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Pizza Delivery [Quest: Ianthe]

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Another day another jewel to be earned and town to be explored. Ianthe woke up to a beautiful sunrise, making herself a cup of tea as she stared blissfully out the window of the deluxe inn room she purchased. The room came with all sorts of things, even room service so she didn’t have to leave to eat in the inn. Sipping the tea she watched as the sun slowly rose, the people of the town waking from their own slumber to go to work, opening shops and stores for the masses. The warmth of the liquid and it’s sweet but subtle scent gave her the boost she needed to start her day. With so much usually going on in her day she thought about her homeland less but more so when she was alone and at peace, like now. She didn’t know if she wanted to go back, there would be nothing there for her now that she thought about it. The little that she could remember from her childhood was foggy at best and she was sure her mother moved around alot when she was with her. If she couldn’t find her mother there what was the point of even going back to her homeland? At least here in crocus she could start anew and make something of herself, something she really needed to do.

Finishing off the rest of her tea Ianthe made quick work of ordering some lunch before getting dressed. Pulling out a simple outfit consisting of a white tee shirt with the words “ RED “ on it in bold red letters, a black pair of jeans, and a white pair of sneakers Ianthe quickly dressed herself. For the first time in a long time she didn’t straighten out her hair and let it naturally curl up. It looked strange as she stared at herself in the mirror, she almost didn’t recognize herself and it made her feel a little uncomfortable. The soft but wild curls gave her face a new frame something she was unfamiliar with and she wanted to so badly straighten it out, but she did not. Instead she answered the knocking on her room door and enjoyed her lunch. Today she ordered some salmon and wild rice with a side of mixed berries and steamed vegetables. Ianthe had been learning to eat properly as to not gain anymore weight which she was doing at a rapid pace. The only thing that kept her at a health weight was all the work she was doing on a daily, but missing on day of that would have her become an out of shape mess. Once she was done eating Ianthe quickly made her way out of the inn and off to the request board. It was easy to pick up work in Orchidia town as most of the quest were simple labor. Ianthe decided she would take one that Enil had placed up since she already worked for him before, the job should be especially easy.


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Ianthe quickly made her way to Enil’s and upon entering his shop he lit up calling her over. “ Thank god ya here Ianthe, Ya mind helpin me out? My cook is out sick and I got order’s piling up that need to be cooked and delivered. It’s alot for me alone doll. “ Enil’s voice was one of pleading and Ianthe could feel her heart drop. “ Of course I’ll help that’s what I came for. “ Pulling out the request she put it down in front of him and he quickly let her around the bar and in the back to the kitchen. “ The orders are already in you just need to cook em and when they’re all done deliver them, I’ll let ya borrow the car or the bike or ya can even walk if ya like to get em delivered. I gotta go now, these men are gettin rowdy. “ Ianthe could cook, she learned how as soon as she got her freedom, but she didn’t know how to drive a car or ride a bike which would make delivering this food a challenge all around. Without thinking too much into it she washed her hands and grabbed an apron and a hair net before getting to work. Looking at the orders she began to preheat the ovens to the appropriate temperatures, pull out the ingredients and cooking tools that she would need. She started with the pizza orders first since those would take longer to cook than the chicken orders and she could cook the pizza’s all at once.

Getting started she began to create the dough, it was an easy enough task as she mixed the mixture and kneaded the dough perfectly, setting it aside so that it could rise for an hour. While it did that she got the toppings and sauce ready while making sure the chicken was cut and cleaned, seasoning each batch of chicken per order of what flavor that was asked for. By the time she was done the dough was ready and she took it out and shaped it into four large circles. Each pie got a nice helping of sauce and a healthy hand of cheese but that is where the similarities end. On one pie she put slices of pineapple and handfuls of chopped ham, the second and third pie was filled with an assortment of different meats, while the last pie had chicken and sauce added to it. With each pie ready she slid them into the preheated ovens and went back to the chicken. The chicken orders were already seasoned and just needed to be fried. Since there were five orders she would only be able to cook three at a time with the equipment she had, luckily the pizza would take a bit and by the time the pizza’s were cooked the chicken was done as well. With all the food done she packed it all up and made her way to deliver. The addresses to each place were close to one another so walking to them was no problem at all, some customers were angry about gettin their food so late but others didn’t mind. Once she delivered her last order she made it back to enil who gratefully paid her and thanked her for her time.


Pizza Delivery [Quest: Ianthe] BSIEiBe

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