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Crocus to Orchidia [Foot Travel]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

Crocus to Orchidia [Foot Travel] Empty Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:08 am

Fiammetta Barone
It felt strange, traveling without Esperia. It had been so long since she'd actually gone anywhere without her lover by her side, and right now, it felt so wrong to be going without her. But, well, time was of the essence, and Fiammetta Barone had none to waste getting to the location of her biggest assignment yet. She'd already wasted plenty of time trying to decipher recent events and calm her upset girlfriend down, both of which to no avail.

And so it was that, in something of a hurry, Fia had rushed out to head toward Oak Town, where they'd be dismantling Phantom Lord once and for all. The only companion by her side was the mysterious magus-turned-cat Salem, who strolled along the Titan lass' side as they wandered toward their first stop. He seemed just as excited for the mission, really, as apparently, he had his own gripes with the guild. Unsurprising, given how shady his past seemed.

Fiammetta supposed she'd see just how deep his grudge was when they arrived and were forced to face what would she surely be Fia's greatest battle yet. Even if she could become near 22 meters tall, she was still a bit nervous about the upcoming fight.

But, it was what she had to do. For her duty, and for her family, she would not allow Phantom Lord to exist any longer.

WC: 238/180

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