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Translate The Note [Yasuki/Arisa]

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Arisa sprawled out on the grass that was being revived by the sun and time itself. Her eyes half-way open gazed at the sky, the mirror-like eyes reflected the sky itself as she did so. If someone looked at her they'd be questioning on rather if she was okay or not. Her face was expressionless and like a stone. How was she to feel right now? Her friend was getting married to her distant cousin... ''Why do I care?'' she wondered out-loud in a soft spoken voice. Arisa twisted and turned her body so her left side rested against the ground.

She yawned softly and saw two ladybugs fly in front of her. They twirled in rhythm to end up landing on the same piece of leaf that fell from the tree from some motion that came from the air, or earth. Will this peace last for awhile or was there soon going to be some war that will end up far worse than the last one? The earth... Her hand softly grazed against the soothing grass of light green. Her fingers tickled alongside the grass blades that have been cut earlier upon this day. 'You feel harmed... Lost... I miss you, Nature... You were my soul.' she thought in a quiet whisper as if someone could hear her thoughts. Rather or not that was true -- it didn't matter as she could care less on what people thought of her. That was unless they were her lover or sisterly friend.



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After a long time of just relaxing and enjoying the scenes, granted mostly the scenes of church tops, Yasuki traveled from her room. It's been quite some time since she's seen anyone now that she's been thinking about it. As the girl traveled she looked towards the sun, bright and warm, it added a slight glisten to her the brilliantly blue of her long hair. Now she wore her hair in a small braid around her head, with the tip of the point of her ears poking out. Anyone that could see that point could tell that Yasuki was an elf, and she was trying to wear it more proudly now that in the past. Standing confident as she walked on, not sure where she was going, or who she was going to run into.

In the distance, she saw the figure of someone all relaxing in the grass on the side. Not sure who it was as with them laying down Yasuki couldn't really tell any significant features that would tell her who this person was. The young elf walked closer and she appeared to be more awake now than ever. 'Is this because I see someone now...? I should remember though not to act too eager, don't want to scare th-' she thought for a moment, but as she gotten closer to the stranger she could tell that it was Arisa. "Hello" Yasuki called out briefly, knowing that her sister, Arisa, seems to keep to herself often.


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Oh grass, how you felt so good between her fingers and cool against her cream colored skin that was so fair... so flawless. Her golden pupil eyes mirrored all the nature she gazed upon. Her legs tightened against each other as they rubbed with movement as she tried to get comfortable. 'Wish he was here with me...' she thought and moved her hand outward, dragged against the grass and clenched the earth's soil softly. Taking a deep breather she started to let go of the soil after three seconds. 'I suppose I can't always get what I want... if ever.' she thought once more and then her eyes beamed upward and towards the street.

She saw a familiar face, making herself put her soft palms against the grass to push herself up. Her posture was now straight and tall, looking at who she called sister - or at least one of them. ''Yasuki... Been awhile.'' she said and crossed her arms against her medium sized chest. Her head tilted with curiosity. ''What are you up to?'' she wondered. It was quite simple, she was always curious about anything and everyone. No one was too special to get the peak of interest expect a special few. Did that mean that it was love interest? No. There was only one as far as she knew logically, but she knew and told herself that all she needed a just that one. It was true, wasn't it? Yes... It was. Her heart burned, her thoughts melted and she felt attached to him when he appears within her sight. Finally, she just stood there, waiting for Yasuki to speak.




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Yasuki approached to the area that Arisa was closer, not sure when Arisa was going to answer. But Yasuki just wanted to be patient and just let everything play out. Who was she to deny someone of rest and relaxation? But out here in an open grass area, seems like a place someone would wait for another. Yasuki could never quite learn to understand the way her sister was. But at the same time it was something that Yasuki admired, and wanted to learn to be. More closed off, but interested in what others were doing or something of that nature. 'I wonder how she does that...' she thought to herself. Yasuki noticed how the attention of Arisa slightly shifted her way, she tried not to look overly excited but after not seeing someone for quite a while was that even possible?

"Been awhile, indeed." she answered briefly, trying not to drag on too much. Though she did enjoy a nice long conversation, but that didn't mean that responses had to be long. What was she up to, that's something that she didn't really know how to answer. Guess she wasn't really up to anything, just her normal self. "Well just going for a walk, I suppose, really don't have much in mind. I guess I'm just always ready to lend a hand in if needed." Yasuki responded, though a longer response than what their conversation has been like. "So you're still in Crocus? I thought you seemed to move around pretty fast." the young elf asked with a questioned expression on her face as she waited for a response.



