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Welcoming Commitee [Quest: Ianthe]

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Sipping a pink liquid from a clear glass in a cozy little cafe, Ianthe sat in silence. It had been a wild few days as she kept herself busy, distracted from the fact that she was a still as lost as ever, mentally speaking of course. The pink liquid she drank was sweet and just a little sour it was the perfect thing on a day such as this one. She was almost done with this town, she could feel it. Ianthe needed to keep moving forward, she needed to go back to the start where her family was. It had been so many years and now she had changed herself so much that they surely would not remember her. At this point though she didn't care, all she cared about was getting the answers she wanted and hopefully be able to move on from this tragedy...

Her time in the cafe didn't last long she just needed a bit of lunch before starting her day. Word around the inn was that someone needed help near the entrance of the city. At this point Jewels were Jewels no matter how she was going to get them and decided to pay this man a visit. Quickly finishing off her ham and cheese sandwich and licking the last drops of the sugary sweet liquid from her glass, She paid her bill and headed off...

The weather was nice today as usual, the spring time was something to be enjoyed in its fullest and Ianthe could appreciate that. Her walk to the entrance of the city wasn't a long one but she took in the sights around her. Kids were running about and adults were going about their day shopping and talking and whatever else they were go off to do. She almost wished that she could be a permanent residence here but she already knew that she was never gonna board that ship. Her life was already a roller coaster ride and she didn't have the pleasure of being able to get off of it just yet.

Oh Hello there, I welcome you to - Wait are you perhaps the person that will help me? Ianthe had gotten lost in her thoughts again but a voice most familiar pulled her right out of them. Turning to meet Dacol's gaze all she could do was nod. Wonderful. Here take these flyers. People come from all over to visit this beautiful city and all of it's attractions. I take it upon myself to greet them and show them around the place so that they can feel even more welcomed here. As of late though to be quite honest with you it's been hard keeping up the influx of people coming in so I put in for some help and here you are. This is just wonderful, and here is our first wonderful guest. It's quite easy I promise you just hand out these flyers to any guest that comes by and remember. Smile. "   With that she watched as he took off with the people who had entered the city.


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It didn't take long before some people showed up. Honestly all she did was stick her hand out until someone took the flyer from her hand. This would continue for a bit and it went well until...

" Hello? I don't need your Flyer what do you think I am stupid? "

The words were sharp and she felt bits of spittle fly on her face from the sheer force of the words. Wiping her face Ianthe looked dead in the eyes of her aggressor and frowned visibly. In front of her stood a short haired blond who looked like she wanted to see Ianthe's manager.

" Listen miss, I'm just trying to do my job, if you do not want the flyer do not take it. Don't give me so much rude attitude about it.. "

Ianthe was annoyed that she had to deal with someone like this and looked around for an escape of sorts maybe she could actually help someone else, but nope this lady was damned persistent.

" You little shit. Who is in charge here! I'll have your job taken from you so fast you'll wonder how you became a dirty homeless bitch on the street. "

Ianthe could feel her hands ball up into a fist but before she could even think about a punch another voice came into the mix.

" I'm in charge here miss. Ah I'm sorry if you had a problem with my employee let me take you around. "

Another power sent Dacol and for once in a long while she thanked him before mouthing sorry to Dacol who just smiled and nodded his head. She had to give it to that man he had the patience of a saint.

Before she knew it she was back to handing out flyers to people and many people took those flyers and those that did not were rude to her, lucky for her Dacol seem to show up every single time a rude cunt came her way. It was like we was waiting for these people to pop up so he could whisk them away on an adventure of fun and excitement or whatever it was that he was doing to them she didn't know. The rest of the day went on pretty much the same. It was rinse and repeat until the sun set and even more afterwards. As the night went on she had to put up with an increase of rude people and assholes. They were blessed though because she could not attack them or rather Dacol took them away before she could get her hands around their throats.

She hadn't noticed it before but as of late her tolerance levels were at a all time low and she was getting quick to anger. This for a moment worried her but she didn't have long to dwell on it before Dacol showed up taking the flyers away and replacing them with her reward. Dacol smiled and gave her a light pat on the back. "You did better than most people. Have a good night. " Smiling back at Dacol she nodded and made her way back to the inn.


Welcoming Commitee [Quest: Ianthe] BSIEiBe

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