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When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri]

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#1Sage † 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:41 am

Sage †
The rain was depressing, to Sage, it stormed like hell, he was just walking around town during the midnight to cool his mind off things but then it rained cats and dogs, there was no one in the vicinity as it was midnight, and plus he had to keep his identity low, as he wouldn't want to attract unwelcoming things. 

Sage's hair was long and silky, and when it gets wet, it'll soak all the water and hence make Sage cold, really cold, he didn't bring any jacket to add up to it. So he hugged himself, hugged himself tightly and started to feel melancholic, 'why do I feel so sad and pathetic?' he thought to himself, he couldn't help but to feel sad, he has this sudden mood swings where he will suddenly feel something without no proper reasonings. 

He felt helpless, a sudden thought then came to his mind, he can't believe that he's so stupid. He can produce light with his magic, but then his melancholy took over him, 'you don't need any light, you are already pathetic and no light can ever guide you.', and this is his own sentence, he was downgrading himself and making himself feel sober. He hated himself.

#2Ri Brighte 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:08 am

Ri Brighte
The rain could only bring so much calm to the tensed young mage, as he walked the streets of Crocus. Having just arrived that day in the city, Ri was quite excited to be able to visit it freely, without any missions dragging him down. Now, that didn't mean that he didn't like his sleep, for that would be a lie. As he walked the lit streets, he looked more and more tense, his arms crossed, and his back hunched, as he glanced around himself. Every alley he looked at, he could only see darkness. His mind raced with thoughts of what could be lurking in there.

Earlier that night, having just left from an inn, Ri hadn't bothered to check his pockets, and when he arrived to his temporary room, he was close to falling unconscious. But, he righted himself, and went off in his search. "Stupid." He'd mutter, as he continued on his road. "How could you forget the only thing that's keeping you alive?!"

As the rain fell, he didn't seem to be bothered much by his wet clothes, or his hair, which could only be described as the opposite of itself. It was no longer its spiky self, for the rain straightened it out, making it look like someone just ironed it.

His careful gaze remained stuck to either the alleys, the walls, or the sky, but even so, he wasn't able to see the person he would run into. As soon as he took the first corner, he slammed right in the younger boy, falling to the ground immediately, and giving a yelp. Finding himself on the ground, he shook his head, to gather himself, before his eyes stopped on the other mage. They widened, and Ri stood, extending a hand towards him, "Crap, crap! I'm so sorry! I wasn't really looking where I was going. Are you alright?" A small, shy smile etched itself on the boy's lips as he spoke, hoping for his gesture to be taken as an act of friendship, and not of condescension.

#3Sage † 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:50 am

Sage †
Sage was so trapped in his mind that he slammed into something, he thought it was a wall or something, but no he slammed into something more complex, a human being. Sage wasn't prepared for that so he straightly fell to the ground with a gasp. His buttocks hit the ground first and it was painful as hell, he then felt a burning sensation inside his hips, did he broke his bone? Oh, he hoped he didn't. 

The person he slammed into quickly stood up and recover, he extended his arms for Sage, and by only hearing his voice, Sage could tell that the guy he slammed into must be someone that's bright. Sage didn't realize how much he was shaking and how cold he was, his whole body was literally shaking, Sage looked at the person he slammed into, he was smiling, a friendly smile that is, he couldn't help but to grin, his body still shaking tho, Sage tried to say something but his body was shaking way too much, he grabbed the man's hand instead, and pulled it closer towards him so that he may know that he was cold, then he tried his very best to say, "I..I..I can't stttt..stand.". At this point, Sage felt so embarrassed, he couldn't feel more pathetic than he already was.

He, a rune knight, the detective that solved most of the cases in just a few days, needed help from someone that he should be helping, he can't stand it, a tear fell from his right eye, but he won't mind, the man he slammed into won't even notice it because it was raining.

