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Crocus to Magnolia [Nimbus Travel]

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Crocus to Magnolia [Nimbus Travel]  Empty Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:34 am

It was late at night, around nine pm when Barry prepped to leave Crocus. He was just about ready with all of his things packed leaving his good friend at one of his rooms and offered the blonde another. It was odd he brought so many rooms, but what was the use in worrying? he was a simple man that needed a lot of space, that and there were what? A few weeks left on his stays? Better to be used by two pretty young women than himself.

Whistling he called upon Nimbus, he hadn't seen the cloud in a while and he tied the small sack of his things across his chest. Crossing his legs the cloud would rise out from the ground and wait for orders.

"Alright Nimbus, we need to get to Magnolia first thing, I heard there might be some neat jobs there." he looked over the cloud and down at the ground realizing how high up they were. "Man, that's a long drop." he'd whistle as he steady himself back on the cloud. Zooming through the air the two would travel with extreme speeds towards the city of Magnolia. The travel was pretty swift all things considered.


In Magnolia.

Nimbus 80% word reduction.

Crocus to Magnolia [Nimbus Travel]  MJmwSQc
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