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Swing It, Don't Wing It! [Sage & Akira]

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Swing It, Don't Wing It! [Sage & Akira] Empty Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:55 pm

Haru sat beside the window that morning in his room, having his usual breakfast. He was still not used to the silver hilt that was lying on the table in front of him. The former pacifist was yet to come to terms with his radical decision and had refrained from using the blue blade since that fateful night. So far, every time he went down to the Rune Knight grounds to practice, he had only used the wooden training sword found there. Except for his partner, no one else in the campus even knows of its existence.

However, Haru knew if he wanted to get better, he needed to practice with the real thing. No wooden sword had the same balance and feel as his lightsabre and the differences were stark. But… He knew his limitations. The healer was new to fighting, let along fighting with a sword. What if he accidentally injured someone while sparring? Nevertheless, he tucked the hilt under his belt before leaving. Maybe that day he would find the courage to use it during the training hours.

The scarlet-haired Knight walked down the barracks and reached the grounds. He promptly picked up the wooden sword and began striking the dummy in the middle. It was still too early; the sun had just risen over the horizon. So, it would seem he was all alone there. Or was he?

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#2Sage † 

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Sage †
It was dusk, the orange sun rose in the horizon, plus it was spring, flowers blooming, the trees whispering and Sage, the elf sets his foot on the training grounds of the rune knights. He hasn't trained there since, since forever as he was busy being a detective and such, but he must work on his spells for a greater enemy might come and he might not be ready for it. As it was very early in the morning, he was amazed that a red-headed man was there on the training field, and when he stepped closer towards the redhead, he knew who that man was, "Hey Haru!" and he ran towards the man wanting to give him a hug since they hadn't seen each other for quite awhile, actually for a very long time now. "How are you doing mate?" he asked as he let go of the hug but his right hand still on Hatsu's shoulder, Sage's teeth could be seen as he smiled. Then he noticed the sword Hatsu was holding, he let go of his hand paid full attention to the sword, "Wow, what is this thing? Is it yours? Where did you get it?" Sage bombarded him with questions because Sage's a very curious guy and he would like to know everything that happened since they parted ways.

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Akira Shimada
Aki was not going to train. But Tsuru was a sight to behold. Ever since he earned himself that sword, he was working like a maniac. He had followed her around loyally, even when she repeatedly pushed him away, the dark haired girl felt like she owed him for that. She wanted to witness his growth into someone who fought for the things he believed in, instead of leaving that burden on the others, while merely protecting them.

It was strange, just when she had come to accept his pacifist inclinations, fate had steered him in another direction. Now, curiously she trudged on after him, it was time for them to relearn their roles. She didn't announce her arrival, as she stalked the scarlet haired boy towards the training grounds. A cool gust of wind, carried with it the scent of the wet earth...

She'd been cursing at the fact that she had to wake up so early, but that single breath of fresh air, put a stop to her internal whining.  A wary hand rose to cast a shadow over her eyes as she squinted upon meeting the piercing rays of the rising sun. Rays which created a halo around Tsuru as he set off to pursue his goal. She shook her head, it all felt so dramatic, she wished she could find a way to feature in this journey, just like he had featured in hers... Slowly as she descended the steps, keeping a few meters between the two Knights, she noticed another... The elf who was also assigned to the same squad as the sword wielding healer and the gun wielding mage.

She had't really caught his words as she neared the two males. 'Hi, Sage.' she said, her words immediately followed by a yawn as she turned to Tsuru and offered him a reluctant smile too... 'I'm guessing you guys are going to train together or something.' she added, rubbing her eyes.

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Haru was so focused on training that he had failed to notice his partner following him. He promptly began training with the wooden sword, but the hilt pressing against his hip felt a lot more prominent that morning than ever before. He was about to put the wooden sword away and attempt activating the lightsabre for the first time above ground. Just then, he heard footsteps behind him and he turned to see who it was. Realizing it was just Akira, he smiled at her and pulled the hilt out from under his belt.