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Arisa simply yawned and covered her mouth with her right hand. It wasn't that she was tired, but perhaps it was the weather. The weather was so calming, relaxing and cool. The small tickles of the wind whisked through and against her hair and skin. Why was she feeling so tired? This was bad. Was Sloth appearing again? This wasn't a really good time either since Alisa was no where to be found or seen. She was the only one to really help her out with this. 'I must stay awake...' she thought and looked at Yasuki. ''So nothing, mm?'' she questioned and looked upward towards the sky for a second as if it was speaking to her.

Her lips moved as if she was talking in mute. 'Do I stay or do I go?' was what she mute-talked. She sighed softly and put her hands in her pockets. ''Let's go do a mission then.'' she said and upper tapped the tip of her sneakers against the stone ground once she was on it. For shirt she wore just a jacket with her bra hidden due to her being zipped up. Yawning once more she felt like she didn't get enough sleep. 'Perhaps after this I'll take a long nap.' she thought and cornered her eyes towards Yasuki's blue orbs. For a couple of seconds she then finally met the client. They told her about finding out what some note meant. So next was them going to the library. ''Library we go then. My forte.~'' she teased softly and smiled motherly to herself yet also towards Yasuki.




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She looked towards Arisa and waited for some kind of answer. Sure the answer that Yasuki gave about what she was doing wasn't necessary exciting, but it was the truth. One thing was for sure that Yasuki was good at speaking the truth as she didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable, or upset if she didn't tell the truth. She wanted people to be comfortable and free speaking around here. Yasuki's hair continued to glisten in the warm sunlight, as Arisa started to stand up. "Sure I'd be down to work on some kind of mission, I guess it'd be like old times sake." she answered in response.

As she followed Arisa to the client, Yasuki wondered if Arisa had already pre-picked out a client as they seemed to have found him so fast. Though they still had walking to do as he was still in the distance. Yasuki walked beside Arisa, allowing the sunlight to hit her face. She couldn't tell it but with the blue of her eyes it seemed as if the sunlight would also cause the same glisten on her hair to her eyes. The two approached the client together, and as he explained the mission Yasuki couldn't help but feel like he was staring at her ears. Before this would bother her, but now she wore who she was with pride. A proud elf, just trying to live life as she would if she wasn't an elf. "The library, huh? I haven't been to one of those in awhile." She said as she looked towards Arisa before the two of the headed in the direction of it.



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Arisa walked to the library with Yasuki and while doing so she had her eyes wander around. There were so many books around here. Her back was in pain due to all this stress though which was making her wonder on when she was going to get some oil massage by someone. She brought her right hand to her chin with her pointing finger against her lower lip. 'Perhaps I'll go to Magnolia and get an oil massage by some professional.' she thought and kept walked slowly. Will it be super effective? Her back really needed a good massage after this war crap, the guild business and her life in general.

Finally, they got to the library in its main area. ''Alright, we have to look for a book of Valan Runic language.'' she said out-loud to Yasuki. 'Whatever that is...' she then soon thought. They wandered in their own direction and rather or not Arisa or Yasuki found it, one of them did. They looked through the pages together and after so many pages later she found the meanings.

''Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves.... What?!'' she said slowly upon each item in the list and loudly at her confusing discovery. ''This is dumb...'' she said with a disappointed look. Her head turned to look at Yasuki. ''Let's just go and tell them the news.'' she reported and grabbed the list. They both went to hand in what they found out and left with their rewards in their hands. For some reason she felt a small amount smarter than she did.





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On the way to the library it felt as if Yasuki has been walking for awhile. She didn't really know for sure how long she was walking, but she had been walking since before she met up with Arisa again. Then they walked more...and more. Maybe a nap would sound good, after the mission of course. But for now the mission was the only thing on her mind, she wanted to do her best of find it as soon as she could to not make the client wait. Finally the duo arrived at the library, "Wow.. That seemed like it was longer than anticipated, guess we should get to finding the book." she said as she followed Arisa into the library.

The book they were looking for was a book of Valan Runic language. Though she wasn't necessary comfortable in libraries she knew that the book would be in the language book aisle. That's where she headed, the language aisle, she looked on the shelves that were for books Ri-Ru, though had no luck. "Well... If it wasn't there would it be under Va?" she asked herself in a soft whisper, not wanting to be too loud. After some more looking she went and showed Arisa "The book of Valan Runic language" she said as she handed the book to Arisa.

Yasuki waited until Arisa uncoded what they needed, and then followed back to the man to report the findings. After so she accepted her reward and then would return to her room.




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