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Remove The Drunk [Quest: Ianthe]

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The cool and crisp night air was something to be appreciated. The days had been getting longer and the nights shorter. The sticky heat of spring was trickling in from all the rain and warm weather. Taking in deep breaths of air it was almost addicting how good it felt to just be able to just enjoy the world around her. Ianthe had learned to enjoy her newfound freedom and to embrace every moment. A naive childlike individual with hopes as high as the sky and a unwavering optimism of a overall uncaring world. How unprepared she was and she wondered if those like  her were just as unprepared. She could remember each person she spoke to up until now, those individuals who stood out to her. In hindsight they each taught her something that her. Feelings she never thought she could feel and it experiences she could only have out in the world. She was in a word free to do what she wanted, she didn't have an end goal given to her because now her future was her own. It was a funny thing but in the same turn something she could not overlook.

Taking a look up at the sky she let her thoughts settle before going inside the bar that she stood outside of. Tonight would be a pretty busy night for her seeing as she picked up a job. It was simple on paper but she was sure it would be a pain in the ass to deal with. Making her way to front of the bar she took a seat on a stool. " He ain't here just yet sweet heart but when he comes please go easy on him.. Don't make a fuss until he does alright? He means no harm really. Until he shows you are free to have whatever you want so have a bit of fun"

Enil's voice pulled her from any lingering thoughts the was placed on her mind and shifted it  to what she was paid to do. It was nice of the man to offer such generosity for a job like this and all she could do was give her thanks. As the night went on things seemed to be going well. Ianthe had found herself talking to a few people and mingling a bit while enjoying a constant flow of food and drinks. She slowed down on the booze not wanting to be drunk herself while taking care of Mitya and was left feeling only buzzed. It was a good time all around and for a while it seemed like she didn't even have to worry about Mitya showing up. It was unfortunate to have such positive thinking because as soon as that kind of thought popped into her head her job began as she spotted Mitya taking a seat at the bar.

She watched him like a hawk. Sipping water to take down her buzz and stuffing fried cheese sticks in her mouth to soak up any booze that might linger.


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Mitya walked in the bar with a swagger he did not have. It was amusing to watch him go around talking to the patrons all while ordering drinks, drinks that he kept saying were as weak as water and piss. The last comment made Ianthe wonder if the man had drank piss before. As the night went on slowly but surely the alcohol began kicking into full effect. It was a slow progression and she had to admire the man's tolerance. He might have grown it from all his time coming to his opposition's bar and drinking up all his drinks.

" Yea this stuff ain't even strong.. Like what are ya serving these people piss water? Puppy Juice? Ha my best bud's first cousin's sister's boyfriend's brother's wife's aunt's sixteenth daughter who is seven can drink this and not get drunk. " Mitya's voice slurred slightly, he was pissed off that the product he was drinking could be better than his own and in fact it was. This didn't stop him from slamming drinks back like it was going out of style. He had to show these people that this stuff couldn't hold a candle to his and in order to do that he had to keep drinking and stay sober, something that was hard to do and in his pride he didn't want to realize that he was getting drunk faster than a loose girl gettin down in a mud pit with no clothes on sniffing crystals. He wasn't gonna leave until all these people were at his bar and he would make sure Enil's stupid face knew that he was the best.

Ianthe finished off her cheese sticks and a cup of lemonade before making eye contact with Enil. She wanted to see if he had enough of Mitya's loud belligerent attitude. All she got was a nod of the head and she knew. Slipping from her chair she swayed over to Mitya, a frown formed on her face as she got closer to Enil because he voice was getting louder. Mitya didn't notice Ianthe until she was sitting right next to him.

" So listen, here's the deal. You are being extremely disruptive to the others around you. I'm going to need you to calm down or I'll have to escort you out.. Got it? " Her voice was kind but stern as if she were talking to a child. Mitya couldn't even believe what he was hearing and from a girl so beautiful he almost choked on his own words. " Or here is a better idea. You get out of my face. " He wasn't gonna let some girl no matter how cute she was talk to him any old way. Mitya already decided that he wasn't going anywhere.

Ianthe sighed and with almost no effort at all she quickly got up, grabbed the man's collar and dragged him from his seat. Mitya had taken far too many drinks to be able to fight back properly so to prevent himself from falling he allowed his feet to follow her. Once outside Ianthe pushed the drunk man away from the building and made sure he didn't get back in for the rest of the night. It was easy work and Enil gave his thanks and she got her reward.


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