she said in a relief.


20% WC reduction from race

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