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Crocus To Magnolia [Arisa]

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Crocus To Magnolia [Arisa] Empty Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:08 pm

Arisa yawned as she rested against the white sheets of clouds. Her eyes were closed, side crusted by little tear dusts. 'Is it already time to leave Crocus?' she wondered and then lazily got up with her back hurting. ''God damn it...'' she spoke roughly with a small frisk in her tone. Her hand rubbed the mid-section of her back and looked about. ''Where's that damn calendar...?'' she questioned out loud once more and saw that it was on the wall right next to her. 'Of course...'. Her soft delicate hand reached for the calendar and brought it up to her face to see the day. '' Blah blah blah..'' she started to say literally and saw the day. ''Well... crap. Time to go.'' she said to herself and slid off the bed and landed on her feet. Her arms dangled like a zombie as she went towards the dresser to pack up.

All her clothes, her items and so forth into her suit case before she left she next cleaned up the place. 'I rather not leave this place a mess... not after the nice hospitality that he gave.' she thought sweetly and made the bed with new sheets. Cleaned the bathroom was the next thing to do and after that it was then the floors. It was all fine and dandy, but now it was time to do the actual traveling.

She grabbed her suitcase and left the building with a note on the desk. She just wanted to thank them for letting her stay there while the hotel was being booked by someone other than herself. Arisa left to go up the roads towards Magnolia as she heard there were things to do there. Soon though she was going to go to that spring festival that will happen soon enough. With time and thought, she was in Magnolia... First thing she wants to do was to get a suite room and an oil massage.



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