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Crocus to Baska [Foot Travel]

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Crocus to Baska [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Apr 12, 2018 3:37 pm

She couldn't believe it, she really could not for a moment even fathom it. Ianthe wasn't one to forget things, in fact her memory was her best feature  but for whatever reason a very hazy part of her brain cleared up and she could see it all so clearly it nearly hurt. Today was pouring rain with booming thunder and flashy lightning bringing a show to the skies above. Ianthe cursed herself for being so careless that she didn't even want to think of her stupid mistake. She had already come so far and even now she had just remembered that she had forgotten what she forgot in the first place. Taking in a deep breathe Ianthe closed her eyes and let her mind do some sorting out. She had to stop thinking about the time she spent since she was freed and start embracing her freedom as it was. She didn't know the word for it or if there was even a word, but she just got the urge to go. She didn't care where she went and how long she stayed if she stayed long at all she just wanted to see it all. Sitting on the large bed she opened her bag and started placing her usual needs inside. Clean socks, undergarments, at least two shirts, two pants, a dress, and some shorts. She didn't worry too much about what was on her feet because she would always get new shoes wherever she went.

It didn't take long before she was all packed up. Of course she double checked everything she wasn't that dense. Ianthe for once decided to let the rain calm itself before heading out, it would be a long trip and honestly she could end up anywhere, even back here in Crocus. She had yet to actually make any friends or build any relationship really and it dawned on her that she might not be capable. Thinking back to when she met N'Umoya made her smile but a ping of sadness washed over her. He was nice enough but she wasn't in her right mind at the time and the experience in itself was draining. She wished she had met him under different circumstances or a different setting. All she did was wander around town's and worked until there was no other work to do and off she would go to the next. The idea of joining a guild was more tempting than ever now and she didn't stray from the thought. The rain seemed to take forever to stop and in fact it rained the whole day. The next morning everything sparkled with dew and Ianthe took the chance to head out of town once more. She let her feet choose the destination as she would enjoy the trip. Everything was new and exciting and she took in everything going from town to town until she reached Baska once more. She decided it was a good idea to rest here for awhile before taking to the world again.

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