#4Ri Brighte 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:15 am

Ri Brighte
As soon as he made eye contact with the younger mage, Ri could tell something was wrong. He didn't know what, but his gut told him something wasn't right. He gripped his hand with both of his before pulling, aiming to drag him to his feet, so that he didn't have to do much of the work. He noticed the shaking, but decided not to address it. Not many were used to the coldness of either rain or snow, and he couldn't blame them. It meant that they lived a good life. As soon as he was up, Ri would grip his side with his left hand, while his right slung the boy's arm over his neck, so that he could be easily carried by the older mage. If allowed, he'd begin walking, mostly searching for a place to camp out, until the rain stops.

As they walked, an uncomfortable expression painted itself on the lightning mage's face. He glanced around him, still at the darkened streets, before, with a huff, he forced his gaze to the road ahead of him.

"Are you still alive?" He'd suddenly ask, with a soft chuckle, "Don't want you dying on me." A satisfied "Aha!" interrupted his next set of words, as he directed himself, and the Rune Knight to a closed coffee shop, which had all of its umbrellas still open, left like that by a clumsy owner. He dragged a chair, gently placed the boy in it, and then got himself his own chair, and sat down. "So." He'd begin, again. "What made -you- want to go out in this "wonderful" weather?" He spoke with the same smile, but now brighter, and more sure of itself.

#5Sage † 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:45 am

Sage †
Sage appreciate the people that care about him the most, as not many do. The man he bumped into kindly shouldered him and walked him to a safer place. While doing so he made a joke, and Sage gave a soft chuckle and grinned. 

Sage hoped he heard his chuckle so he won't have to answer that silly question. Then the man suddenly exclaimed, and Sage knew that he must have found shelter for the two of them. He kindly seated Sage on a coffee shop's chair, with the shop's umbrella still open covering them from the rain. Sage couldn't help but blush at the man's kindness.

The man took a seat himself and he sparked a conversation, his smile was filled with warmth Sage wasn't shaking anymore, but he knew he wasn't shaking because he wasn't exposed to the rain anymore, although he was still cold. Sage just couldn't help it but feel cared. 

Then he remembered his great-grandmother, who also made him feel cared and loved, he even remembered she saying that it is not good to talk in the dark with someone you barely knew.
Sage clenched his fist, his clenching wasn't strong though, but it doesn't matter. A ball of light formed in Sage's clenched hand, he opened his clenched hand, revealing a ball of dim light, and placed it in the middle of the table, near the umbrella pole. 

For some reason he felt happy, he looked at the man, into his eyes. "I was just getting things off my head," Sage said, answering the man's question, don't want to leave him hanging. "What about you?", then he forgot one important thing, "Oh where's my manner, I'm Sage.", he said, his face then turned a little reddish and he smiled a little.

#6Ri Brighte 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:05 pm

Ri Brighte
After he sat down, the mage leaned back in his chair, only to grumble something to himself about 'wet an' cold', before standing back straight. Not for long, though, as he rested his hands on the table, hunching in the process. He watched like a child, when the man formed the ball of light, and sat it on the table. Curiosity gnawed at him, and he reached a hand for the light, just to see if it burns or not. Yet, he didn't have the courage to actually touch it, and quickly he ran put his hand back down.

As the Knight's voice captured his attention, Ri's eyes set back on the boy. "You picked the worst time for that." He chuckled. He raised his arm, so that his elbow would remain rested on the table, and his chin would be propped on his palm, slowly re-directing his gaze to the rain beside them. He ran his other hand through his hair, before shaking it, to get the excess water off of it. With a sigh, he turned back to the young man, and his eyes widened. Why had he gone out in the first place? Of course, to get his blasted wallet! His free hand ran across his face, before he took a deep breath, and released a sigh. "I lost my wallet." He'd simply speak. "In an inn. I lost my wallet in an inn." He repeated those words, almost as if he, himself, didn't believe them. "I think it's already gone by now." Letting his head drop on the table, the boy's last words fell on deaf ears, as Ri would be busy moping about his lost jewels.

Only for a few seconds, though, for the boy was back up again, a small smile replacing his worried features. "But...I suppose it's my fault, after all. Oh, well- I'll get them back. Not like I can't. Ah! By the way, I'm Ri. Nice to meet'cha. Even if it is in these conditions." He gestured to the area around them. It seemed he couldn't stay depressed for long, even if the circumstances said otherwise.