There was no reason for Akira to be there with him. He knew she was someone who slept her best early in the morning; and yet, there she was as a constant encouragement at his every training session. At least for her sake, he figured he should stop pretending to train and do it for real. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself to press the button on the hilt. Just when he was about to activate the blade, he saw someone else approach him from the corner of his periphery. Turning towards the newcomer, he immediately recognized the elf. “Sage!” he exclaimed, reciprocating his smile and then hugging him back. He still had the hilt in his hand, and it seemed the blonde elf was as observant and curious as ever.

“Oh! This?” he began, a little sadly, but then cleared his throat to give himself some confidence. If he hated the weapon, he would never be able to connect with it. “It’s a sword I happened upon recently…” he said, this time his tone was neutral. He pointed the hilt away from both his team mates and pressed the button. Immediately, a one-meter long blue mana-blade shone from the outer end of the hilt. He slashed it a couple of times, still away from the two just to be safe, and the blade made a wooshing sound every time he did it. He heard Akira assume the two were going to train together. He hadn’t thought about it until then, but realized it was a wonderful idea.

Turning towards Sage, he began asking his help desperately. “That’s a great idea! Sage… You should know quite a bit about using swords. Would you please spar with me?” he asked.

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#5Sage † 

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Sage †
"Oh hey Aki," Sage returned a smile, they were all there, except for asura but yeah, he was with his friends, which makes him feel a little bit happier. "Wow that's cool Haru," as he showed off his new sword, Sage hasn't seen anything like it before, then Aki suggested them to spar, "Oh yeah we can spar, it has been a long time since I had a fair fight with someone." which was quite true, as he always plays tricks beneath his sleeves and irritate people with them, but this time he will probably not, well maybe, just maybe.

Sage walked a few meters away from Haru, his arms by his side and his eyes on Haru, he then said, "Ooh Aki, you can be the referee, plus Is there any rules I should follow?" he asked before beginning the duel, he don't want to break any rules and spoil the perfect morning. If Aki had said all the rules then Sage was ready, in his mind, neurons would be racing, thinking and analyzing the situation. 

Sage doesn't have any weapons so it looks like he had to use his spells only and maybe a few kicks and punches if that's okay though. Sage's right hand was clenched and he laid his eyes on Haru, grinning at the same time. "Show me what you got."

#6Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She waited as the two caught up. It wasn't a surprise that Sage was happier to see Tsuru than he was to see her. She was, after all a little habitually prickly and she made no exceptions for Sage when they first met. Yet, he did at least extend her a smile and greeting as well. Quickly, he was allured by Haru's new weapon, enamored by the fancy mana blade. She rolled her eyes and let her hands find a place on her hips as she impatiently waited for them to finish exchanging their pleasantries. When she finally got a moment to interrupt, she made her suggestion, which was well received by both the fellow Knights.

At least this would be entertaining. 'Sure, I can!' she exclaimed before she stretched and stifled yet another yawn. She then went on to answer Sage's question. 'Ok... Since you don't have a weapon, you can use your magic... Tsuru you only use your sword, ok?' she said, first to Sage, since he was the one who asked. Then, with a hand running through her head, while she contemplated how to keep this fight fair and cooked up some more rules. 'Sage has armor on, so he should be ok, but try and go for areas that aren't covered by it, everytime you nick an area that is vulnerable, you get a point. Needless to say you gotta be careful... No fatal wounds.' she addressed Hatsuharu, in a rather relaxed manner. Aki wasn't even sure if Tsuru possessed enough will to wound his teammate.

'Sage, Tsuru doesn't have armor on. So, every time your spell connects you get a point too, up to him to be quick enough to avoid them.' she said with a wink and a shrug, willing to put her healer partner at more risk, simply because he needed to learn how to handle that. 'The match ends when the point difference is great enough to not be easily overcome, or if one of the two of you gives up.' she said, refusing to provide specifics on the exact difference in points required. If it was vague enough, she might be able to push the two to fight longer, using the match to spur them on perhaps... 'Ready?' she asked, taking a swift leap backwards to clear herself from the danger zone.

