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Train With Me [Quest: Ianthe]

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She was groggy and that was the best way of putting it. No sleep had come to Ianthe since that last job with that weird ball of light. Speaking of light the sunbeams that peeked through the thick foliage of Orchida forest's were becoming quite a pain for Ianthe. She had to admit she was lucky that it wasn't just full on sun, but the flashes from bright to shade were taxing on her lagoon pool eyes. She had been walking for a little over an hour trying to shake the sleep that clung to her like a wet bed sheet. Coming up to a clear stream she bent down near the water and splashed some on her face being careful not to wet her clothes. Usually she wore something for comfort and usually white but today was different because today the job called for something a little more practical. Yes, today the usually calm Ianthe was wearing a pair of black sweatpants, a fitted black sleeveless top, some dark sneakers, and a pair of black gloves on her hand the kind of gloves that were like leather or something but fit her hands like elastic. Yes she looked like how she felt at the moment... Dark. Having a bit more time on her hands Ianthe traversed the forest, hoping over logs and trickles of water, chasing butterflies until she lost track of time. Cursing herself silently she rushed to her destination where the person who sent out the job request was waiting.

" Uh hey, sorry about that... I was uh stuck in something. Here now though and ready to help! " Smiling she did a little bow. " My name is Ianthe." She forgot to introduce herself first so it sounded kinda rushed when she did it just then.

" Hello Ianthe, that's such a unique name. My name is Seheda as you probably already knew... You know life is hard... And sometimes you wanna blame it all on the world. You can't. Sometimes you have to take accountability for your own choices and actions. I have been rejected from the combat academy... Three times. Embarrassing I know, especially for someone in my line of work. I've tried so hard to pass but each time I fall short.. Sometimes I've blamed it on them having something against me, other times I blame it on the rising difficulties of the test. but at the end of the day I know it's me and no one else's fault that I have not passed.. So out of either desperation or a realization I've finally decided to do something about it once and for all because this time I'm going to pass that damn test. I've called you here today in hopes you could help me train my skills and hone my own abilities. I've created something like an obstacle course, all ya have to do is race me till the end. "  Her voice with each word seem to fill with more and more determination and even a twinge of excitement.


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Ianthe nodded her head and Seheda directed her to the start of the course. For Ianthe this would probably be a breeze, so much so that she didn't even bother putting up her powers.

" Ready. Set. Let's Go! "

The two set off, pushing from the ground with enough force to propel them forward. The forest itself provided enough of an obstacles with hidden branches that could cause tripping and all manner of visual obstructions. Since Ianthe didn't know the actual course she ran just a inch behind Seheda so she knew where she was going. It seemed the first obstacle was a large thick tree trunk that was just gonna smack the two of them if they didn't dodge. Ianthe wondered how this would help the girl.. She was the one to put it together so wouldn't she know that it was coming? Wouldn't the point of all this be moot? Or did she wanna see if she could stack up against someone who she thought was on the same level as her? Many questions ran through her head but she didn't ask any as a voice pull her from her thoughts.

" I've always wanted to be a mercenary ya know. My ug- . Father was one ya know.. He helped anyone he could sometimes without asking for a penny in return. He didn't take a bad job, no he stayed away from those. Wanted to help people in need. My papa always told me if I wanted to help someone, help the weak and the innocent and stand your ground against all those who would do wrong against them if ya could. "

The pair had already jumped, dodged, crawled, and rolled out of half of dozen different obstacles during this little speech. The two were dirty, scratched, and sweaty but Seheda was in the zone. " Ah just a few more obstacles to go, wow this is amazing, Ya know a good friend of mine made this and I have to say color me impressed. He just gave me the route and told me to have fun. "

Ianthe cartwheeled over a huge boulder. Well that last comment answered her previous question and Ianthe had to admit that this girl had something going for herself she couldn't understand why she failed her tests so many times. Maybe it was a confidence thing...

" That's very noble of you, to follow in the footsteps of your father. You could so do it, you know I'm surprised you haven't been doing it now. "

Ianthe watched as the girl blushed and clearly distracted Seheda tripped over a log. After all that a simple log took her down. Helping the sweet girl to her feet she could tell she was embarrassed.

" Ah thank you for all your help and kind words. This should do it for me thank you again. Here take your reward.. I won't fail anymore. I make that promise on me dad. "

Nodding Ianthe took the pay and made her way back to the inn for some good old relaxation.


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