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Quest: Translate the Notes [T.K]

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Quest: Translate the Notes [T.K] Empty Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:13 pm

Theo Kaguya
T.K received word that a woman named Luciel is in need of help with something translating some notes that she thinks could be vital to her work. He made his way to the crocus' library with his bag carrying his notes for his book in hopes that he would find some of use to help with the creative prosses as it wasn't moving along fast enough for him "I hope they have a wide selection for me to choose from." he thought aloud walking down the streets of Crocus. Once he arrived he found that the building was almost the size of the three of his homes They must have over a thousand books in there! being overcome with excitement T.K rushed in and went looking for any kind of book he could find. The first book that he found was about a man with no arms it was a good read but the first half dragged on for about four chapter until he reached for the next book which was a book that he had already read on a number of occasions. After going through three more books T.K set up a table where he could do his own research while also looking for a book with the translations of the notes. he pulled out the notes and looked them over I could use this for the book but that means I have to copy the translation twice once I find it he thought heading off to find the books needed to translate.

While he looked through the foreign language section he found a number of books that seemed very promising so he added them to his stake of books that he already picked out while looking for the main book of the request, it felt as if he had been in there for days as the books he took off the shelf's barely left any open spots to place new books. While he looked around the library and nearly fainted at the sight of so many books around him it was like a dream come true for him as he could days on end reading all the books. By the time that he stopped looked for books for his own use, the sun had begun to set Maybe taking this request was a mistake? he thought think back on how he could never control himself when around books and other historical objects. T.K started his search in the what looked to be the unsorted section of the as most of the books were just sitting in a cart down a section that was missing books from the shelf. Looking through all the books in the cart none where the one that he needed to translate the notes and so he moved on to the next section and the section after, I didn't think to find a single book would take so long, the young knight thought as he made his way to the books starting with 'V' "It has to be in here it just has to be..." the young man started looking through the books and still couldn't find the right one. T.K paused and looked at the books as he would never have imaged having a problem with books of all things. Who knew that finding one book would be such a pain in the in the neck he thought resting his arm on the shelf he just cleared give a small sigh.  

It seemed like that even the librarians couldn't even help him in locating the book which shocked him as he would think they had a locating system or anything even though one would think they would. As he looked from shelf to shelf looking for the book to aid in this task, he soon reached a shelf that was filled with dusty books that didn't seem to be read what so ever "One of these must be it they just have to at this point," the young knight took a few of the books off the shelf and dusted them off enough to read the names on the spins, most of the books he couldn't make out as the years of made the words fade from its there pages. With half the older books dusted off only two remained and as luck would have it the one that he picked up was the Valan book which looked much older compared to the others but the pages where still in tack. Once he got back to his table he made sure to turn the pages lightly as he didn't want to rip his only means of ending this request. going line by line he couldn't help but go off and copy the book and its entirety to use for his book. this only took an extra hour or so to do while actually translating the notes took even longer as T.K started to feel tired and began to nod off after each other line that was translated "Almost done with this line..just need to look over it and finish the last two."  being half asleep while working just goes to show that he has really taken a liking to the request.

After nearly six hours of cross-referring the notes T.K finally fully translated the notes "Okay...there...all...done...now sle....." without finishing his line he fell face first into the Dictionary and slept in the library until one of the librarians came to wake him up. As it would turn out the notes that the translated did help Luciel in her work by filling in the parts she needed, the young knight made his way home and slept on the couch for the remainder of the night. He dreamt of fighting his sister on a battlefield littered with their friends and families bodies laid all cross cold and lifeless a sight that woke him up from sleep into the early morning of the next day. Such a dream was not uncommon to him as he often had them but always cast them aside like a rotting fruit.

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