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The beginner swordsman was ecstatic when Sage immediately agreed to the spar. “Thank you so much!” he said, bowing to express his gratitude. When Sage began to walk away from him, Haru did so in the opposite direction, to ensure when the fight began the two were at least ten meters away from each other. From all the defending and protecting he had done, Haru had a knack for knowing how well to dodge and knew very well that the further away from the source he was, the easier it would be.

However, so far, the healer had only excelled at giving his opponents the run of the mill with his above-average speed. Now, with a melee weapon like his lightsabre, he needed to find an opening and dash towards his target to be able to do any damage. Running away was no longer an option. This will really be educational, he thought to himself, as his usually lethargic brain tried to come up with a plan. His elven teammate was no pushover; the young man was powerful enough to wield two different elements just like Akira. He knew he would be a fool to underestimate him, and not to mention he was only starting out with his sword.

Haru listened to Akira carefully as she laid out the rules. They seemed fair considering this whole exercise was to help him improve his swordsmanship; so, the more it pushed him to think on his feet with the sword in his hand, the more effective it will be. Haru smiled at Sage as he asked him to show what he got, and nodded. “I’ll try my best, my friend,” he said, raising the sword to his eye-level in front of him like it was a shield. While he may wield a powerful weapon, his mind was still very defensive in nature. Maybe this will battle will change it for the better. When Akira asked if they were ready, Haru nodded and said, “Ready!” He would then wait for Sage to acknowledge too before moving.

Haru moved very carefully in a circle around Sage, keeping a good distance, ready to dash out of any spell that might be slung towards him.

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Sage †
Sage giggled a little when Haru bowed at him for agreeing to the duel, which also translates that this means much for him. As Akira explained the rules and how to win, it might sound unfair but what can he do right? :) 

After listening to the rules, she asked them if they were ready, Haru said it loud and clear that he was ready, while Sage he said it in a calm tone, "Me too.". He didn't wait for Akira to begin the fight, as Haru had started circling around him, it looks like he was waiting for him to charge in first, well first, he must get close to Haru first, he ran towards Haru, but he wasn't running straight towards him, he was running a little degree to the right from where Haru was standing, 

When they are close enough, which was about 8 meters from each other, Sage bends his knees, and in a split second he was next to Haru, and throw a kick at on of his closest legs, whether it landed or not, Sage would easily wave his left hand at Haru, vines and roots would shoot above the ground, He waved his hand at Haru after he kicked his legs, meaning that if he would've jumped or dashed away from him, he will still cast the spell if Haru's in range because he can't cast it when he's not in range.

#9Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
There wasn't much for her to do, she wished she had a whistle or something, for some reason the idea of being able to interject with that trill, made it feel more official. But of course, her role wasn't that important, she was OK with it too... Aki wasn't much of an attention seeker. The two boys challenged each other jovially, there was more bite in Sage's teasing taunt, than in the way Tsuru accepted it. She narrowed her eyes, feeling a protective instinct well up inside her, one that she quelled quickly. No danger here, just some sparring... she reminded herself.

She just needed to have an excuse to stay here. Since, she honestly was a little worried for the pacifist. Getting strong was not the same as being able to fight an opponent and he needed to get used to being able to attack as well. Nonetheless, the dark-haired mage felt a little guilty throwing him into the deep end like this, by orchestrating this sparring match... Sage probably had more experience... At least in an offensive role. This could end badly.

