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Let's Get Physical [Quest: Kee]

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Kee decided to take a job since the air was very warm and sunny, he didn’t exactly do them super often but every now and again it helped to put more cash in the bank. Currently, through investing stocks, Kee was already a pretty well-off individual, he recently purchased an armor set padded for Overlords, he donned it now. Making way towards the park. Why the park? Well, that’s where his quest was set to begin of course! A fellow by the name of Armin was training kids, kind of like that time with Kee when he helped Hatsuharu. Kee was called to show young upcoming knights the ropes. Being the workout king that he was, Kee was ecstatic to begin!

Except this wasn’t just any kind of exercise, it was going to translate into battle prowess, in the years to come. So that meant the whole ordeal was going to be a bit different. The knight didn’t care though, these were future brothers in arms. He didn’t mind taking some time out of his day to show them the tricks. After all, Armin had helped train Kee so it was only generous that he giveback and show his peer that those practice days really helped. He pulled the wolf skin helmet overtop his head, and made way into the park.

Arriving to the park, Kee was surprised to discover his old pal Armin nowhere in sight. A confused frown cornered his lips, five children were here. But no teacher… He scratched his cheek. “Anyone know where your instructor is?” The tall rune knight waited for the answer, a chubby boy raised his hand. Where Kee nodded toward him. “Yeah?”

“He’s out sick sir. Lady Merlin said he’s not going to be here today. That’s why Mr. Armin is paying you, he normally does this for free.”

Kee blinked twice, that’s right. This was a volunteer job, it didn’t exactly make sense that a reward was posted to him. Guess now everything was lining up. Oh well, this just meant they were going to follow his regimen. A slightly different one than they were use too. Kee clapped his hands, he offered a warm smile. “Everybody drop down and give me a hundred push-ups. Let’s push your limits, how ‘bout it?” The boys seemed surprised, but they all suabbled to the grassy floor, and pressed to the ground. “Begin,” Kee sounded off, and all five of his young pupils began to attempt hammering out push-ups. Obviously, being children, they wouldn’t manage too many. Based on athletic build alone, the chubby boy got stuck at the ground pretty fast, but with some motivating coaching. He pushed his way up to fifteen. A good number, especially for his size. Another boy, the strongest based on observation was stopped around the thirty marker. The other four were mixed up, in and between the other two in terms of results.

Normally, Kee would keep pressing for higher numbers since-- well, that’s just who he is as a person. But you can’t push too hard on children, or you’ll hurt them. “That’ll be enough of those. How about some sit-ups? Who can get the highest number, huh?” All the boys, were already sweating, but they obeyed. Showing promise as knightly individuals, sit-ups were a little easier, all of the boys were getting decent numbers. He allowed them to decide where they should draw their own lines. A blonde boy, the only one with hair as glowing as gold, seemed content with not surrendering. He had been neither the best, or the worst here with the push-ups. However, a new realiztion of determination was witnessed festering in his heart. Kee watched, relating to the passion. As he wiggled his way up, Kee nodded, The boys around him were already finished, and silent. Perhaps he did this often? Or maybe it was the Overlord in front of them invoking his best efforts? It didn’t matter Kee was happy and he was definitely impressed.

“Wow, look at you go,” the knight said, tossing that compliment down to the blondy. The boy finally stopped at his knees. His breathing was heavy, he did well.  “Good stuff man. Alright, I hope you guys didn’t wear yourself out for a good run. We’re going to do suicides from here to the end of the park, I’ll demonstrate what a suicide is. Watch and learn boys.” Kee took a sprint about ten feet, bent to slap the ground and then ran back to the starting point. He then took off again, not haulting but adding a five foot distance. He did this five times to show that each return would entail a further climb in the next run. All the way to the end of the park. This exercise would have the boys there all day. They would be sore tomorrow, but again... Being a knight was not easy. Not by any means; Kee ran the suicides with them teaching them the lesson that no knight goes left behind. Whenever they all finished, Kee took them for ice-cream, recieved pay at the Rune Knight headquarters, and returned home for bed.



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