#7Sage † 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:40 pm

Sage †
Sage grinned as the man joked again, and his soberness vanished, now he feels calm and cheerful. This is also his sudden mood swings, but a good one. Seeing the man getting rid of excess water from his hair made Sage feel like getting a bath and dry himself.

The man answered Sage's question, he left his wallet in an Inn, and he sounded like he lost hope, Sage wanted to support him and don't want him to feel down, but the man seemed like he can motivate his own self. After Sage introduced himself, the man also did, his name is Ri, A simple but nice name.   

Sage then snapped out of it, he can't just wait for the rain to stop plus he's freezing with his wet clothes and all, "I'm sorry for burdening you but actually I think I'm capable of getting ourselves out of this situation." Sage stated suddenly, he couldn't stand being a burden, he must take action. Sage grabbed something from his pocket, a purple herb in a small corked bottle. "Excuse me," Sage said before he ripped the bottom part of his pants, he spread the purple herb along the cloth ripped from the pants, and then he wrapped his right hip with the cloth. His knowledge on herbs never underestimated him, he tried moving his right leg, and it doesn't hurt like before.

Sage looked at Ri, just because he feels like it, then he looked at a nearby plant, Sage waved his left hand vertically at the plant, and the leaf part of the plant begun to increase in size, "We have a decent umbrella for now, let's go back to the Inn I'm staying in, it's too cold out here, plus I think your wallet might be there too.", he said to Ri, looking at him, smiling. "So are you up for it?", Sage wish he would say yes because he is the reason why Sage had the courage to use his spells to get out of that wet situation. "Plus you wanna look for your wallet right?" Sage added, forcing Ri to say yes, Sage can't help it but grin.

#8Ri Brighte 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:06 pm

Ri Brighte
Ri could only raise an eyebrow at the mage's words. He didn't find him a burden, not in the slightest. He was actually quite happy to have found him. Before he could voice his thoughts, the Knight uncorked his bottle, and patched up his wound. "Some kind of potion?" He asked, nodding in the bottle's direction. After that question, he stared at the umbrella-plant the boy created, before a grin spread on his face. "You use nature? That's amazing!" He exclaimed, before standing, and quickly taking his place at the boy's side. He inspected the plant, for a few moments, before turning to him, "I haven't met a lot of nature-oriented mages." With a shrug, his gaze set on the road, and he ran a hand through his still damp hair. "That -does- sound good. I don't like to admit it, but I'm freezing." A soft chuckle escaped him, before he started forwards, in an exaggerated march. All for the laughs, of course, for he stopped not more than a few seconds after. "Right- So, which way?"

After following the younger mage's movements, Ri began rubbing his hands together, in hopes of unfreezing himself. He looked around afterwards, and pocketed them. "So- Since you're sleeping in an inn, you're not from here, huh." He suddenly remarked, his eyes set on the road ahead of them, silently looking for the mentioned building. As the wind blew, Ri would visibly shiver, giving a soft huff afterwards. "I think the weather's going to get worse, at the rate it's going." He muttered, mostly speaking to himself, as he brought his hand to his face, wiping off any water that might have slipped the umbrella's reach.

#9Sage † 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:36 pm

Sage †
"A herb actually," Sage answered Ri. He also felt a little shy seeing Ri staring at what he's doing for absolutely no reason at all but then seeing him grin and saying that nature magic's amazing, made Sage a little more comfortable around Ri. "Well yea, but my magic's more complicated, you saw me creating a ball of light right?" Sage left him to think about it himself, that Sage is a dual-elemental mage. Ri surely knows how to entertain Sage, and this time he actually laughed, his teeth could be seen as he laughs.

Sage was holding the light orb, guiding their path throughout the dark storm. He knew the Inn too well he didn't need signboards. Ri then asked him a question, "Yeah, I don't really have a home to go back to, so I'm constantly travelling and explore new stuff.", it was true tho, Sage love to experience new stuff and get more inspiration as he's that 'artsy' kind of guy. Ri was getting colder, Sage felt like keeping him warm by any means of physical contact but he just met him just a while ago and he didn't want things to get awkward.