Akira kept a close eye on her partner. Perhaps Sage would notice her keen interest in the sword wielder, while she didn't want to give away any scrambled feelings to the elf, leaving him to his assumptions, she wasn't as careful with the intent her gaze may have betrayed. Mostly, because for the nature-light wielder's sake, he should probably keep his eyes glued to his opponent. The reason being, Tsuru had a nasty habit of getting away, rather swiftly. One blink of an eye and he'd easily scale a significant distance... She now watched him like a hawk, to see if he could apply that trick in closing the distance and then making a get away again.

It was Sage who attempted to close the distance first, moving at an towards Tsuru to close a couple of meters, before suddenly dashing and aiming his high kick. Aki was pretty confident in her partners ability to dodge, unless he was in the mood to try something different... She waited with bated breath.

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Haru watched Sage’s movement carefully. He did not expect his elven team mate to charge at him head on. He thought he would use the range of his spells to keep out of Haru’s range, since the healer was only allowed to use the sword. But, it would seem Sage was being a little too considerate and chose to close the gap between the two. Of course, the moment Sage made the slightest move to reach the eight meter distance, Haru’s leg muscles clenched and his immediate instincts were to dash further away. But he quickly realized how running away would do him no good in this fight; so he held his ground. He waited until Sage began his dash. The elf was fast, but it wasn’t something Haru couldn’t cope with.

When Sage closed the gap and twisted his hip for the kick, Haru quickly took a step back to avoid the kick and attempted to slash at the gap between the metal pieces on his armor’s chest and crotch. He did not wish for his blade to even touch Sage’s skin, but only the fabric of his armor. However, as he took the step back to avoid Sage’s kick, he saw him wave his hand and vines crept upon Haru from the ground attempting to bind him. These vines weren’t strong enough to hold him back, but it did enough to put his aim off. So, when he charged forward after the step back to slash at the gap in Sage’s armor, the vines tripped him slightly and he ended up going in deeper than he intended.

Haru’s eyes widened as he saw his hand slash across Sage’s chest. He tried stopping himself, but the momentum was already there. If his lightsabre manages to make contact with Sage’s armor, it would probably completely destroy it, considering his blade did burning damage and the elf’s armor was nature-based. In a final attempt to avoid accidentally injuring his comrade, Haru put his foot down hard and dashed a good five meters to his left in an attempt to counter the momentum he initially had.

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Sage †
Haru reminded him of himself back in the old days, where he was too afraid to fight someone, but after his village was attacked by the fire nation, he now has the gut to fight anything even outside of the ring he might seem as a softy but on the inside, he's like a wildfire.

As he suspected Haru dodged his kick easily but not his trap spell, he secretly wanted to have a sword battle with him, as an elf, he is quite a good swordsman but he doesn't have any sword at the moment to fight Haru's lightsaber. His spell to trip Haru worked, but only to find him almost stabbing Sage on the chest but he jumped off and landed not far from him and here was Sage's chance, according to what he studied, when a person landed they must gain momentum again to jump again.

In a split second he bent his knees, his dashing worked again and he was beside Haru again, he pointed his right index fingers at Haru's right leg and a liquid will shoot out of it, there was no way he could've dodge it unless he uses a dash spell, which he can't, or he protect his leg with his lightsaber. If the liquid hits, then his limb will be numbed for 1 post.



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Such heat of the battle was very new to the healer. He had always been on the backlines, shielding and healing the ones who actually fought. There were times when he wondered why a fighter did something so differently from the obviously right thing to do. But being in their shoes for the first time, he realized how difficult it was to make those split-second decisions. And you don’t get all of them right. His decision to dash to his left was not the best one. He might have had a better chance had he remained where he was and took advantage of the close combat scenario. But, it was not a decision he regretted. After all, he did not wish to train his brain to win no matter what. He was fighting his comrade; safety came first.

