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Crocus to Era [Foot Travel | Akira]

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Haru couldn’t believe all that hollering and urgency was to send the duo to Era for their official promotion ceremony. “Who even cares?” was his first question to the short bald messenger who rushed them into packing their bags and ensured the two left the Rune Knight quarters that as soon as possible. He practically chaperoned them like they were two silly kids. “Maybe not you. But clearly, the administration cares. Cheer up, will you? This happens only once in a lifetime,” he said, trying to add some enthusiasm to the two Rune Knights’ demeanour. But it didn’t seem to work; not even on the usually chirpy healer. Spending every moment with Akira had definitely changed him quite a bit.

The walk wasn’t long, compared to their other travels. It took them a little less than a day to reach Era. But the bigger trouble was reaching the Headquarters atop the mountain. Haru never thought climbing steep mountains would be that difficult. The poor healer had to take quite a few stops on the way, especially because he was terribly sore from all the sudden training he had done in the last few days. Finally, the two reached the top of the hill, and they could see the Rune Knight Headquarters ahead of them. “Looks like we made it!” he said, dropping his back on the stone bench on the side of the road.

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Akira Shimada
Aki didn't really share Hatsu's surprise at all the bustle. She'd seen this urgency before... And it sufficed to say, something was brewing beyond the facade of this sudden efficiency and rewarding. It aroused a deep sense of dread in her, were they preparing for another defence? Was another attack incoming? Maybe there was a rebellion, a bunch of insurgents who were going to take the crown back... It'd be strange of the Knights were now expected to defend the new king, the one whose forces they'd fought against just weeks ago...

As she trailed behind her partner, she graced his sense of frustrated wonder with a simply, seemingly inconsequential and noncommittal 'Hmm...' then after a brief pause she went on to state redundantly 'I sure don't.' he was already aware of this for sure. Akira didn't care for paperwork or promotions in the least bit. 'I guess the extra money we'll earn won't be so bad though.' she said nonchalantly, trying to hide the anxiety that was biting into herm but he knew her well enough to detect the slight quiver in her tone. She stretched her hands overhead and yawned trying to mask it again. Soon, the gentle inclined ended to leave them at a foot of a large hill. They began their exhausting hike upwards to the headquarters. 'Nice way to weed out the weaklings.' she remarked with a roll of her eyes between shallow and swift breaths chained together in a sort of desperate attempt to provide Aki with enough juice to keep moving.

The tiredness drove them into silence, at least it was no longer the awkward sort. Once they reached, Tsuru encouragingly announced they made it... But they'd soon find out, that rest was not on the agenda for them today... Hard work would pay off though...


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