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Magnolia to Crocus [Foot Travel]

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#1Asura Nightshade 

Magnolia to Crocus [Foot Travel] Empty Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:10 am

Asura Nightshade
It was rather odd how shortly after arriving in Magnolia, Asura was being sent back again to Crocus. Just when she thought she'd have escaped the capitol for good and on her way to discover the rest of the country, they decided to throw her back there again. The blonde heaved a sigh as she walked on towards Crocus, wondering what the matter may be. As far as she'd been told, apparently, in accordance with the attack that Crocus had suffered, the Knights were being more heavily equipped with weapons and in some cases, even companions. There was word going around that the Council was staging an attack against Phantom Lord in Oak Town and wanted as many Rune Knights on board as possible. Whether this was true or not, the blonde was still unsure however, as the sun reigned down over the land that she was travelling, the blonde felt a gnawing feeling in her gut. She just prayed that whatever uneasiness she was feeling was not a foreboding one.

Briefly, the blonde wondered whether she'd be equipped with something more too. A new weapon would be nice though, she did like her sword quite a lot. Maybe a companion? Apparently, they had some of those in Era, which she would be passing on her way to Crocus and the blonde had to make a detour there first. Her gut feeling had come true wherein in Era, they provided her with a companion, a black and yellow coloured feline, almost like a cat. It was an Umbreon though, Asura was free to choose a name for him if she so wished. As she looked at the feline in front of her, who seemed to be gazing back, almost with a warm tone, she bent down, patting him and immediately muttered, "Rei. I think I'll name him Rei." That sounded nice and it seemed as though Rei was happy with that name as he wagged his tail and bustled along with Asura on her way to Crocus. The connection was undoubtedly there between the two and as the two finally reached Crocus, Asura merely hoped that whatever the future had in store for them, at least she'd now have someone by her side.

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