His elven team mate was smart and quick on his feet. He followed up Haru’s dash with his own and the sudden movement befuddled the newbie swordsman. Was he supposed to dash to his left or right? Or was he supposed to dodge the incoming attack and attempt his own counter-attack? His brain came up with a multitude of possibilities, but decided upon nothing. In all that time, Sage had already cast his spell and a stream of viscous liquid shot out of his index finger straight towards Haru’s leg. The healer’s eyes widened, and he reflexively put up his lightsabre’s blade against the stream, like it was a shield. Of course, the blade wasn’t a shield and all it did was redirect the stream of liquid towards away from his legs, but it hit his upper left shoulder instead. Immediately, he felt his left bicep and shoulder muscles numb down. He realized the implications; had that liquid hit his leg, he would be a sitting duck for Sage.

Haru’s defensive brain screamed at him to dash away from his target. But somewhere in the corner of his head, he knew what to do. He knew this was his chance. His sparring mate had just finished a dash and cast a spell. This would be the ideal time to counter attack. So, pushing away his defensive attitude with much difficulty, he held his ground and slashed at Sage’s leg that was closest to him. It was, after all, the least covered part of his armor. Since Sage had dashed close to Haru and not utilized the range he had, it would be interesting to see how he dodges this attack, if at all.

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Sage †
Haru managed to block the spell, but he wasn't so good with swords and the liquid reached his left arm instead, and for the first time in his life, Haru was brave to fight back with slashing his swords at Sage's leg, this was the time where he would play his defensive-offensive card, he jumped into the air but it with a slight wound at one of his leg because of the burning of the lightsaber, but it doesn't matter to him because he was too resilient to care about it, he then kicked at Haru's centre of mass, which was his belly, Sage secretly hoped that Haru hasn't had breakfast yet or things would get, messy.

After landing the kick Sage then instantly hardened his right hand and a light orb formed, he then threw it at the direction where Haru was kicked at. Haru was sent flying from his kick according to physic's law, so for him to dodge this light orb, it would be unlikely, but whatever he does, Sage would bend his right knee again and dashed behind where Haru was at and landed a karate chop at his back five times using both of his hands, then ended it with another kick from his right leg. He hoped that Akira won't kill him for this because he knew how both of them care for each other and stuff, but then thinking back he guess this was ok because Sage's an expert in herbs, and would heal this minor wounds he dealt to Haru that's not that powerful.


#14Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Quite a few things transpired as she watched the two go at it. Sage wasn't holding back with his magic, he attempted to trip Tsuru, which surprisingly served as a way to  Or something. Aki betrayed concern only with widening eyes, but for the sake of fairness, did not intervene. 'Point for Sage' she announced, when the vines tripped her healer friend. She herself jogged to keep up as they danced around each other. It was pretty entertaining to watch, she could suddenly see the appeal of the gladiator fights that people were so keen on watching back in the days. While she herself, relied on an easy to wield weapon that provided her with a range advantage, even just by watching, Aki could tell she had a flare for strategising in melee fights too, unfortunately, she didn't see herself picking up a sword any time soon, because she was sure her mind couldn't keep up with her body.

At least Tsuru was making progress an attempting to attack, not just defend and run away, she had to be proud of that. Her fists clenched and she had to bite her tongue to stop herself from telling Sage to take it easy. He'll never learn if people go easy on him she reminded herself. But it wasn't as easy to watch as she'd thought. She winced as they almost exchanged blows... When Tsuru And when that liquid which seemed to have poisoned Tsuru or something... She frowned, stepping closer, her hand itching to grab her gun, this training could end a lot faster... She thought with narrowed eyes. Maybe Sage had no idea how difficult even this journey had been for Tsuru she could not intervene. So with grit teeth, she just offered Sage another point 'Sage 2, Tsuru 0'

Following which Tsuru managed to nick him in the leg, she almost whooped. 'Point for Tsuru' she chirped. She'd expected the elf to be limping, but somehow he could handle it. Maybe adrenaline pumped into him and carried him through. He went in for a large dramatic kick, she had honestly not expected it to connect. All her resolve went out of the window when the elf finally landed a kick on her partner. 'Three for Sage... One for Tsuru'  she barked, inching closer to them, her hand now on her gun. But she held on, just a little longer, waiting for the dust that Sage had kicked up, to settle. If Tsuru didn't dodge, he probably had a plan...