"We're here, thank goodness, you can just leave that giant leaf on the ground, it'll slowly decompose," Sage said to Ri, then he entered the Inn, he was soaking wet and his pants ripped, to Sage's luck, there was nobody in the lounge, "Let's clean ourselves first before we do anything," Sage said to Ri, leading him to his room. Sage unlocked the door to his room, and entered the room, opening the lights and heater he straightly entered the bathroom and turned the shower on as he's a little bit germophobic. 

His room weren't that tidy, his dirty laundry was piled on one side of the room, and on a desk were sketches of flowers and animals. The queen size bed untidy, with pillows laying everywhere and the blankets looking like folded mountains.

#10Ri Brighte 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 1:59 pm

Ri Brighte
While he hasn't met any dual-elemental mages, that doesn't mean that he didn't hear about them. After all, he was taught about all kinds of magics from a young age. But, at that moment, in the storm, and that late at night, the thought hadn't even passed his mind. So, he let it go, just continuing to follow the younger wizard into the night.

As he spoke about his life, Ri glanced around them, returning his gaze back to him afterwards. "Ah. Well, it's not that bad, sometimes. The world is a wonderful place. Mostly." He huffed a chuckled.

Soon, though, his eyes lay on the tall inn, and the smile he bore, turned into a big grin, "This is it! This was the inn that I lost my wallet in!" He exclaimed, and immediately dropped the leaf, running inside. At the Knight's words, he just waved a hand in his direction, "It's just a bit of rain, it can wait."  As he spoke, he looked around the many tables and seats, humming to himself. "You can go and wash yourself, though. No need to help me, or anything." He didn't seem to be sarcastic, or hold any malice in his tone. He was genuinely able to look on his own, plus, he felt like the boy had enough stress for one night.

After he left, he continued to look. And he looked. And looked. For about ten minutes straight.

He stood, and brought a hand to his head, gently scratching it, and giving the whole lounge a good look. An "Ah!" soon followed, and he rushed to one of the tables, quickly ducking under it, and coming back out with his leather wallet. A satisfied grin formed on his face. He hummed, as he thought of something. Figuring that it was late, and both of them needed the sleep, Ri opened his wallet, which thankfully still had his jewels in it, and took out about enough for a coffee and a chocolate cake at that coffee shop they hid at. After pocketing his wallet, he just shrugged, moved to the counter, snatched a napkin and a pen, and began scribbling a message on said napkin.

Before he departed, he left the jewels on the counter, along with the napkin-message on top of them.

"Hey. Sorry I had to leave like that. I didn't want to bother you anymore, so you could actually get a good night's sleep. This is for all the trouble I put you through. Thanks for helping me find my wallet."

Did this seem foolish? Yes. Did Ri care? Not really. The sum he gave the Knight wouldn't leave him without his own food, so it didn't matter to him.

But, one thing was for sure. He was quite glad that he ran into this stranger.


#11Sage † 

When Light Needs Light [Sage|Ri] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:00 pm

Sage †
Along with their journey Ri made jokes and Sage just laughed at it, of course, he grinned throughout the journey, he just couldn't help it. He was also glad that the Inn he was staying in was the same place Ri lost his wallet. It seemed like Ri didn't mind the fact that he's soaking wet but he understood Sage and let him take a bath and clean himself first while he looked for his wallet.

When Sage walked out of the bathroom, with his pyjamas on, which is just a simple white t-shirt and a soft blue cotton pants. An orange towel was covering Sage's head because he wanted his hair to dry completely. Ri wasn't in his room even tho sage left it open so that he could take a bath too, he checked the lounge and he wasn't there too, but something else caught Sage's attention, a note on a napkin over the counter with some jewels on it.

He read the note, even tho it didn't say much but Sage could tell what's behind it. His cheeks and ears turned red and he smiled a sweet smile. He took the jewels, enough to buy coffee and chocolate cake at the coffee shop where they rested, Sage grinned, does this mean he wants to meet again? Maybe for some coffee, Sage wanted to meet him again, he didn't know why but he feels like he had to, he took the jewels and kept it in his pouch, and the note on the napkin, he took it carefully, and brought it to his room and keep it as a memory of an event that turned his down face up again.


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