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Off to Magnolia [Crocus -> Magnolia]

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#1Odin † 

Off to Magnolia [Crocus -> Magnolia] Empty Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:33 am

Odin †

Odin was finished with the capital once again, and had decided to return to the place where he had only been once before: Magnolia. A lot had happened in the weeks since he had departed Baska previously, and there was still a lot more to happen. The Lich had waited for a few days after his meeting with his best friend Kon before leaving, as he wanted to make sure he could slip out without any more interactions. Not that he didn't enjoy meeting new people, but it often was the case that new people weren't so interested in meeting him. Even as he left the capital city, which the new emperor Arthurias had promised would be reformed without discrimination, he noticed the glances people made, the glares he received. No matter where he went, he knew this would be a common feature of his new look, but he was beyond caring. Before, he had considered himself a monster, and his aid in the attack on Crocus had shown the world that was true, but now the guild was gone, it had been disbanded, and Odin was left without a purpose. He had embraced the monster within him, but now what would that become? He wasn't sure, but somethings would never change, as he made his way to the home of Fairy Tail. He was now no longer a dark mage, which meant he could do good if he really wanted to, and he needed the money, so why not?

It took about a day to reach the town, but once he did Odin was ready to get to work.


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