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Things weren’t going so well for Haru. He wasn’t keeping track of the points until he heard Akira yell it out. As much as he didn’t care about winning with points, he felt a little ashamed when she bellowed ‘Sage 2, Tsuru 0’. It was probably what propelled him to stay after getting hit by the wolfsbane liquid and attempt to strike back. His slash connected, but it didn’t seem like it had much effect on the elf. Despite being hit in the leg, he brushed it off like it was nothing and even managed to jump and follow it up with a kick to him.

Haru was quite surprised at Sage’s resilience. He did not expect him to be so quick with a counter attack and had no time to dash away. However, the feeling on his left hand seemed to be returning and he gained full control of it. So, Haru quickly raised his left hand to block the incoming kick and crouched a bit to brace for the impact. Sage was quite good at targeting the right spots in combat. He went straight for his belly, which if Haru had not seen coming would have sent him flying. However, since Haru spread his legs to keep his balance, he wasn’t sent flying away from where he was like Sage expected. Instead, he hardened his abs and decided to take the hit.

The healer had a plan. He realized dodging and running away was not going to net him points. He had to strike; that was the only way he would learn. So, he stood there and took the kick to his belly. Because he had his left hand to block part of the impact and he braced himself for the kick, it only pushed him a few inches back and he wasn’t sent flying back like Sage expected. This was an instinctively good decision by Haru, because if he had dodged the kick or was pushed away, Sage would have got him with the blinding spell. Luckily, now that the orb of light was thrown behind him, it did not flash and blind the healer.

Haru saw the opportunity he had right then and acted quickly upon it. Just before Sage could pull his leg back from the kick, the red-headed Rune Knight attempted to hold the elf’s leg with his left hand immediately and would pull him down to the ground if he succeeded in getting a hold of him. Since Sage was mid-air, he would be caught off-balance if he got caught. If Haru’s attempt was successful, Sage would probably find himself falling to the ground losing his balance, and Haru would immediately try to nick the elf on his neck with his lightsabre. Of course, he wouldn’t fatally wound his comrade and would only attempt to make a very small cut.

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#16Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage didn't expect that Haru would harden his but that didn't matter, he still went for the kick at the back, and what wasn't expected too was that Haru didn't run but he grabbed Sage's leg, but then he had another plan in his mind, using both of his legs, Haru's one arm's strength wasn't as strong as Sage's whole body weight plus the gravity pulling it down, so he could turn this into a counter attack, the momentum of the kick was gone, but the gravity's pull's force wasn't, he turned this gravity force into kinetic force, meaning, he fell towards Haru, with his upper body and his left leg falling first, not caring about the lightsaber, Sage's hand reached for Haru in advance, if his hand caught any of Haru's part of the body, he would push himself away from him and his left leg, kicking at Haru's hand which was grabbing his leg, so he would let it go, if he didn't get to catch any parts of Haru's body then he would fall to the ground and use his signature spell, he would snap his fingers and a flash would appear blinding Haru because he was in the vicinity then he would hit Haru's hand which was grabbing his leg with his other leg and then rolls away from him. Then he would stand up and bent his knees dashing behind Haru, as he was blinded he would take this chance, and punch his back once then jumping back out of Haru's reach.

During the moment where Sage was in mid-air, his body was leaned forward, so Haru's lightsaber could only hit his back, which was protected by armor plates. Unless there are other ways to swing the sword.



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It would seem Sage had underestimated Haru very much. After the swordsman got a hold of the elf’s leg, the Woodland mage reacted with a flurry of reckless attacks. While he tried to fall forward towards Haru, the former pacifist noticed several openings that he could strike at. First was his left leg that was falling down defencelessly, and next was one of his hands with which he reached to grab Haru. Even if all the weight was pulling the red-headed Knight down a bit, his sword arm was still free and he could have struck the elf’s forearm or the free leg, where his armor covered him the least.

However, Haru had no great precision with his sword and he did not wish to risk injuring Sage. Considering Sage’s weight had made his balance wobbly, he was afraid he might end up slicing too deep if he attempted slashing the sword at Sage’s arm that was on its way to grab him. So, Haru instead swatted the arm that tried to grab him, then lift his leg and would kick straight towards Sage’s stomach, letting go of the leg he was holding just as his kicking leg extended fully. If the kick landed, it would probably send Sage flying backwards and away from Haru. Irrespective, the swordsman would quickly crouch and dash back a good ten meters away from his original position. Even if Sage tried to cast his blinding spell, Haru would be quite far for it to matter.

“I would say that was round one!” he said, smiling at his sparring mate. Before they could go into the next round, however, the trio would be interrupted by a Rune Knight messenger. “Hate to break the party, but important business,” said a short bald man. “Miss Shimada and Mister Akimoto are ordered to be at the headquarters as soon as possible,” he spoke, loud and clear, pointing towards Akira and Haru. The healer sighed and deactivated his lightsabre, before tucking it under his belt. “Well… We shall continue this some other time then. Thank you, again!” he said to Sage with a smile, before bowing out. Nodding at Akira, he followed the short bald man towards the quarters to get further information on their urgent orders.

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#18Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
She was on the edge of her metaphorical seat. Things had gotten rather heated, they were exchanging blows at a rate that was getting difficult to follow. The kick seemed to have connected, but Tsuru used the opportunity to grab the elf's leg. Use the damn sword. She chanted in her head, he'd had a pretty large window to slice up the nature-light mage... But of course, he didn't take it. One of Aki's hands fisted and then fell onto the other, as a sign of her dismay. The girl continued to squint in the direction of her two sparring teammates, as her eyes tried to keep up.

With the grappling that they invested themselves into she lost track of the points... Somehow, as the blows and kicks seemed to be getting more and more intense, she was about to get them to call a timeout. She couldn't really decipher their expressions, neither seemed like the sort who would take a training session too seriously, but amidst the two, Tsuru was less likely to take on an aggressive stance, at least that is what Akira firmly believed. Before she had a chance to make a decision, once again, about whether to intervene or not, she noticed A Rune Knight racing towards them... She rolled her eyes, prepared for the interruption.

She inched closer to the duo, enough to catch the words of the Rune Knight. With things ending so unceremoniously and the annoyance, she felt at Tsuru not taking a stab when he had the chance. Wordlessly, she turned and stalked away towards the headquarters. It was better for them all if she swallowed her sour emotions, than acted upon them, or offered words. Tsuru always understood, being a teammate, Sage would probably understand soon enough too... She wished Asura was around, perhaps the blonde would temper her feelings a little...


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Haru acted defensively, but then counter striking by hitting Sage's stomach. They were then thrown away from each other, Sage jumped up and tried to gain momentum, things are just getting started for Sage, he hasn't used his other interesting spells, and he just loves to duel with someone. But then someone came and said that Hatsuharu and Akira must head to the headquarters, and the way he said seemed like it's something important, "Wait what, why am I not called too?" the rune knight could only shrug with a confused face, "Well that's a bummer, things are just to get more and more interesting, I promise you we will have another duel but only by using swords," Sage smiled and waved at Akira and Hatsuharu while they're leaving, "It's my pleasure," Sage replied as Hatsu thanked him for the duel, then there go the people he can call 'friends' walking out the stadium leaving Sage alone with the dust. He sighed, he looked at the sky to see what time was it and it was still early, the sun can be seen but it's shining rays aren't that hot yet. The skies are light blue and painted with swirly white clouds. Sage then gain consciousness of reality, he realised that he hadn't had breakfast. He chuckled at his own stupidity and walked out the stadium alone.


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